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  1. 1. Management ofInformation TechnologyPrachyanun Nilsook, Ph.D.
  2. 2. Q&A• ใครคือ มหาเศรษฐีอ ัน ดับ หนึ่ง ของโลก ?• มหาเศรษฐีอ ัน ดับ หนึ่ง ของโลก ทำา กิจ การใด ?• เศรษฐีห นุ่ม ๆ ของโลกทำา ธุร กิจ อะไร ?• มหาเศรษฐีข องไทยทำา ธุร กิจ
  3. 3. Bill Gates’ Microsoft• Thailand Digital Inspiration June 30, 2005 หอประชุม กองทัพ เรือ• E-Government• Web Services – การทำา ให้ซ อฟแวร์แ ต่ล ะตัว เชื่อ ม ต่อ กัน ได้ด ้ว ย XML
  4. 4. 3 Generations of Business Management• 1st Generation: Biz Tech BPR, Complex Systems, Virtual Corpns., Info. Policy, Intellectual Property, Info. Systems, more,..• 2nd Generation: e-Biz e-Business, E-Commerce, e- Markets, Web Services, ERP, CRM, B2B, B2C, WAP, UDDI, RFID, more,..• 3rd Generation: KM Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital, Organizational Learning, Organizational Learning, more,..•
  5. 5. Information Management for Organization in Thailand• Telecommunication• Computer Usage• Internet• Broadband“Towards a knowledge-based economy”
  6. 6. Telecommunication
  7. 7. Telecommunication
  8. 8. Telecommunication
  9. 9. Telecommunication
  10. 10. Computer Usage
  11. 11. Computer Usage
  12. 12. Computer Usage
  13. 13. Internet
  14. 14. Internet
  15. 15. Internet
  16. 16. yt ei c o S e IT For KBE t s udnI- e ac ud E e - mm C e nre vo Ge -Knowledge Management and Organization o - - Human Resource Development Information Infrastructure and Industry
  17. 17. ICT Development Program Flagships and Infrastructures in IT 2010Economy Society e-Industry e-Commerce e-Society e-Government e-Education Science and Technology, R&D, Knowledge Information Development, IT Literacy, IT HR Telecommunication InfrastructureQuantity Quality
  18. 18. E-Thailand• E-Government• E-Commerce• E-Education• E-Industry• E-Society
  19. 19. E-Government• E-Citizen• E-Service / E-passport• E-Auction• E-Procurement• E-Revenue / E-payment• GFMIS :Government Financial Management Information System• GDX : Government Data Exchange ฯลฯ
  20. 20. แนวทางการดำา เนิน งาน E-Government Web Portals Presentation Layers PMOC Kiosks/Call Ctr Counter Svc Mobile Devices Security Other Other Citizen Business Payment Profiles Common Modules Layer Profiles and Gateway Service Service Authen. Modules Modules Exchange Layer Government Data Exchange (GDX) Data Storage Layer Ministry’s Operation Centers Databases Files / Documentsข้อ มูล ของหน่ข้ยงาน ว อ มูล ของหน่ว ยงานของหน่ว ยงานของหน่ว ยงานของหน่ว ยงาน ข้อ มูล ข้อ มูล ข้อ มูล ข้อ มูล ของหน่ว ยงาน
  21. 21. E-Commerce• E-Business M-Commerce• E-Market• E-Banking E-Cash• B2B : Business to Business• B2C : Business to Customer• ERP SCM CRM • EDI : Electronic Data Interchange ฯลฯ
  22. 22. e-Commerce Business Model Webmaster Site Editor • Market research • Site design principles • Content development (Look & Feel/Navigation) Content • Data collection • Site policy: sale, delivery, • Ad options payment, security, privacy, Policy • Marketing/promote the web satisfaction guarantee • Resource allocation • Site monitor & maintain Programmer • Domain registration • Web hosting Graphic Designer Look Technique • Development tools Look & feel • Databases Color, picture, all graphic issue & • Shopping carts Feel • Transaction processing • Back office connectionOther Sales Channel Customer Service Back Office • Daily helpdesk • Order process • FAQ • Shipping arrangements
  23. 23. E-Education• E-Learning• EMIS : Educational Management Information System• E-University/E-School/E-Classroom / Cyber University• E-Library/E-Journal/E-Book• CAI/WBI/WBT /• Videoconference / Teleconference/ Video on Demand / Distance Education• ฯลฯ
  24. 24. E-Industry• E-Logistic• E-Investment• SIPA (Software Industry Promotion Agency)• Software Park• Wireless/Broadband/Telecommunication• Agriculture• Transportation• Tourism• CAD/CAM• Auto CAD• etc.
  25. 25. E-Society• E-Card• E-Journal /E-Magazine / E-Variety• Credit card / ATM• Smart Card• Learning Organization• Knowledge Based Society ฯลฯ
  26. 26. ICT : Information and Communication Technology• Computer• Internet• Telecommunication : Telephone/Mobile• Satellite• Teleconferencing• Videoconferencing• Communications etc.
  27. 27. Web Services• Service on Internets• Database• Network• Security• Webmaster• XML
  28. 28. Information Systems: Challenges and OpportunitiesManagement Business ChallengesInformation Information BusinessTechnology System SolutionsOrganization
  29. 29. MIS : Management Information System• Executive Support Systems: ESS• Decision Support Systems: DSS• Executive Information Systems: EIS• Knowledge Management Systems: KMS• Office Automation Systems: OAS• Transaction Processing Systems: TPS• Expert System• Artificial Intelligence : AI
  30. 30. Who are you?• CEO : Chief Executive Officer• CIO : Chief Information Officer• CTO : Chief Technology Officer• CFO : Chief Financial Officer• Why ???
  31. 31. Guest Lecturer• Prachyanun Nilsook, Ph.D. – Ph.D. Educational Communications and Technology – – http// – 081-7037515• King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, KMUTNB