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Workshop for district level mangers on rch planning


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Workshop for district level mangers on rch planning

  1. 1. Workshop for District levelManagers on RCH planning Team -West Bengal
  2. 2. Maternal HealthGOAL:• To reduce MMR from existing 145 to 135 by 2013OBJECTIVES:• To increase institutional delivery from 69.5 % to 75% by 2013 in Purulia.• To provide skilled care at birth from existing 75% of total delivery to 85% by 2013• To increase Full ANC visits from existing 17.4% to 25% by 2013
  3. 3. To increase institutional delivery from 69.5 % to 75% by 2013.Strategy :• Enhance Coverage of Facilities for Institutional Deliveries and Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC)• Provide Skilled Care to Pregnant Women by Skilled Birth Attendant (SBA) at facility level.• Strengthen Facility for providing quality MCH services• Strengthen Referral chain network• Accreditation of Private health facilities for providing quality services.• Ensure implementation of schemes• Behaviour Change Communication
  4. 4. Indicators• Proportion of identified CEmOC center conducting CS• Proportion of CEmOC having functional BSU/Blood Bank• Proportion of facilities having at least 4 SBA trained• Proportion of facilities having at least 2 BEmOC trained MO• Proportion of PW delivered at Home by SBA• Proportion of MO trained in BEmOC• Proportion of SN/ANM trained in SBA• Proportion of functional BEmoC center• Proportion of PW get registered under MCTS• Proportion of facility maintaining partograph• Proportion of facility having SBA protocol poster in appropriate place
  5. 5. Indicators• Proportion of Blocks having at least 7 “Matri Yan”• Proportion of PW benefited through Accredited Pvt. Health Facility• Proportion of PW received JSY benefit within 48 hrs at institution.• Proportion of PW carried by Matri Yan under JSSK scheme.• Proportion of health facilities having signage on JSSK.• Proportion of PW aware of safe Institutional delivery• Proportion of PW attain institutional delivery.• Proportion of ASHA ,ANM trained on BP & CR, ANC ,INC related counseling.
  6. 6. Activities• R&R of Infrastructure• Engagement of Specialists,MO and Staff Nurse• Procurement of equipments, Drugs and other consumables• Training of Workers• Tracking of PW• JSY• JSSK• Monitoring and supervision• IEC/BCC
  7. 7. R& R of InfrastructureRemarks Proposed Q-1 Q-2 Q-3 Q-4 Number  Where  WhoOperationalise facilities              Infrastructure-CEmOC              Renovation needed OT(Minor)  4  SDH, Bansgarh           CHC, Manbazar  Dist.enRenovation needed LR (Minor) CHC, Kotshila g.cell  4 CHC        Renovation needed - Blood bank/BSU (Minor) BSU-1  Manbazar CHC      Renovation needed - Blood Blood  Raghunathpurbank / BSU (Major) Bank-1 SDH       x  Infrastructure - BEmOC              Renovation needed OT(Minor) Dist.eng 8PHC   x     .cellRenovetion needed LR Major) dist.eng. 8PHC   x     cellRenovetion needed Female dist.eng./Maernity Ward (Minor) 9PHC         cell
  8. 8. R&R of Infrastructure Unit Cost FundRemarks (Rs. In Proposed Proposed Lakhs) Number ( Lakhs)Operationalise facilities  Infrastructure-CEmOC   24.5Renovation needed OT(Minor) 2  4 8Renovation needed LR (Minor) 1  4 4Renovation needed - Blood bank/BSU(Minor) 2.5 1 2.5Renovation needed - Blood bank / BSU(Major) 10 1 10Infrastructure - BEmOC   21Renovation needed OT(Minor) 1 8 8Renovation needed LR Major) .50 8 4Renovation needed Female /MaternityWard (Minor) 1 9 9
  9. 9. Human ResourceHuman Resource - CEmOC  No Where Q-1 Q-2 Q-3 Q-4 Who CHC HRNo of G&O Required 3 level Cell No of Aneasthetist CHC HR required 2 level Cell No of paediatrician CHC HR required 3 level Cell CHC HRNo of GDMO required 15 level CellNo of MO/IC-Blood SD, HRbank/BSU required 2 CHC Cell No of LT- Blood SD,CH HRbank/BSU required 2 C Cell CHC,S HR No of SN required 23 D Cell Human Resource- BEmOC   HRNo of GDMO required Cell 25 PHC
  10. 10. Human Resource Unit CostCategory (Rs. in  Propose Proposed Budget Lakhs) d No. (Rs. In Lakhs)Human Resource - CEmOC 194.4G&O Specialist 6 3 18Anaesthetist 6 2 12Paediatrician 6 3 18GDMO 4.8 15 72MO-BSU 4.8 2 9.6LT- Blood bank 4.8 2 9.6SN 2.4 23 55Human Resource- BEmOC   120GDMO 4.8 25 120
