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  2. 2. OBJECTIVETo Understand the Basics ofSales BudgetingProcess of Controlling theSales Through Analysis
  3. 3. SALES BUDGETEstimates of Expected Volumeof Sales and Selling ExpensesIt is Detailed Estimate of SalesRevenue and SellingExpenditure
  4. 4. Selling Expenditure BudgetSelling Sales Deptt.Expense AdministrativBudget e Budget
  5. 5. Sales Budget Sales Volume Budget Selling Expense Budget Administrative Budget of Sales Deptt.
  6. 6. Percentage of Sales Method Sales Expenditure BudgetExecutive ObjectiveJudgment & Task Method Method
  7. 7. SALES BUDGET PROCESS•Review Situation•Communication•Subordinate Budgets•Approval of the SalesBudget
  8. 8. SALES CONTROL To Ensure That Operations Are Carried Out As Per The Plan To Achieve The Objectives
  9. 9. TYPES Annual Plan Control: Top Level ManagersSales AnalysisMarket Share AnalysisMarketing Expense To Sales Ratio Profitability Control: Sales ManagerTerritory AnalysisChannel EvaluationSales Audit