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Cycles in community health


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Some things to think about

Published in: Healthcare
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Cycles in community health

  1. 1. Cycles Quality improvement is a continuous process according to the numerous books, manuals and power points that seem to floating around
  2. 2. Cycle of Disaster Risk Reduction Disaster Preparedness Relief Rehabilitation
  3. 3. Praxis- in adult education Act Plan Reflect Discuss
  4. 4. Development Gap in service/ standard Effect/ Disease Preparedness Implement Data collection Policy Plan
  5. 5. Development Disaster Management Coordination at all the levels Multiple Livelihood Options Poverty Reduction Better Services Community participation in vulnerability reduction Believe in community capacities Think beyond physical vulnerability
  6. 6. Information for Action Collect and transmit data Analyze data Feedback information Make decisions All levels use information to make decisions Surveillance The private sector can treat patients but only the public sector can coordinate surveillance
  7. 7. See - Basically public health/ community work/ development is the same- a continuous cycle/ spiral. It does NOT end/ finish/ get completed
  8. 8. Quality Ni (r) van (a) 