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Public health


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for FAEA students from North East. Presentation on 14th October at AJC Bose Auditorium

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Public health

  1. 1. Public Health A Snap Shot
  2. 2. Causes of Death• Heart attack• Bronchitis and asthma• Anemia• Pneumonia• Tuberculosis• Cancer• Vehicular• Suicides• Paralysis
  3. 3. In Children• Pneumonia• Diarrhea• Malnutrition• Malaria• Measles
  4. 4. Deaths in children aged 1-59 months Pneumonia and diarrhoeal diseases account for 50% of all deaths in children aged 1-59 months, and two-thirds of deaths in girls of the same age. Half of all these deaths are in the Central region, where the MR is 18 for pneumonia and 14.5 for diarrhoeal diseases. Data from a web-appendix with figures for major states reveals more positive news for Tamil Nadu: MR due to pneumonia is only 2 and due to diarrhoea 5.1, some ofthe lowest in the country (Kerala ranks first on both counts with 0.9 and 0.3 respectively). Neonatal deaths 3 conditions result in 78% of all neonatal deaths: prematurity and low birth weight, neonatal infections (pneumonia, sepsis and CNS infections) and birth asphyxia.
  5. 5. PneumoniaIndia in 2010 accounted for half the estimated number of global deaths from eightmain causes in children younger than five years. A recent study in The Lancet …In all, there were nearly 1.7 million estimated deaths in India that year. With nearly 400,000 deaths, pneumonia turned out to be the top killer disease, followed by diarrhoea causing more than 210,000 deaths.
  6. 6. Diarrhea of Mizoram, India An outbreak of Eltor cholera in Aizwal town An outbreak of Eltor cholera in Aizwal town of Mizoram, India. by PG Sengupta - 2000 - Cited by 3 - Related articles Diarrhea and Malaria Takes Serious Turn in Tripura’s Dhalai District Northeast Today July 21, 2012 With the dry spell sweeping the hilly regions diarrhea and malaria have taken a serious turn in rural parts of Dhalai district like previous years. Official sources said already 4 people including woman and children died since last five days. Death toll is likely to increase as many as 40 patients are still admitted in Longtarai Valley Hospital, sources added. “Diarrhea and Malaria are found among the patients after diagnosis”, said officials from the District Medical Office, Dhalai today over telephone. Beside this, malnutrition is another problem among the children. “The beds of local hospitals are full of patients”, said Hospital officials, adding, “the situation might turn into a grave one in the coming days if the scarcity of drinking water continues”. In Long Tarai valley and Gandacherra, several medical teams were sent with medicine by choppers. “Health camps are being organized regularly in the remote hamlets”, said Chief Medical Officer (Dhalai). District Magistrate (Dhalai) Abhisekh Singh will visit the affected villages soon. It is learnt that District administration is likely to provide water resorvoirs to the affected villagers soon. “We drink water from the cherras and stream”,complained some villagers. “Earlier, District administration had no role whatsoever in the villages”, they added. “So far I learnt there is no report of any death in Kanchanpur sub
  7. 7. Malaria Malaria-cases-escalate-in-Manipur Sinlung Oct 25, 2010 Baby Lalrilu was sick and hospitalised at the Regional Institute of MedicalSciences (RIMS) Hospital here on June 27 following a complaint of high fever and unconsciousness. But unfortunately Baby Lalrilu, the only daughter of a young Rongmei widowLuma, 39, a resident of Langthabal Chingkhong village in Imphal West district, passed away the following day. The family of the child including grandmother Pantiguru, was unaware of thecause of the death. “We still don’t know what kind of disease had attacked our grandchild”, Pantiguru said. The family and the State Health officials remain clueless about the cause of the disease until the Regional Medical Research Centre, Dibrugarh and National Centre for Disease Control , New Delhi confirmed that her blood samples tested positive for Japanese encephalitis. Thus, the State Health department’s surveillance report identified her as one of the victims of Japanese Encephalitis outbreak in the State. Read more:
  8. 8. ……………….???
  9. 9. Measles
  10. 10. Malnutrition / Anemiaphoto of 1 year old Rama Paharia of Sundarpahari, Godda who is severely malnourishedweight 5.5 kg in Grade 3. The family has AAY card but says they have lifted grains only3 times in 3 years. Their card was given as mortgagefor Rs 100 to one PhaguramPaharia of the same village whohas not returned thje card since then as the family failedto pay back Rs 100. ICDS does not function in the village in spite of regular fundrelease.When taken to PHC no medicines were given and refered to Sadar
  11. 11. TB
  12. 12. After Kala azar
  13. 13. Heart Attack/ Cardiovascular Bronchitis/ Asthma/ COPD
  14. 14. Cancer Findings 7137 of 122 429 study deaths were due to cancer= 6%A youngster living in Indias northeast is four times more likely to develop andsuccumb to cancer in his lifetime as compared to a youngster living in Bihar. | 18 Jun 2010 – Arunachals anti-cancer yew trees under threat Yews are a primary source of taxol used in treatment of ovarian and breast cancers Anti-cancer yew trees, Taxus, found in Arunanchal Pradesh are suffering from the cancer of over-exploitation and are under threat of disappearance in the absence of regulation, researchers point out. Taxus or yews being a primary source of taxol used in the treatment of ovarian and breast cancers and kaposis sarcoma (an AIDS related cancer) and over 20 such other indications is in huge demand in the pharma industry. It has also its usage for coating of stents (anti-angiogenesis), alzheimer, multiple-sclerosis and polycystic kidney disease. According to an estimate a 20-year-old tree can yield up to 30 kg of leaves and 5 kg of bark which in turn produces 4 gm of taxol priced at Rs 3 lakh. The demand has taken a toll on this valuable natural resource leading to its rapid disappearance, researchers found during a survey last year in the West
  15. 15. Suicides Former Meghalaya speakers bodyguard commits suicide ... › Regional 13 Sep 2012 – A bodyguard of former Meghalaya speaker and sitting Congress legislator, Martin MDanggo Thursday committed suicide, leaving behind one ...
  16. 16. Road Accidents File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick Viewthe number of road accidents per lakh of population was highest in Goa (267), followed by. Puducherry (115) in contrast to a low of 1.6 reported by Nagaland ...
  17. 17. Paralysis/ stroke