November 19th Valsa


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Pachwara Case

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November 19th Valsa

  1. 1. find an eyewitness3 named in murder FIR, OC suspendedSUMAN K. SHRIVASTAVA & RAJESH KUMAR PANDEY Ranchi/Pachuara, Nov. 18: An FIR was lodged against three persons for rape of an associate of Sister Valsa today, leading the police to reveal that she was with the nun at the time of her murder on Tuesday but had managed to flee.IG of Santhal Pargana Arun Oraon, who visited the site of the murder in Pachuara, alsosuspended the OC of Amrapara for refusing to lodge the FIR on November 8, the dayafter the alleged rape, when Valsa’s associate and her parents had gone to the policestation, around 8km away.Today’s rape FIR names one Advin Murmu, a resident of Pachuara, and two others asunknown accused. A search is on for all three.Oraon also revealed that the police had come to know of an aide of Valsa who had toldthe OC, Banarsi Prasad, about a mob that was on the lookout for the nun on the night ofher murder.“But, Prasad waited for daybreak to visit the place,” said the IG, who has been asked tosupervise the case by DGP G.S. Rath.“Also, when her parents went to lodge an FIR, the OC, instead of registering thecomplaint, tried to persuade them to settle the issue through local panchayats,” the IGpointed out.Police have detained seven villagers, who were one-time associates of Valsa’s. They arebeing questioned about their whereabouts at the time of the murder executed by a mob ofaround 30-35 people carrying work tools and arms like scythes, spades and choppers.“The timing of the murder could be linked to the rape incident, though we are not rulingout any possibility. They (the seven detained) were also among those who took part in aroad block on November 8 demanding Valsa’s eviction from Pachuara,” Oraon said.As per new evidence, the IG revealed that Valsa’s associate was staying with her and waspresent at the time of her murder. “She managed to flee the scene,” he said.However, yesterday, Sonaram Hembrom, the owner of the house where Valsa stayed,made no mention of the room-mate, insisting that the nun lived alone.
  2. 2. Now, a medical examination would be conducted on the associate, a 20-year-old girl,who has been with Valsa through thick and thin, right from the days of her famedagitation against Panem, the coal mining company with which she negotiated anagreement that led to the rehabilitation of residents of nine villages where the jointventure firm set up operations.“The associate could be a vital eyewitness in the murder case,” Oraon said.The scanner is on Panem, too. For, it has now come to light that a senior company manhad visited Valsa’s home soon after the murder. Later, he handed over a number ofMaoist posters to the police, saying he had recovered them from the site.With the police pursuing fairly strong leads on a probable murder motive, some moreclues emerged on why a section of the villagers of Pachuara had turned against Valsawhen all she did for the last decade was to lead an agitation against a mining firm toensure the displaced were adequately compensated.Company contracts were at the core of the problem, revealed the IG. And Valsa gotcaught in between.“The Sister was leading the agitation under the banner of Rajmahal Pahad BachaoAndolan. But when the company signed an agreement on November 30, 2006, at thebehest of the Supreme Court, she became part of the committee set up to implement therehabilitation and resettlement (R&R) package,” Oraon explained.Under the agreement, all contracts, including sub-contracts were to be given only toproject-affected people. Also, incidental or indirect employment through welfare projectslike schools and hospitals were supposed to go to residents of the nine villages leased outto the company for mining.But, Valsa opposed the company’s practice of handing out work contracts to others whodid not belong to the nine villages to win them over, too. “To one section of villagers,Valsa was gradually becoming a hindrance in their design to make money,” the IGpointed out.Oraon said he did not believe Valsa had ditched the people’s movement to serve thecompany’s interests. “She was residing in an 8ftx6ft room, cooking her own food andsleeping on a small bed. Why would she be living in penury if she could make money?”Pakur deputy commissioner Sunil Kumar Singh, who heads a cell to redress grievances ofthe project-affected people, said he received no complaints on the implementation of theR& R package.