  11. 11. Procurement of equipmentsLabour Room   Where 1 2 3 Who Delivery 38Labour Table pointsNew Born Resuscitation Kit 16 PHCRadiant Warmer 20 CHC,PHCOxygen concentrator ( dual port) 10 CHC,PHCRTI/STI Service  Domestic Refrigerator 10 CHCMicro Pippette (Multi Channel) 10 CHCCentrifuge 4 Tube 19 CHCILR/per district (for r buffer HIV Rapid District WBTest Kit storage purpose for further 1 Store MSCdistribution as per requirement)VDRL Shaker 19 CHCBSU Equipment  Centrifuge 1 CHCBinocular Microscope 1 CHCBlood Bank Refrigerator 1 CHCAutoclave (Vertical) 1 CHCRh-View Box 1 CHCIncubator 1 CHCAC 1
  12. 12. Procurement of equipments Total Physical FundProcurement under MH Unit cost Target ProposedLabour Room     28.79Labour Table 30000 38 11.40New Born Resuscitation Kit 2000 16 0.32Radiant Warmer 32854 20 6.57Oxygen concentrator ( dual port) 105000 10 10.50RTI/STI Service     3.25Domestic Refrigerator 10000 10 1.00Micro Pippette (Multi Channel) 1400 10 0.14Centrifuge 4 Tube 1000 19 0.19ILR/per district (for r buffer HIV RapidTest Kit storage purpose for further 40000 1 0.40distribution as per requirement)VDRL Shaker 8000 19 1.52BSU Equipment     2.46Centrifuge 27000 1 0.27Binocular Microscope 33000 1 0.33Blood Bank Refrigerator 100000 1 1Autoclave (Vertical) 40000 1 0.4Rh-View Box 1500 1 0.015Incubator 9000 1 0.09AC 35000 1 0.35
  13. 13. Training of Health personnel• BEmOC- 20 Mos to be trained –State Level• SBA- 80 Staff Nurses to be trained (1-4th Qtr)• Comprehensive Abortion Care – 8G&O, 10MO (2nd – 3rd Qtr)• RTI/STI- 19MO and 19SN by 3rd Qtr.• CEmOC-2MO-State Level• LSAS- 2MO- State Level• Blood Storage transfusion and Management -2MO and 2LT – State Level• Refresher Training of DEO on MCTS- 1batches by 2nd Qtr.
  14. 14. MH-Training  Fund Unit No of Activities Proposed. cost/Batch Batches (Rs in Lakhs)Maternal Health Training      Skilled Birth Attendance / SBA      SBA training for SN/2nd ANM 139890 10 13.99EmOC Training      District level TOT for G& O specialist. 83070 1 0.83Training of MOs and staff nurse onEarly and Safe Abortion Services 60140 5 3.01RTI / STI Training      c. Training of Medical Officers 1 0.55 55,000.00d. Training of SNs 1 0.40 40,000.00MCTSTraining of DEO 50,000.00 1 0.50Total Budget     19.28
  15. 15. Schemes under MHJanani Suraksha Yojana / JSY Unit Fund Proposed PW Cost  (Rs. In Lakhs)Home Delivery (Rural) 500 6798 33.99Home Delivery (Urban) 500 942 4.71Institutional Deliveries. (Rural) 700 20397 142.78Institutional Deliveries. (Urban) 600 2825 16.95Other activities (JSY)     7.94Total Budget -JSY 206.37Janani Sishu Suraksha Karyakram-MH    Drug & Consumablesincluding 350 30709 107.48investigation -NormalDrug & Consumables including 1600 7677 122.83investigation -CSDiagnostics including USG 200 58428 116.86Total Budget - JSSK 347.17
  16. 16. Monitoring and supervision at Dist Level RemarksActivityMonitoring of CEmOC facilities – 4man days/month by District Officers ofDist Level all districtsMonitoring of BEmOC facilities- 3 visits/month by District or Sub DistrictDist Level level OfficersMonitoring visit to the Sub Center No of visit : 8 visits/month /Block byby Block officials Block OfficialsMonitoring visit to the Sub Center No of visit : 8visit/month by Dist. Officerby Dist Officials
  17. 17. Monitoring and Supportive Supervision No of  Fund Proposed Activities Unit cost Visit ( Rs. In Lakhs)Monitoring of CEmOC facilities 1000 48 0.48Monitoring of BEmOC facilities 700 180 1.26Monitoring visit to the Sub Center 500 1920 9.6by Block officialsMonitoring visit to the Sub Center 1000 96 0.96by Dist OfficialsTotal Budget 12.30
  18. 18. BCC• Conduction of formative research – IEC by 1st Qtr.• Observation of Safe Motherhood day, April 2013.• Distribution of booklets (1-4 th Qtr)• Hording on JSSK signage , ( by 2nd Qtr)• Printing of SBA protocol poster etc. (by 2nd Qtr)• Printing of Flip book (by 2nd Qtr)• Mass Media Campaign (1-4th Qtr)• Training of Trainer ( by 2nd qtr)• Training of ANM ( by 2nd Qtr)• Monitoring of IEC activities (1-4th Qtr)
  19. 19. BCC Proposed  Fund Proposed Activities Unit cost No ( Rs. In Lakhs)Conduction of Formative Research -Agency Selection ,Preparation , 5pretesting ,Report writing )Observation of Safe Motherhood day 20000 1 1.26at district levelDistribution of booklets (Mobility 5000 20 1cost)Hording on JSSK signage at GP 30000 170 51.0Flex on JSSK signage at Health 600 600 3.6facilityMass Media Campaign 25000 4 1TOT 30000 2 .6Training of ANM 10000 17 1.7Total Budget 65.16
  20. 20. Any Feedback… Go ahead…