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Gfx2014 Graphics Workshop - Lab manual


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Lab manual for GFX2014

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Gfx2014 Graphics Workshop - Lab manual

  1. 1. GFX2014 – LAB INSTRUCTIONS 1. Login into the website first ( 2. Enter the Lab introduction page by clicking on “Labs2.0 Beta” Note: Without logging in, labs cannot be edited
  2. 2. FIRST CHECK FOR WEBGL SUPPORT GFX2014 Advanced Graphics Workshop, Bangalore 2014 2
  3. 3. GFX2014 – LAB INSTRUCTIONS 1. 2. L1-L7 are Labs for the session Follow the steps below 2014 (Edit Render code in Personal Lab) (Clone Lab) (Launch Personal Lab) (Launch Lab) 3
  4. 4. NOTES  L1-L7 Lab examples have various intentional errors, and will not work  Labs L1-L7 can be edited only after cloning  Only one lab can be cloned at a time. The cloned lab content will be retained online for the period of the workshop only  Login is required to clone/edit 2014