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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. 3 . 7 fË¢nrZ j§mÉ¡ue 15 ¢j¢eV1z A¢d−hn−el E−ŸnÉ (Session Objectives) : AwnNËqZL¡l£l¡ fË¢nr−Zl ¢h¢iæ ¢hou pÇfÑ−L B−u¡SL-LšÑ¡ J fË¢nrL−L S¡e¡−e¡l p¤¤−k¡N f¡−µRe z −kje : fË¢nr−Zl ¢hou, fË¢nrZ fÜ¢a, a−bÉl Ef−k¡¢Na¡, B−u¡Se CaÉ¡¢c z fË¢nrLNZ a¡−cl fËÙ¹¥¢a J a¡ l©f¡u−el ¢h¢iæ ¢cL pjÀ−å S¡e−a f¡−le z ¢LR¥ ¢h−no j¡ec−äl à¡l¡ H…¢m−L ¢hQ¡l Ll−m a¡ i¢hoÉ−al AeÉ¡eÉ fË¢nrZ…¢m−L BlJ fËi¡hn¡m£ Hhw gmfËp§ h¡e¡−a p¡q¡kÉ L−l z2z A¢d−hn−el j§m ¢nr¡ (Key Learning Point) : haÑj¡e fË¢nr−Zl j§mÉ¡ue à¡l¡ AwnNËqZL¡l£l¡ i¢hoÉ−al fË¢nrZ…¢ml j¡e Eæu−e p¡q¡kÉ L−le z j§mÉ¡u−el fËd¡e E−ŸnÉ qm flhaÑ£ fË¢nrZ…¢ml j¡e Eæue z j§mÉ¡ue à¡l¡ fË¢nrLNZ fË¢nr−Zl Ef−k¡¢Na¡, −k±¢š²La¡, Hhw AwnNËqZL¡l£−cl SeÉ a¡ pqS−h¡dÉ ¢Le¡ - a¡ S¡e−a f¡l−he z j§mÉ¡ue ¢hou¢i¢šL qu z3z −S−e l¡M¤e (Hand Out) :fË¢nr−Zl E−ŸnÉ…¢m ¢WL ¢WL f§lZ q−u−R ¢Le¡ ¢Lwh¡ LaV¡ f§lZ q−u−R a¡ pð−å S¡e¡l SeÉj§mÉ¡ue qm HL¢V fÜ¢a z Hl à¡l¡ AwnNËqZL¡l£−cl cª¢ø−L¡e −b−L fË¢nr−Zl −k±¢š²La¡, fË¡p¢‰La¡Hhw ¢nr¡l f¢l−hn pð−å fË¢nrLNZ S¡e−a f¡l−he z Bp−m, j§mÉ¡u−el j¡dÉ−j AwnNËqZL¡l£l¡fË¢nr−Zl ¢h¢iæ ¢cL pð−å a¡−cl ja¡ja −cJu¡l p¤¤−k¡N f¡e z HCi¡−h a¡l¡ i¢hoÉ−al fË¢nrZ…¢mlj¡e Eæu−e Ahc¡e l¡M−a f¡−le zj§mÉ¡ue −L¡−e¡ Ae¤ù¡e eu z H¢V i¢hoÉ−al fË¢nr−Zl j¡e EæuL¡l£, p¤¤Øfø pw‘¡¢ua J p¤Øfø ¤E−ŸnÉk¤š² HL¢V fÜ¢a z AaHh, AwnNËqZL¡l£−cl −b−L ja¡ja f¡Ju¡l SeÉ j§mÉ¡u−el ¢e¢cÑø j¡ecäfË¢a¢ùa Ll−a q−h z AwnNËqZL¡l£−cl p¡d¡le ja¡ja −kje,"" fË¢nre¢V M¤hC i¡−m¡ q−u−R""fË¢nre¢V QjvL¡l ¢Rm CaÉ¡¢c k¡ i¢hoÉv fË¢nr−Zl j¡e EæueL¡l£ −L¡−e¡ h¡aÑ¡ hqe L−l e¡ za¡C, fË¢nrL Hhw B−u¡SL−cl ašÄ¡hd¡−e j§mÉ¡u−el j¡f L¡¢W °al£ q−h k¡−a a¡ i¢hoÉ−a Ef−k¡N£qu z B−u¡S−Ll c¡¢uaÆ qm −k fË¢nrZ¢V ¢WL a¡l E−Ÿ−nÉ pgm q−u−R ¢L e¡ z a¡C −L¡−e¡fË¢nr−Zl p¡d¡le j¡fL¡¢W q−a f¡−l e¡ - H¢V q−h ¢hou¢i¢šL z ¢e−jÀ j§mÉ¡ue ¢ho−u ¢LR¥ ¢cn¡ -¢e−cÑn −cJu¡ qm z • j§mÉ¡ue AwnNËqZL¡l£−cl SeÉ pqS qJu¡ fË−u¡Se • j§mÉ¡u−el j¡fcä −ke A−eL −hn£ ¢hou pÇf¢LÑa e¡ qu Hhw 4 −b−L 5 ¢V ¢ho−u p£¢ja b¡−L • k¢c j§mÉ¡u−el ¢h¢iæ ¢ho−ul SeÉ 1 - 5 Hl HL¢V j¡fL¡¢W à¡l¡ j§mÉ¡ue Ll¡ k¡u, a−h pju p’u qu Hhw AwnNËqZL¡l£−cl h¤T−a p¤¤¢hd¡ qu • pwMÉ¡Na j¡fL¡¢W (Numerical scoring) R¡s¡J AwnNËqZL¡l£−cl …eNa fl¡jnÑ Hhw j¿¹hÉ l¡M¡l p¤¤−k¡N ¢c−a J a¡ ¢mM−a Evp¡¢qa Ll−a q−h z 1
