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Advpres week5

  1. 1. UNIT 2 – TODAY’S TOPIC IS… English Public Speaking & Presentation (Advanced) Week 5 Professor Hayashi
  2. 2. Today’s Class • Attendance & Prep Sheet Check • Review • Listening • Practice! • In Class Presentations
  3. 3. R E V I E W • The final part of the introduction deals with the organization of the talk – what are the 3 main details you should address? - timing - handouts - questions
  4. 4. Review • What kind of techniques can you use to get the audience’s attention? - ask a rhetorical question - start with an interesting fact - tell them a story or anecdote - give them a problem to think about - use an analogy/humor/personal experience - do a demonstration/survey/quiz
  5. 5. What is the Checklist for Introductions? • Attention WISEOWL • What does it stand for? Attention Getter Welcome the Audience Introduce Yourself State Your Topic Explain why your topic is important/credibility Outline the structure of your talk What comes when Let the audience know about organization R E V I E W
  6. 6. Warm-Up • In a partner, QUICKLY go through the quiz on page 15
  7. 7. Listening – Pg. 16 • Exercise 2, 3 on page 16 ANSWERS – Exercise 2 1.I’d like to do 2.purpose; major developments 3.want to do 4.objective
  8. 8. Listening – Pg. 16 • ANSWERS – exercise 3 1. The purpose of my talk today is to update you on new developments in R&D. 2. What I want to do is to present alternatives to existing booking procedures. 3. My aim is to show you how to cut costs in IT support. 4. The objective of my presentation is to give you an overview of the British job market. 5. Our goal is to determine our sales targets for next year. 6. I am here today to report on my/our company’s investment plans
  9. 9. What is signposting? • Words/phrases that help guide the audience through the presentation S I G N P O S T I N G
  10. 10. Signposting • Page 18 – Exercise 5 2. So, let me give you a brief overview… 3. This now leads us to my next point. 4. Let’s move on to the next point. 5. Let’s now turn to the next issue. 6. So much for … 7. So that’s the background… 8. As I said earlier … 9. Let me now come back to what I said earlier
  11. 11. Signposting • Page 18 – Exercise 6 2. This brings us directly to my next question. 3. This leads to the next point, which is price. 4. Let’s turn now to the issue of customer service. 5. As I mentioned before, I’d like to give you a brief overview of our activities. 6. I’d like to come back to this question later. 7. Let’s go back to what we were discussing earlier. 8. As I said earlier, I’ll be focusing on our new sales strategies.
  12. 12. EXPRESSIONS WITH AS • Exercise 8, page 19 2. As you all already know, Tony Dale is our new marketing manager for print media. 3. As I said at the beginning of my talk, we can’t operate from our local airport because we have no permission. 4. As I explained ten minutes ago, we have to choose between two options. 5. As you can see on the slide, sales have increased by 10% since the beginning of the year. E X P R E S S I O N S
  13. 13. Expressions • Page 20 – Exercise 10 1. are.. having 2. identify 3. deal 4. cope 5. prevent 6. accept 7. don’t solve 8. will run
  14. 14. CHECKLIST FOR THE MAIN PART OF A PRESENTATION Briefly state your topic again. Explain your objective(s). Signal the beginning of each part. Talk about your topic. Signal the end of each part. Highlight the main points. Outline the main ideas in bullet-point form. Tell listeners you’ve reached the end of the main part. B E S T S H O T
  15. 15. Presentation Practice • Make a 5 minute presentation on the assigned topic. • Each person in your group should present, so divide the information first • Try to use signposting and some expressions we learned today! • Oh yeah…… HAVE FUN with it!!!