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0 mp disaster and health


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0 mp disaster and health

  1. 1. DISASTER IN MADHYA PRADESH• Chemical: (Bhopal 1984).• Earthquake: Seismic Zone 3 stretches across the length of the state, and includes all the districts that lie in the Narmada and Son Valleys, The rest of the state, i.e. north and south of the Narmada-Son Valleys, including the capital, Bhopal, lie in Zone 2• Floods: in 36 districts• Hail Storms in 41 districts• Village fires• Tornado/ high winds• Drought:2007 2009 2010 ?2012 droughtsno signs of rains for four years in Chattarpur district in Bundelkhand region• Man-made: (Conflict).• Climate Change – a new phenomena Sensitization workshop of Medical Officers
  2. 2. Largest Instrumented Earthquake in Madhya Pradesh02 June 1927 - Umaria area, Madhya Pradesh, Mw 6.4 (9)23.500 N, 81.000E, 16:37:34 UTC (9)This earthquake was located in Madhya Pradeshs Umaria District.  It was a deep-seated event andwas felt (12) at Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh and Dehri-on-Son in Bihar as well as in many parts ofcentral and eastern India. Significant Earthquakes  25 August 1957 - Lalburra-Tikari area, Madhya Pradesh, Ms 5.5 (1).22.000 N, 80.000 E, OT=21:04:50 UTC (1)The district of Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh and Bhandara in Maharashtra were affected. 25fatalities are reported for this event. The epicentre of this earthquake was north of the town ofWaraseoni in Madhya Pradesh and the town of Gondia in Maharashtra.18 April 1987 - Paunar-Amarwara area, Madhya Pradesh, mb 4.9 (8).22.346 N, 79.259 E, D=033.0 kms, OT=16:59:48 UTC (8)Felt in the epicentral area.31 August 1994 - Gwalior-Gohad (Bhind) area, Madhya Pradesh, Ms 4.8 (3)26.300 N, 78.400 E, D=008.0 kms, OT=23:30:00 UTC (3)Maximum observed intensity MSK VI and VII (1) in an area to the south of Bhind and east ofGwalior. Felt at MSK IV-V (1) in many northern districts of Madhya Pradesh and adjoining areas ofUttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. This event is known as the Bhind earthquake.22 May 1997 - Barela-Jabalpur area, Madhya Pradesh, Mw 5.8 (8)23.083 N, 80.041 E, D=036.0 kms, OT=22:51:28 UTC (8)38 people were killed, and more than a thousand were hurt in the city of Jabalpur and thesurrounding areas. This was the first major earthquake to be centred near a densely populatedurban area since 1947.16 October 2000 - Kundam area, Madhya Pradesh, Mb 4.4A light earthquake struck Jabalpur and the adjoining parts of eastern Madhya Pradesh, on 16October 2000 at 18:11 PM local time and was felt in many parts of the region resulting in minordamage. It had a magnitude of Mb=4.4. Acronyms Used:D=Depth, OT=Origin Time, Mw=Moment Magnitude, Ms=Surface Wave magnitude, Mb=Body Wave Magnitude,ML=Local Magnitude, M?=Magnitude Type unknown
  3. 3. Catch-up Health and Nutrition Round : Intervention Age group Routine immunization Pregnant women and children as per EPI schedule Catch-up immunization (Measles Vaccination) 6 months to 14 years Catch–up Vitamin A doses 9 months to 5 years IFA supplementation 6months to 5 years De-worming tablets 2 years to 5 years Low osmolarity ORS All children affected with diarrhea; 6 months to 5 years Zinc Along with ORS• Manpower support for Micro planning, Orientation and Monitoring• Supplies• IEC (Session site banners, banners, posters, handouts etc) 12
  4. 4. ASHA for Disasters• ASHA workers need to be mobilized• Minimal package for Newborn, child and maternal health care: Training of ASHAs, PNC visit for maternal and newborn care, Breast feeding training for early initiation and exclusive Breastfeeding, ORS and Zinc for the management of Diarrhoea• ASHAs to be equipped with counseling materials, ASHA kits• The ASHA worker will be responsible for  Ensuring chlorination of hand pumps,  Testing water quality,  PNC visits for mother and newborns and  Referral services. HOME VISIT FOR PNC BY ASHA WORKER COUNSELLING FOR BREASTFEEDING 13