  3. 3. Left condemns nuns murderSpecial CorrespondentShare · print · T+The Left parties on Thursday condemned the brutal murder of Sister Valsa John in Pakurdistrict of Jharkhand and demanded that the State administration take immediate action.Sister Valsa John had been fighting for the rights of the tribals and against theirdisplacement due to mining activities since 1995. “Her killing is a result of the threatposed to the mining mafia,” the Communist Party of India (Marxist) said. In a statement,the party Polit Bureau demanded that the State administration take immediate steps toarrest the culprits and initiate speedy trial.CPI MP D. Raja too condemned the murder and said there was need for a thoroughprobe. CM writes to his Jharkhand counterpart on nuns deathPress Trust Of IndiaKochi, November 19, 2011First Published: 15:58 IST(19/11/2011)Last Updated: 16:00 IST(19/11/2011)Share more...1 Comment Email printKerala chief minister Oommen Chandy today said he had written to his counterpart inJharkhand asking him to take action against those who were responsible for killing of nunValsa John from this state. "Whoever is responsible must be brought before law," Chandytold reporters aftervisiting relatives of the slain nun at Vazhakkala in Ernakulam district this morning. 52-year-old Valsa, a member of the Sisters of Charity Jesus and Mary congregation since thelast 24 years, was hacked to death on November 15 at Pachwara village in Pakur districtof Jharkhand.She was spearheading an anti-displacement movement against a private company inJharkhand. Valsas family had said she had stated that she faced death threats from a coalmining mafia.Sreelatha Menon: The nuns taleThe killing of Sister Valsa John over tribal rights is another episode of land dispute in the coal beltSreelatha Menon / New Delhi November 20, 2011, 0:03 IST
  4. 4. by GoogleCoal Mining Tools : Search Thousands of Catalogs for Coal Mining Toolswww.globalspec.comWhy would 40 people kill a solitary nun in a remote village in coal-rich Dhumka inJharkhand? Sister Valsa John is better known as an activist than a nun of the Sisters ofCharity of Jesus & Mary. She left her home in Kerala and moved to Jharkhand twodecades ago as a missionary, but stayed on for the local Santhal tribals of Pachwara.Says fellow activist from Jharkhand, Xaviur Dius, she jumped the convent wall into thelives of the tribals in Pachwara. The Santhals had formed the Rajmahal Pahad BachaoAndolan (RPBA) to defend their right over their land and resources. Sister Valsa was atthe forefront of their fight after mining company Panem Coal Mine Ltd signed amemorandum of understanding (MoU) in 2006 for mining rights in the area. The tribalsled by the nun had to withdraw a petition from the Supreme Court. The organisation hadto enter into an agreement with the company under pressure from political leaders andfalse promises made by some activists, adds Dius. They later realised that the companywith the coal reserves of Pachwara and 32 other villages had betrayed them. Its promiseswere not being kept. Sister Valsa had been raising this issue and the death is itsconsequence, says Dius.Click here to visit SME Buzz Also Read Related News Stories Now- Sreelatha Menon: A Hast Kala Akademi?- Sreelatha Menon: The craft of survival- Sreelatha Menon: DAP and the holy cow- Sreelatha Menon: Wages of industrial sin- Sreelatha Menon: The disease within- Sreelatha Menon: Formula to cut inflationDius is a former member of the Jharkhand Mines Area Coordination Committee, a state-wide platform of activists resisting all mining MoUs. He says of all the 68 MoUs signed
  5. 5. between mining companies and the government since the formation of the state a decadeago, work was allowed to continue only in one case.This was after the company promised jobs, medical centres, schools and houses to peoplewhose land were taken away for mining. However, the company only gave 14 contractjobs, three houses which were flooded and did not bother to build the medical centrespromised, says Dius.The company spokesperson has denied these charges and has suggested that the nun haddifferences with a section of villagers.Medha Patkar-led National Alliance of People’s Movement says Sister Valsa had madecomplaints to the police against the company. She had also complained to her relatives aday before the murder, citing danger from the company.With coal prices soaring from Rs 300 a tonne in 2006 to Rs 3,000 three years later, thecost of human lives were plumbing, the nun’s fellow activists say.Pachwara saw four more murders and several hit-and-run cases. One of the victims wasthe son of the tribal leader of the RPBA led by the nun. This was followed by the murderof another activist of the movement. His wife and son were later found dead, too, hit by a60 tonne dumper truck, says Dius.Whether the company was to blame or not, the death of the nun points to a land deal gonewrong just as it has happened in many other places.Stan Swami, another activist who played a key role in fighting the company through thecourts, says there was disagreement whether a deal should be signed with the company.He says, “Sister Valsa walked out of a comfortable convent life and lived in a shack withno vested interests. There was no doubt about her commitment to the people.”The story of Sister Valsa is just another land accord gone wrong similar to the ones inKalinga Nagar, Gopalpur and Sarai Kela where activists have still managed to keep thecompanies out of action.Only if the nun’s sacrifice makes rulers and miners see sense in the claims of tribals totheir land, then the death won’t go wasted. Valsa John buriedStaff ReporterShare · print · T+
  6. 6. Sister Valsa JohnRelatedNEWSSlain nun took on coal mafiaTOPICScrime assault (general)murderSister Valsa John, who was murdered near Dumka in the State of Jharkhand in the earlyhours of Tuesday, was laid to rest at St. Paul’s Church, Dudhani on Thursday after aMass.Member of Sister Valsa John’s family, including her eldest brother Baby Malamel andtwo of her nephews, from Kochi were among those who attended the funeral.Sister Valsa John belonged to the Catholic religious congregation of the Sisters ofCharity of Jesus and Mary and worked with the people in coal mining areas of Jharkhandfor 12 years.
