ContentsSection 1 : Introduction and General Concepts in Public Health, Community Medicine & Preventive Medicine      Intr...
36   Ethical Issues in Epidemiology & Medical Research                     RajVir Bhalwar                     20537   Qual...
74    Bringing about Equality in Health Care                                Amitava Datta                   37975    Healt...
115   Health Education                                                        SSL Parashar                        619     ...
Section 8 : Entomology in Public Health Practice154   Introduction to Entomology                                          ...
198   Cholera                                                                 Rajesh Kunwar                       1125199 ...
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Human resources textbook_on_public_health_and_community_medicine-contents


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AFMC WHO Textbook Community Medicine

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Human resources textbook_on_public_health_and_community_medicine-contents

  1. 1. ContentsSection 1 : Introduction and General Concepts in Public Health, Community Medicine & Preventive Medicine Introduction, Definitions & General Concepts in RajVir Bhalwar, Mandeep Singh,1 1 Public Health & Community Medicine J Jayaram2 History of Public Health Leo S. Vaz 8 Theories of Disease Causation, Natural History3 RajVir Bhalwar 17 of Disease & Levels of Prevention Measuring the Level of Health in a Population : Epidemiological4 RajVir Bhalwar 27 Measures (Indicators) of Health and Disease in a Community5 Classification of Diseases Vijay K. Bhatti 35 Philosophy Behind “Health For All (HFA)”, “Primary Health Leo S. Vaz, Sunil Agrawal,6 38 Care (PHC)” & “Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)” RajVir Bhalwar Public Health in Developing Countries and Countries with7 Amitava Datta 42 Transitional Economies - History, Development & Policies8 Public Health in Developed Countries Amitava Datta 479 State of Health in the World : Disparities and Divides Sunil Agrawal 5110 State of Health in India : National Health Profile Sunil Agrawal 59 Section 2 : Quantitative Sciences in Public Health & Community Medicine a) Epidemiology & Research Methodology11 Introduction, Definition and Uses of Epidemiology RajVir Bhalwar 65 The Essential “Building Blocks” of Epidemiology12 RajVir Bhalwar 70 and Research Methodology13 Developing the Correct Epidemiological (Research) Question RajVir Bhalwar 7414 Fundamental Principles of Data Management RajVir Bhalwar 7815 Populations and Samples RajVir Bhalwar 8216 Measures of Disease Frequency / Health Outcomes RajVir Bhalwar 8717 Sources of Information in Epidemiology RajVir Bhalwar 9618 Measures of Association & Effect RajVir Bhalwar 10219 Errors of Measurement, Confounding and Bias RajVir Bhalwar 11120 Questionnaires and Interviews RajVir Bhalwar 119 Architecture of Epidemiological (Research)21 RajVir Bhalwar 123 Designs (Epidemiologic Methods)22 Cause and Effect Relationship RajVir Bhalwar 129 Descriptive Studies (Including Ecological Studies) &23 RajVir Bhalwar 131 Epidemiological Distribution According to Person, Place & Time24 Case Control Studies RajVir Bhalwar 14125 Cross - Sectional Analytic Studies RajVir Bhalwar 14426 Cohort Studies RajVir Bhalwar 14727 Experimental (Intervention) Studies RajVir Bhalwar 15128 Studying the Diagnostic Tests RajVir Bhalwar 16029 Epidemiologic and Public Health Basis of Screening for Diseases RajVir Bhalwar 16830 Planning, Design and Conduct of Epidemiological Surveys RajVir Bhalwar 17231 Epidemiological Basis of Public Health Surveillance for Disease RajVir Bhalwar 17832 Investigations of an Epidemic RajVir Bhalwar 18433 Writing the Research Findings RajVir Bhalwar 19734 Writing the Research Proposal RajVir Bhalwar 20035 Critical Appraisal of a Published Article RajVir Bhalwar 202
