Final review


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Final review

  1. 1. Powerpoint Jeopardy Cultures Human Resources International Markets Ethics/Leadershi p Competition 10 10 10 10 10 20 20 20 20 20 30 30 30 30 30 40 40 40 40 40 50 50 50 50 50
  2. 2. I really put my _______ in it when I asked if she was pregnant and she wasn’t.
  3. 3. If you are given a difficult job to do without preparation, which idiom can you use? thrown____________
  4. 4. You _________ use a cell phone on the airplane a)mustn’t b)don’t have to c)have to d)none of the above
  5. 5. Which 2 expressions are used to give strong advice? a)should and shouldn’t b)must and mustn’t c)have to and don’t have to d)none of the above
  6. 6. Talk about the conversation style, gift-giving and entertainment of ONE of the following countries: 1.Italy 2.UAE 3.Brazil
  7. 7. Make word partnerships: a. to train b. to shortlist c. to check 1.the candidates 2.references staff
  8. 8. Sometimes candidates will take a ______________ before the interview to assess their mental ability and reasoning skills.
  9. 9. Which of the following should NOT be placed on an American resume? a)objective b)education c)photo d)references
  10. 10. Which of the following verbs are usually followed by the infinitive and which are usually followed by the gerund? pretend look forward to admit mean hope
  11. 11. Answer these common job interview questions: 1.Tell me about yourself. 2.Tell me about your weaknesses. 3.Do you have any questions?
  12. 12. Which belong to open markets? -quotas -regulations -free port -liberalize -laisser-faire -open borders
  13. 13. 1) If you _________ (give) us a discount, we _________ (increase) our order. 2) Will you _________ (deliver) by the end of the month, if we ________(pay) the transport costs? 3) If we _________ (join) an association, we ________ (get) a better price.
  14. 14. We use the __________ when we think the expected outcome of a situation is very likely. We use the ___________ when the outcome is less certain or is imaginary.
  15. 15. Name 3 of the RESPECT stages of negotiation.
  16. 16. Role Play: Use the useful language on negotiating to arrive at a solution. Don’t forget to use the expressions from these headings: Starting positions/Exploring Positions/Making offers and concessions/Checking understanding/Refusing an offer/Accepting an offer/Playing for time/Closing the deal/Following up the
  17. 17. A ___________ is a person who informs the press/authorities of wrongdoing.
  18. 18. Which of the following words are all dishonest? a)insider trading, secrecy, trustworthy b)fraudster, industrial espionage, whitewash c)disclosure, law-abiding, whistleblower d)sweetener, corrupt, integrity
  19. 19. What four tenses do you use to narrate a story? i.e. to 1)talk about events that happen before the story 2)set the scene and provide background information 3)talk about events in the story 4)talk about the present results of the story
  20. 20. What is the difference between defining and non-defining clauses?
  21. 21. Talk about a memorable event in your life (good or bad). Use the 4 different tenses to narrate the story.
  22. 22. What does it mean to be neck and neck?
  23. 23. Which of the following idiom means that you are wasting your time on a hopeless situation? a)in the driving seat b)to be neck and neck c)a one horse race d)flogging a dead horse
  24. 24. Complete the sentences in the passive verb form: a)Market research _________ (carried out) b)The trials __________ (approve) c)Approval ___________(grant) d)The results __________(publish)
  25. 25. We use the passive verb form when: a)we are not interested in who performs an action b)we want to be impersonal or informal c)we want to mention who performs the action d)none of the above
  26. 26. Competition Idioms Tell me a time when: felt like you were flogging a dead horse. were in the driving seat. 3.someone moved the goal posts.