  7. 7. Condolence meetingHundreds of people, including a large number of students and her former colleagues,attended a memorial meeting organized at the St. George’s Forane Church, Edappally,near here, the parish from which she hailed. A special memorial Mass preceded thecondolence meeting.Her family, relatives and former colleagues are still recovering from the shock of thenews of the death of one they recalled as brave and heroic, giving up the comforts of herhome and a cosy job to serve the poor in a distant land.Sister Elise Chakkalakkal, who was Sister Valsa John’s colleague at St. Pius UP School,Edappally more than two decades ago, recalled Sister Valsa as determined andcourageous in her approach to life.She was loved by her students, whom she taught with great dedication and flair, SisterElise remembered. While she and friends tried to persuade Sister Valsa to join theirreligious congregation, the latter was keen to respond to her missionary vacation and towork for the poorest of the poor.Bishop Julius Marandi of Dumka spoke of Sister Valsa John as a person with totaldedication to the cause she espoused and love for the people with whom she worked.The Bishop told The Hindu over telephone that Sister Valsa John worked with the Santalcommunity, one of the biggest of the communities in the area, against the displacement ofpeople for the purpose of coal mining.She had received overwhelming response from the people initially but there appeared tobe a rift among the people themselves later, the Bishop recalled.He said that the area where Sister Valsa worked was a troubled one and it was difficult tosay who was responsible for the gruesome murder.Sister Valsa John had given up the tranquillity and safety of the confinement of a conventand lived among the people in their poor surroundings, braving hardships and the weatherlike anyone else.She spoke fluent Santali and was one with the people, for whom she tried to provide anew direction, encouraging them to take up organised farming and to fight social evils.Thrikkakara MLA Benny Behnan was among those who spoke at the condolence meetingat which the vicar of St. George’s parish, Sebastian Vazhappilly, presided.Fr. Vazhappilly said that the parish authority declared a holiday on Thursday for St. PiusGirls’ High School; St. George’s High School; St. George LP School; St. Joseph’s LP
  8. 8. School; St. George’s Nursery School and St George’s English Medium School as a markof respect for Sister Valsa Johh, who was a teacher here more than two decades ago.Sister Valsa murder: Did the tribals kill her or was it the Maoists?India Today - 10 hours agoMystery continues to surround the murder of Sister Valsa John, who was brutallybludgeoned to death by unidentified assailants in Jharkhands Pakur district. So far, threeformer associates of the murdered nun have been detained and five police teams ...Jharkhand nun murder case: 3 more people - 12 hours agoRanchi: The Jharkhand Police on Saturday detained three more people taking the totalnumber to seven, in connection with the brutal murder of nun-cum-activist Valsa John inPakur district. The needle of suspicion in the murder is now pointing at the ...5 detained for nuns murder, CM hints at high-level probeTimes of India - Nov 17, 2011Sister Valsa was lynched on Tuesday night by unidentified assailants in Pachuara villagein Pakur district in Santhal Pargana. The Pakur police detained five persons forinterrogation in connection with the murder on Thursday. ...<B>Sreelatha Menon:</B> The nuns taleBusiness Standard - 35 minutes agoSister Valsa John is better known as an activist than a nun of the Sisters of Charity ofJesus & Mary. She left her home in Kerala and moved to Jharkhand two decades ago as amissionary, but stayed on for the local Santhal tribals of Pachwara. ...Seven held in Jharkhand nun murder caseTimes of India - 16 hours agoSister Valsa John was murdered on Tuesday. Police said Valsa took the girl, 20, whostayed with her, to Amrapara police station to lodge a complaint but was turned away.She later met Pakur deputy commissioner who asked them to meet him again on ...Kerala CM writes to his Jharkhand counterpart on nuns deathHindustan Times - 7 hours ago