  2. 2. 36 Ethical Issues in Epidemiology & Medical Research RajVir Bhalwar 20537 Qualitative Research : An Overview Vijay K. Bhatti 209 2b) Statistics38 Introduction to Biostatistics Seema R. Patrikar 21839 Descriptive Statistics: Displaying the Data Seema R. Patrikar 21940 Summarising the Data: Measures of Central Tendency and Variability Seema R. Patrikar 227 Introducing Inferential Statistics : Gaussian41 Seema R. Patrikar 231 Distribution and Central Limit Theorem42 Inferential Statistics: Estimation and Hypothesis Testing Seema R. Patrikar 23443 Inferences with Single Mean Seema R. Patrikar 23844 Inferences with Single Population Proportion Seema R. Patrikar 24045 Hypothesis Testing : The Difference between Two Population Means Seema R. Patrikar 241 Hypothesis Testing : The Difference between Two Population46 Seema R. Patrikar 243 Proportions47 Chisquare Test Seema R. Patrikar 24548 Confidence Interval Seema R. Patrikar 24749 Sample Size Determination Seema R. Patrikar 25150 Sampling Methods Seema R. Patrikar 25451 Simple Correlation and Regression Seema R. Patrikar 25852 Advanced Regression Models Seema R. Patrikar 26153 Life Tables and Survival Analysis Seema R. Patrikar 26354 Standardisation of Rates RajVir Bhalwar, Seema R. Patrikar 26655 Advanced Statistical Procedures RajVir Bhalwar, Seema R. Patrikar 270 Which Statistical Procedures to Use Depending56 Seema R. Patrikar, RajVir Bhalwar 274 upon Exposure and Outcome Variable Introduction to Statistical Software for Analysis of Mrs Seema R. Patrikar,57 284 Epidemiological & Medical Research : EPI - 2002 RajVir Bhalwar58 EPITABLE Section 3 : Health Policy & Health Care Systems 3a) Management Process in Health Care59 Medical Informatics and Public Health LS Vaz 30960 General Concepts in Management Sciences Anuj Bhatnagar 31461 Personnel Management & Human Resource Development Anuj Bhatnagar 32262 Financial Management Anuj Bhatnagar 32663 Logistics Management Anuj Bhatnagar 33364 Modern Management Techniques Anuj Bhatnagar 338 3b) Health Systems and Policies65 Planning and Evaluation of Health Services / Programmes RajVir Bhalwar 34366 An Introduction to Health Systems Kunal Chatterjee 34767 Assessing “Health Status” and “Health Needs” Amitava Datta 35368 Assessing the “Health Impact” Amitava Datta 35869 Community Diagnosis Amitava Datta 36170 Ethics in Public Health, ; Health and Human Rights Amitava Datta 364 General Principles for Developing Management71 Amitava Datta 369 Information Systems in Public Health Practice72 Making Public Health Policies Amitava Datta 37273 Strategic Planning in Health Care Amitava Datta 375
  3. 3. 74 Bringing about Equality in Health Care Amitava Datta 37975 Health Care Quality Amitava Datta 38276 Social Marketing Anuj Bhatnagar 38677 Public Health Aspects of Disaster Management Ashok K. Jindal, Puja Dudeja 38978 Principles & Practice of Hospital Management Anuj Bhatnagar 39979 Advanced Diagnostic Technologies in Public Health Rohit Tewari 41180 Accreditation of Health Care Facilities Udai Bhaskar Misra 420 Sunil Nandraj, N Devadasan,81 Health Care Financing 427 Alaka Singh82 Trade and Public Health Kumar K M Gopa, Syam Nirmalya 435 3c) Public Health Administration & Community Health Care in India83 International Health Rajesh Kunwar 44184 Organization of Health Care in India Leo S. Vaz 45785 Reports of Health Committees Sunil Agrawal 46786 Health Planning Process in India Sunil Agrawal 47187 Public Health & Community Medicine Related Policies in India Sunil Agrawal 47888 National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) Sunil Agrawal 49089 Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Programme Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 49690 Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 50491 National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 51392 National Leprosy Eradication Programme Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 524 Pilot Project On Prevention and Control Of Human93 Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 528 Rabies Under 11th Five Year Plan94 Guinea Worm Eradication Programme Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 52995 Leptospirosis Control Programme Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 52996 National Aids Control Programme Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 53097 Polio Immunization Programme Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 