  2. 2. j§mÉ¡u−el j¡fL¡¢W /¢eeÑ¡uL (Evaluation Criteria)L) fË¢nrZ ¢ho−ul fË¡p¢‰La¡ M) B−m¡¢Qa ¢houhÙ¹¥ N) fË¢nrZ fÜ¢aÚO) abÉ / ‘¡e (−S−e l¡M¤e / Hand out) Hl Ef−k¡¢Na¡ P) AeÉ¡eÉ (b¡L¡, M¡Ju¡, f¢l−hn CaÉ¡¢c)Ef¢lEš² j¡fL¡¢W−L ¢i¢š L−l AwnNËqZL¡l£−cl −h¡T¡l SeÉ Ec¡qlZül©f e£−Q HL¢V j§mÉ¡ue fœ−cJu¡ qm - --------------*********------------- ¢hfkÑu Ty¥¢L qÊÊ¡pLle ab¡ ü¡ÙÛÉ hfkÑ pLlefË¢nrZ ÙÛ¡e x a¡¢lM x fË¢nrZ j§mÉ¡ue fœ nrZe£−Q −cJu¡ p¡lZ£−a fË¢a¢V ¢ho−u j¡e ¢eZÑ−ul SeÉ 4 −b−L 1 H −k −L¡−e¡¢V−a (√ )¢Qq² ¢ce z ¢hou M¤h i¡−m¡ i¡−m¡ p−¿¹¡oSeL M¡l¡f 4 3 2 1Bfe¡l L¡−Sl p−‰ fË¢nr−Zl ¢houhÙ¹¥l fË¡p¢‰La¡B−m¡¢Qa ¢houhÙ¹¥fË¢nrZ fÜ¢aabÉ / ‘¡e k¡ "−S−e l¡M¤e’BL¡−l −cJu¡ q−u−R - a¡lEf−k¡¢Na¡AeÉ¡eÉ hÉhÙÛ¡ fË¢nr−Z −L¡e A¢d−hne…¢m Bfe¡l ph−Q−u i¡−m¡ −m−N−R ? −L¡e A¢d−hne…¢m BlJ Eæaal Ll¡ fË−u¡Se ? AeÉ −L¡−e¡ j¿¹hÉ / fl¡jnÑ --------------*********------------- 2
  3. 3. 4z A¢d−hne f¢lLÒfe¡ (Session Plan) : pju A¢d−hn−el L¡kÑ ¢hhle£ 0 - 5 ¢j¢eV AwnNËqZL¡l£−cl S¡e¡e −k fË¢nr−Ll¡ a¡−cl L¡−R fË¢nrZ pð−å j¿¹hÉ öe−a Q¡e z AwnNËqZL¡l£−cl BlJ S¡e¡e −k, fË¢nr−Zl j§mÉ¡u−el ¢i¢š−a fË¢nrL Hhw B−u¡SL fË¢nr−Zl j¡e Eæu−el SeÉ fË−u¡Se£u f¢lhaÑe Ll−he z fË¢nrZ j§mÉ¡ue fœ¢V pLm−L ¢hale L−l ¢ce z ¢Li¡−h a¡ il−a q−h - a¡ hÉ¡MÉ¡ L−l ¢ce z pwMÉ¡Na j¡fL¡¢W−a ¢e−Sl hš²hÉ¢V 1 - 4 Hl j−dÉ ¢L i¡−h ¢mM−a q−h a¡ h−m ¢ce z a¡−cl …ZNa j§mÉ¡ue fËnÀ…¢ml Ešl ¢c−a J j−e L−l ¢ce k¡ p¡lZ£l e£−Q −cJu¡ B−R z6 - 10 ¢j¢eV AwnNËqZL¡l£l¡ fË¢nrZ j§mÉ¡ue fœ¢V−a ¢e−S−cl j¿¹hÉ ¢mM−he z fË¢nrL −mM¡ q−u −N−m −p…¢m Sj¡ −e−he z11 - 15 ¢j¢eV fË¢nrL AwnNËqZL¡l£−cl deÉh¡c S¡e¡−he Hhw i¢hoÉ−al SeÉ a¡−cl n−iµR¡ S¡e¡−he z5z fË¢nrZ fÜ¢a (Training Method) : A¢d−hn−el Awn fÜ¢afË¢nrZ j§mÉ¡u−el p−‰ f¢l¢Q¢a hÉ¡MÉ¡j§mÉ¡ue hÉ¡¢š²Nai¡−h j§mÉ¡ue f−œ j¿¹hÉ −mM¡6z fË−u¡Se£u p¡jNË£ (Material Required) : fË¢a¢V AwnNËqZL¡l£l SeÉ fË¢nrZ j§mÉ¡ue f−œl fË¢a¢m¢f 3