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Advpres week12

  1. 1. TO SUM UP … Week 12 – Public Speaking & Presentation (Advanced) Professor Hayashi
  2. 2. Today’s Class • attendance & prep sheet • review • listening • useful expressions • conclusion techniques BREAK • in class presentations • give it a shot!
  3. 3. Review • What is the checklist for using visuals (graphs & charts) 1. Make your visual as clear and easy to understand as possible. 2. Start by telling your audience what the graph/chart illustrates. 3. Highlight the key points. 4. Say why these points are important (and explain the cause or effect). 5. Use different verbs to express movement/development. 6. Use the same key words and phrases you used on your bullet charts.
  4. 4. Warm up! • In partners, do the starter exercise on page 42
  5. 5. Conclusion of a Presentation • Exercise 2 Signalling the end of the presentation - Well, this brings me to the end of my presentation - Thank you all for listening - OK, I think that’s everything I wanted to say… - As a final point, I’d like to… - I’m now nearing the end of my talk …
  6. 6. Conclusion of a Presentation Summarizing the Main Points - I’ll just run through the three different options - Before I stop let me go through my main points again - To sum up then, we… - I’d like to run through my main points again… - Just to summarize the main points of my talk…
  7. 7. Conclusion of a Presentation Recommending or Suggesting Something - We’d suggest.. - We’d therefore recommend that we… - In my opinion, we should… - What I’d like to suggest is… Inviting questions - Now I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have - We just have time for a few questions. - Are there any questions?
  8. 8. Conclusions
  9. 9. Important Stuff The conclusion of a presentation
  10. 10. Conclusion Techniques • Exercise 6 Call to action – 4 Story – 1 Question – 2 Quotation – 3 a) Presentation 2: do we really want to miss b) Presentation 3: finish with something c) Presentation 4: So, the next step is yours d) Presentation 1: Let me go back to the story; Remember; So this just shows you
  11. 11. Group exercise! • Let’s do exercises 7,8 on page 46 exercise 7 1. f 2. b 3. e 4. g 5. c 6. a 7. d exercise 8 1. on 2. In 3. to 4. for 5. through 6. out 7. about 8. by
  12. 12. Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 4. quote 5. suggest 6. Highlight 9. recap 10. all page 46 DOWN 1.through 2.cons 3.key 7. goal 8. track
  13. 13. Using Your Voice Effectively • Practice exercise 10 with a partner
  14. 14. Practice Using Your Voice • Do exercise 11 on page 48 in pairs Finally// let me come back to the key points of my talk.//I told you that in the first quarter, // more than half or 52%, // of our revenues// came from overseas.// This is in line with the targets we set out// in 2004/when we decided we wanted to continue to rely on overseas markets, //especially China, to keep growing. In the past three months we’ve added more new customers in China//than in any other country. Now// what are our targets for the next few months?//The first major step// will be the introduction of our Paypal payment service in China.// And then// we will focus on finding customers in existing markets, // such as the US and Germany, // who haven’t tried buying from our website yet.
  15. 15. Conclusions Your turn! Follow the flow chart on page 44 Come up with a creative conclusion to a presentation. Have fun, be silly!