53698 Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP) Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 53899 National Mental Health Programme (NMHP) Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 541100 National Cancer Control Programme Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 542 National Programme for Prevention & Control of101 Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 544 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases & Stroke102 National Iodine Deficiency Diseases Control Programme Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 545103 National Programme for Prevention & Control of Deafness Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 547104 National Programme for Control of Blindness Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 548105 Other Important National Health Programmes Puja Dudeja, Ashok K. Jindal 550106 Health Legislations in India Sunil Agrawal 555107 Rehabilitation : Policies & Procedures in India Sunil Agrawal 565108 Human Manpower Resources in India (Including AYUSH) Anagha Khot 574109 Medicines in India : Access & Availability Dr. Amit Sengupta 591110 Medical Education in India111 Health Care of Disadvantaged Groups Kunal Chatterjee 601112 AYUSH RajVir Bhalwar 604 Section 4 : Social, Behavioral and Communication Sciences113 Principles of Sociology in Health Care S S L Parashar 608114 Family Health History & Individual Medico - Social History - Taking RajVir Bhalwar, SSL Parashar 613
  4. 4. 115 Health Education SSL Parashar 619 Planning, Implementation and Evaluation116 RajVir Bhalwar 624 of Health Education Programmes Section 5 : Environmental Health Sciences117 Meteorology Sandip Mukherji, Kunal Chatterjee 630118 Public Health Aspects of Adverse Effects of Extreme Hot Environment RajVir Bhalwar 634119 Public Health Aspects of Extreme Cold Environment RajVir Bhalwar 641120 Health Hazards at Mountains (High Altitude Terrestrial Environment) RajVir Bhalwar 647121 Water Supply Sunil Agrawal 650122 Excreta Disposal Rajul K Gupta 666123 Disposal of Solid Wastes Kunal Chatterjee 680124 Management of Biomedical Wastes Kunal Chatterjee 688125 Public Health Aspects of Housing and Ventilation Kunal Chatterjee 696126 Environmental Pollution : Air, Soil, Noise and Radiological Pollution Leo S Vaz 701 Section 6 : Nutrition in Public Health127 Introduction to Nutrition in Public health Rajul K Gupta 712128 The Proximate Principles and Energy Rajul K Gupta 717129 Micronutrients : The Vitamins Rajul K Gupta 725130 The Micronutrients : Minerals Rajul K Gupta 734131 Major Foods and their Nutritive Value Rajul K Gupta 741 Nutritional Requirements of Special Groups:132 Rajul K Gupta 750 Mothers, Children and the Elderly133 Nutritional Deficiency Diseases of Public Health Importance Rajul K Gupta 758 Public Health Aspects of Food Hygiene & Sanitary134 Rajul K Gupta 771 Regulation of Eating Establishments135 Nutritional Programmes in India Rajul K Gupta 778136 Nutritional Assessment and Surveillance of a Community Rajul K Gupta 783 Food Processing, Food Adulteration, Food Additives,137 Rajul K Gupta 791 Preservatives, Food Toxicants and Food Fortification Nutrition during Special Situations : Disasters, Fairs138 Rajul K Gupta 798 and Festivals, Community Feeding of Children139 Nutrition Tables Rajul K Gupta 804 Section 7 : Family Health140 Maternal and Child Health A S Kushwaha 809141 Risk Approach in MCH A S Kushwaha 811142 Maternal Health Care AS Kushwaha 814143 Care of Infants A S Kushwaha 826144 Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illnesses (IMNCI) A S Kushwaha 835145 Care of Under Five Children A S Kushwaha 848146 School Health Services A S Kushwaha 853147 Adolescent Health A S Kushwaha 856148 Children’s Right to Health A S Kushwaha 865149 Growth and Development of Children A S Kushwaha 869150 Genetics and Public Health Amitava Datta 878151 Preventive Health Care of the Elderly RajVir Bhalwar 887152 Demography and Public Health Dashrath R. Basannar 891153 Contraceptive Technology RajVir Bhalwar 895