  9. 9. 52-year-old Valsa, a member of the Sisters of Charity Jesus and Mary congregation sincethe last 24 years, was hacked to death on November 15 at Pachwara village in Pakurdistrict of Jharkhand. She was spearheading an anti-displacement movement against ...Hint of motive on funeral dayCalcutta Telegraph - Nov 17, 2011Pachuara (Pakur)/Ranchi, Nov. 17: Sister Valsa John may have incurred the wrath of agroup of local criminals for seeking justice for a raped tribal girl and that may have beenthe immediate provocation for her brutal murder on Tuesday. ...Tribal rights activist Valsa murdered in JharkhandHindustan Times - Nov 16, 2011Sister Valsa John, 50, a prominent tribal rights activist who had spearheaded an anti-displacement movement against the PANEM coal mines in Pakur district, was murderedin her sleep by unidentified men on Tuesday. body," said Pakur superintendent of ...Day before murder, Jharkhand nun reported rape in villageIndian Express - 18 hours agoThis has emerged as a strong line of investigation three days after the Catholic nun wasmurdered by unidentified assailants in Pachuwara village in Jharkhands Pakur district,according to officials. Pakur deputy comissioner Sunil Kumar Singh told The ...Tribal leader for CBI probe into nun murder caseTimes of India - Nov 17, 2011Sister Valsa, a nun from Kerala, was hacked to death in Pakur on Tuesday night in herrented house at Pachuara village. Reports said a gang of about 50 people surrounded herhouse and attacked her weapons inside her room killing her on the spot. ...Bishop Karikkassery mourns Sister Valsa - Nov 17, 2011PARAVOOR: Kottappuram Bishop Joseph Karikkassery has expressed deep sorrow overthe murder of Sr Valsa John, of Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary Congregation, atPachwada in Pakur district in Jharkhand by unidentified persons on Tuesday. ...
  10. 10. Police find an eyewitnessCalcutta Telegraph - 19 hours ago... Valsa had ditched the peoples movement to serve the companys interests. “She wasresiding in an 8ftx6ft room, cooking her own food and sleeping on a small bed. Whywould she be living in penury if she could make money?” Pakur deputy commissioner ...Nun killed for protesting tribals in JharkhandNewsX - Nov 16, 2011... murdered in her sleep by unidentified persons on Tuesday. Sister Valsa, a prominenttribal rights activist has been hacked to death.She had spearheaded an anti-displacementmovement against coal mines in Pakur district and had received death threats.Nun hacked to death in - Nov 16, 2011KOCHI: Valsa John, a nun hailing from Vazhakkala in Ernakulam, was hacked to deathby unidentified assailants at her home in Pakur district of Jharkhand on Wednesdaymorning. Sister Valsa John had spearheaded an anti-displacement movement against a ...Tearful farewell for vigilanteCalcutta Telegraph - Nov 17, 2011Pakur was her adopted home since 1993, but a shocked Edapally, where Sister Valsagrew up, also mourned her brutal death. Six schools stayed closed today while localpoliticians turned up for her memorial service at St Georges Forane Church. ...You are here: Home > Indian News > Candle light vigil for Sr. ValsaCathNews India - 7 hours agoMore than 100 people took part in a candle light vigil in Delhi Friday to pay tributes totribal rights activist Sr.Valsa John, who was murdered in Pakur district of JharkhandNovember 15. Holding candles outside the Sacred Heart Cathedral, prelates, ...Jharkhand: Coal mafia behind activist nuns death? - Nov 17, 2011Sisters Valsas murder has taken a political colour in Jharkhand with both the rulingcoalition and opposition making allegations and counter allegations. She was murdered inPakur district of Jharkhand by a group of 40 unidentified men who dragged ...
