Industry and occupational health


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Industry and occupational health

  1. 1. . :.:,lr: ffi.*.#li*l.*l..illillliliiiiiiiliiiilitiii1liiilliiiiiii*i1ll,. i*lEXiitflc::u:i":li.llilFi Safetyand healthin industry RajuAsirvatham ccording to the EuropeanSune1of brking Conditions(ESWC) of 2000, construction workersreportan average of7.3 daysofillnessabsence from work during the year,of which they repoftthat 32 Eo are due to accidentsat work, 28 Voto non-accidental work-related health problems and 40 7o tonon-work-relatedhealthproblems.If appliedto the 12.7million work forces in construction,thesefigures meanthat 30 million days are lost each year becauseofaccidents work and26million daysdue to otherwork- atrelated health problems. The increasing of chemicals. use exposure physical, to chemical and biological agentswith potential hazard Yes,job safety and health add value to the workplace use of agro- unknown to people:the indiscriminateand help reduceinjuries and illnesses workers. of machinery chemicals includingpesticides. agricultural As per the National Policy on Safety, Health and and equipment: industrieswith major accidentrisks;Environment at Work Place (1.3) Governmentis effects of computer-controlled technologiesandcommitted to regulate all economic activities for alarming influenceof stressat work in many modernmanagementof safetyand health risks at workplaces jobs poseserious healthandenvironmental safety, risks.andto provide measures asto so ensuresafeandhealthy The fundamentalpurposeof this National Policy onworking conditionsfor everyworking man and woman Saf-ety. Health and Environment at Workplace is notin the nation. Government recognizesthat safety and only to eliminatethe incidence work-related of injuries,healthof workershasa positiveimpacton productivity diseases. fatalities,disasterand loss of nationalassetsand economic and social development. Preventionis andensuringachievement a high level of occupational ofan integral part of economic activities as high safety safety,health and environmentperformancethroughand health standard at work is as imporlant as good proactiveapproaches alsoto enhance well-being but thebusinessperformancefor new as well as existing of the employeeand society,at large. The necessaryindustries.Moreover without safe,clean environment changesin this area will be basedon a co-ordinatedaswell ashealthyworking conditions, socialjusticeand national effort focusedon clear national goals andeconomicgrowth cannotbe achieved and that safeand objectives.healthy working environmentis recognizedas a The terms health, sa.fety security are closely andf u n d a m e n t a lh u m a n r i g h t . E d u c a t i o n , t r a i n i n g , relatedto eachother.Health is the generalstateof well-consultationand exchangeof information and good being.It not only includesphysicalwell-being,but alsopracticesare essentialfor prevention and promotion of emotional and mental well-being. Safety refers to the such measures. actof protecting physicalwell-beingof an employee. theHeallh Action . October2012
  2. 2. It will include the risk of accidentscauseddue tomachinery, or diseases. fire Securityrefersto protectingfacilities and equipmentfrom unauthorized access andprotecting employees while they are onuvork. There are three major le_eislations lating to reoccupational healthandsatetr India.They arerelated rnto the health and safetr of personsemployed in minesand pons.factories.The Factories Act, 1948 It providesthe tbllouin-e provisions maintaining fbrhealth.securityand safety employees. ofSaJety Fencingof machinery, Work on machineryin motion, It provides the following provisions for health andCashingof new machines,Protectionof eyes,Hoists safetyof mine workers:and lifls, Self-acting machinery, Excessiveweights, Drinking water, Conservancy, Medical appliances,Pressure plant, Precautionsagainstdangerousfumes, Working hours,Notice aboutaccidents, Notice of certainFloors,stairsand meansof access, Precautions case in diseases.of fire, Explosivesof inflammable_eas. Satetyofbuildings machinerv. & Maintenance buildincs. of Dock Workers(Safety,Health& Welfare)Healtlt Act,1986 V e n t i l a t i o n T e m p e r a t u r e . r s p o s a o i r : t e . & D l It c,rntain: prtrri:ionr litr the health. saf-ety welfare andCleanliness. Dustandfumes. rr ArtitrcialHumiditlcatron. tri $ trrkc.r> trrkinsin port:,dtrck>.Overcrowding, Lightening, Drinkrngwater. Latrines and It proride:thelollouine prorisions:urinals,Spittoons. Fencingof dangerous places,Passages be kept toWelfare clear,Railings and fencings,Stagingconstructionand Washing facilities, Facilities for sitting, First aid maintenance, Work on staging,Lifesaving appliances,appliances, Canteens, Restroomsandshelters, Crdches, Illumination, Fire protection,Excessivenoise,AccessFacilitiesfor storinganddrying clothing. betweendeck and hold, Stairs, Floor loading, Construction, Accessbetweendeck and vessel, AccessMines Act, 1952 betweenshoreand ship. It contains provisions for measuresrelating to thehealth,safetyand welfare of personsemployedin the Conclusioncoal and oil mines. Governmentstandscommittedto review the National Policy on Safety,Health and Environmentat Workplace andlegisIationsthroughtriparliteconsultation. improve As per the NationalPolicy on Safety, enforcement. compilation and analysisof statistics; developspecialprogrammes hazardous for operations HealthandEnvironment Workplace and other fbcus sectors, up training mechanisms, at set (1.3)Government committed is to create nation-wide awareness, rrangefor the a regulate economicall activitiesfor mobilisationof availableresources and expefiise.Our management safetyandhealthrisks at goal mustbe to improve the quality of work andworking of life throughdedicated concerted and efforts consistent workplacesand to provide measures so n ith therequirements safety. of healthandenvironment as to ensuresafeand healthyworking at work place.I conditionsfor everyworking man and (Asst. PrrtJessrtr, Dept; rj Pharmucology, Shri womanin the nation. Ruvatpuru lrtstituteo.fpharmacy,Datia, MP. Email: r a.i irv rtt hun @gntai l. com) uasHealthAction . October2012