  5. 5. Section 8 : Entomology in Public Health Practice154 Introduction to Entomology Rina Tilak 903155 Principles of Vector Control Rina Tilak 906156 Housefly Rina Tilak 927157 Mosquitoes Rina Tilak 931158 Fleas Rina Tilak 940159 Human Lice Rina Tilak 944160 Sand Flies Rina Tilak 946161 Some Annoying Pests Rina Tilak 948162 Envenomizing Pests Rina Tilak 952163 Ticks and Mites Rina Tilak 955164 Rodents Rina Tilak 960166 Snakes Rina Tilak 966 Section 9 : Communicable Diseases167 Principles of Infectious Diseases Epidemiology RajVir Bhalwar 976168 Immunization Rajesh Vaidya 982169 General Prevention and Control Measures Rajesh Vaidya and VK Bhatti 1001 Aniruddha Hazra, LS Vaz,170 Public Health Laboratory : Microbiological Procedures 1008 Nandita Hazra171 Malaria Rajesh Vaidya 1025172 Lymphatic Filariasis Rajesh Vaidya 1032173 Leishmaniasis Rajesh Vaidya 1036174 Dengue & Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever Rajesh Vaidya 1040175 Chikungunya Rajesh Vaidya 1044176 Japanese Encephalitis Rajesh Vaidya 1046177 Rickettsial Diseases Rajesh Vaidya 1049178 Yellow Fever Rajesh Vaidya 1054179 Viral Hepatitis Rajesh Vaidya 1057180 Anthrax Rajesh Vaidya 1066181 Tetanus Rajesh Vaidya 1068182 Plague Rajesh Vaidya 1071183 Rabies Rajesh Vaidya 1075184 Leptospirosis Rajesh Vaidya 1080185 Brucellosis Rajesh Vaidya 1082186 Mechanism of Air - borne Infections Rajesh Vaidya 1085187 Measles Rajesh Vaidya 1086188 Rubella Rajesh Vaidya 1089189 Chicken Pox and Herpes Zoster Rajesh Vaidya 1091190 Smallpox Rajesh Vaidya 1094191 Diphtheria Rajesh Vaidya 1095192 Mumps Rajesh Vaidya 1098193 Meningococcal Meningitis Rajesh Vaidya 1101194 Tuberculosis Rajesh Vaidya 1104195 Avian Influenza Rajesh Vaidya 1113196 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Rajesh Vaidya 1117197 Acute Gastroenteritis Rajesh Kunwar 1119
  6. 6. 198 Cholera Rajesh Kunwar 1125199 Food Poisoning Rajesh Kunwar, Rajul Gupta 1129200 Enteric Group of Fevers Rajesh Kunwar 1132201 Shigellosis Rajesh Kunwar 1135202 Helminthiasis Rajesh Kunwar 1137203 Amoebiasis & Giardiasis Rajesh Kunwar 1148204 Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Sunil Agrawal 1151205 Yaws : The Story of Successful Elimination Sunil Agrawal 1159206 Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Sunil Agrawal 1163207 Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) Sunil Agrawal 1173208 Trachoma Sunil Agrawal 1177 Section 10 : Non Communicable Diseases209 General Principles & Practice of Healthy Lifestyle RajVir Bhalwar 1180210 Nutrition and the Diseases of Lifestyle Rajul K Gupta 1193 Ischaemic Heart Disease (IHD) Syn: Coronary Heart211 RajVir Bhalwar 1201 Disease (CHD); Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)212 Systemic Arterial Hypertension & Stroke Rajvir Bhalwar 1213213 Diabetes Mellitus Rajvir Bhalwar 1217214 Cancers RajVir Bhalwar 1221 Mental Health and Stress Management RajVir Bhalwar 1232215 Mental Health; Prevention and Management of Mental Stress RajVir Bhalwar, VSSR Ryali 1235216 Unintentional Injuries R K Khajuria 1239217 Intentional Injuries (Including Inter-Personal and Domestic Violence) RajVir Bhalwar 1246218 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases R K Khajuria 1249219 Visual Impairment & Blindness RajVir Bhalwar 1254220 Hearing Impairment & Deafness RajVir Bhalwar 1256221 Dental and Oral Health Ramen Sinha 1259222 Rheumatic Heart Disease Ashok K Verma 1267 Section 11 : Occupational Health223 Introduction & General Concepts L S. Vaz, A K Jindal, Puja Dudeja 1270224 Health Problems in Important Occupations Ashok K. Jindal, Puja Dudeja 1271 Leo S Vaz, Ashok K.225 Organ / System Diseases Peculiar to Occupational Settings 1274 Jindal, Puja Dudeja Ashok K. Jindal, Leo S.226 Industrial Accidents 1279 Vaz, Puja Dudeja227 Industrial Toxicology Ashok K. Jindal, Puja Dudeja 1281228 General Measures of Prevention & Control of Occupational Diseases Ashok K. Jindal, Puja Dudeja 1286229 Ergonomics Leo S Vaz 1288230 Physical Working Environment Leo S Vaz, Ashok K. Jindal 1290231 Social Security and Labour Laws Ashok K. Jindal, Puja Dudeja 1295232 Medical Evaluation of Workers Leo S Vaz 1298 National Programme for Control and Leo S Vaz, Ashok K.233 1300 Treatment of Occupational Diseases Jindal, Puja Dudeja