  11. 11. Slain nun took on coal mafiaThe Hindu - Nov 16, 2011Catholic nun Valsa John (52), who was involved in a movement against displacement oftribal people by coal mining companies in Jharkhand, was murdered early on Wednesday.The killing occurred at Bachuwari village of Pakur district, 430 km from here. ...Jharkhand: Family blames mining mafia for nun Valsa Johns murderIndia Today - Nov 16, 2011A nun from Kerala was hacked to death in Jharkhands Pakur district on Tuesday night.Her killing sparked off a controversy in the state. Sister Valsa John was killed in herrented house in Pachuara village. Reports said a gang of about 50 people ...Amrapara OC suspended; 7 detained in Sister Valsa killing caseNetIndian - Nov 18, 2011The officer-in-charge of the Amrapara police station has been suspended while sevenpeople have been detained in connection with the killing of social activist Sister ValsaJohn in Panchwara village under Amrapara police station in Jharkhands Pakur ...Kerala nun fighting for tribal rights killed, family blames mining mafiaNDTV - Nov 16, 2011Kerala nun Valsa John, killed by unidentified assailants in Jharkhand, had told her familyhere that she faced death threats from mining mafia.Sister Valsa John buriedThe Hindu - Nov 17, 2011Sister Valsa John, who was murdered near Dumka in the State of Jharkhand in the earlyhours of Tuesday, was laid to rest at St. Pauls Church, Dudhani on Thursday after aMass. Member of Sister Valsa Johns family, including her eldest brother Baby ...Kerala nun murdered by mining mafia in JharkhandTimes of India - Nov 16, 2011She was hacked to death by mining mafia at Pachwara village in Pakur district last night.Sister Valsa, 53, an ordained nun with the Sisters of Charity, had been working amongtribals in the coal rich region of Dhumka for the past 20 years. ...
  12. 12. Jharkhand: Three detained in nun murder caseIndian Express - Nov 18, 2011The police is inquiring into the killing of 52-year-old Sister Valsa John at Pachwaravillage in Jharkhands Pakur district on Tuesday night. A resident of Keralas Ernakulamdistrict, she had been staying at Pachwara village for several years and ...Nun who led mining protest murderedCalcutta Telegraph - Nov 16, 201116: A nun from Kerala, known for her decade-long agitation that ensured villagers wereadequately compensated before a coal mining company was allowed to begin operations,was murdered near her home in Pakur district last night. Sister Valsa John (53) ...India Nun Hacked To Death; Suspects DetainedBosNewsLife - 53 minutes agoThe village where the attack took place is located in Jharkhands troubled Pakur district,240 miles (385 kilometers) southeast of Patna, the capital of neighboring Bihar state. "Wehave detained seven persons on the suspicion of their complicity," ...Seven detained for Kerala nuns - Nov 18, 2011RANCHI: Seven people have been detained and a police officer has been suspended inthe brutal murder of nun-cum-activist Valsha John in Jharkhands Pakur district, policesaid Friday. "Seven people have been detained in connection with the brutal ...Murdered India activist Sister Valsa John was threatenedBBC News - Nov 17, 2011The BBCs Salman Ravi says she later took up the cause of tribal people displaced bymining around Pakur, about 400km (248 miles) north-east of the state capital Ranchi.The state government has ordered an inquiry into the incident. Sister Valsa John.Left condemns nuns murderThe Hindu - Nov 17, 2011
  13. 13. The Left parties on Thursday condemned the brutal murder of Sister Valsa John inPakur district of Jharkhand and demanded that the State administration take immediateaction. Sister Valsa John had been fighting for the rights of the tribals and against ...Jharkhand nuns brother says she had sensed dangerHindustan Times - Nov 17, 2011Sister Valsa John, the prominent tribal rights activist, who was murdered in her sleep byunidentified men on Tuesday night, was buried at Dudhiyani in Dumka on Thursdaymorning. PANEM coal mines of Pakur district in 2005 and 2006 wherein she supported...