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Essential newborn drugs jssk2011


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Essential newborn drugs jssk2011

  1. 1. Drug List For Newborn * Essential S. NO. DRUGS 1 lnj.Adrenaline lP O.tB%w/v Adrenaline tartrateor Adrenaline Tartrate eq. to adrenaline mg / ml; 01 ml lP 1 i n e a c ha m p o u l e 2 lnj.Amikacin AmikacinSulphate eq to Amikacin100mg lp per 2ml in vials 3 Inj.Aminophylline lP Aminophylline 25mglml in L0 mlampoule lP 4 Inj.AmpicillinlP Ampicillin Sodium lP eq. to ampicillin anhydrous mg/ vial 250 5 Inj.Calcium Gluconate lP t}%w/v calcium gluconate lp in j.0 ml ampoule 5 Inj.Dopamine Dopamine mg/ml; 05ml in eachampoute 40 7 lnj. Dextrose lP Dextrose lp eq. to Dexrrose (l.V.Solution) anhydrousL0%w/v;5OO ml in each pouch/bottle 8 lnj.Gentamycin lP Gentamycin sulphateeq. to Gentamycinl0 mg per ml; 02 ml in eachvial 9 Inj.Phenobarbitone lP phenobarbitoneSodiumlp10Omg/ ml;02 ml in eachampoule 10 Inj.Phenytoin BP phenytoinSodiumlp 50 mg per ml; 02 ml in eachampoule 1L lnj.Potassium hloride c 1 5 0m g l m l ;1 0m l i n e a c ha m p o u l e 12 Inj. Sodium bicarbonate S o d i u mB i c a r b o n a t ep 7 . s % w / v i n 1 0 m l l lP ampoule 13 lnj.Sodiumchlorideinlp SodiumChloridelpO.g%w/v;500mlineach pouch/bottle J.4 Inj.Sterilewaterfor lP Eachampoulecontaining5 mlT h i s i s o n l y a n i n d i c a t i v el i s t