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  • The future of digital marketing = Integrated Custom MarketingBig and unique, high impact branding campaigns using Programmatic MarketingControlled, efficient, and programmatic decisioning of media spendMore time to focus on impactful marketing strategy, less on tactical execution of media buyingPiece of mind that your messages are only shown where you wantKnow that your advertising spend is working as hard as it can for your goals
  • So why does data matter? Why is it importantThe traditional way to buy advertising, in any medium, was about Where to place the ad, When to run my ad and how often, and What to show people - ie: the creative. But now, with programmatic, it allows us to, on an impression by impression basis, to .[click]1. Allows us to focus on the Who - not exactly the person, or their address, but we can work out to an approximation is this someone who is interested in travel. No longer are we reliant soley on site context to work out if we’re reaching the right audience, Obviously I can guess that someone reading the Australian Financial Review is interested in business – that’s not new. However it’s now possible to approximate whether the reader is a father, or a college student, or a grandmother, and spend my ad dollars accordingly.2. And the second reason is the measurement - we can use data to inform the buying of the media, in real time. When we’re measuring what’s happening, who’s clicking, converting, responding, we can make better decisions on which ads to buy and which creatives to serve. So programmatic or exchange based buying allow us to add in the who and the why to the where, when and what This means that we’re getting a LOT better at showing the right ads to the right people at the right time – and at NOT showing the wrong ads to the wrong people.
  • Increase Efficiency and ControlTechnology uses campaign goals and targets to automatically align the price with the value of every impression to maximize the efficiency of media spendInstead of RFPs, IOs, and inefficient planning spreadsheets to deliver your messaging, programmatic marketing provides marketers consolidated, brand safe reach to a target audience.Premium branded site targetingSingle site specificityIncrease available time and focus more on integrated and custom campaigns A streamlined buying approach makes media buying fasterremoves manual time consuming processes (RFPs, IOs, generating delivery reports)
  • What is dynamic creative?Templates that allow for millions of creative iterations and which use machine-learning to optimize creative elements in each ad.Improve campaign performance by showing the best creative combination for each viewer at the moment your ad is servedCreative efficiency and customizationDynamic creative lets you build ads that are relevant to every customer, quickly and effectively. Build 3 creative templates, that contain dynamic elements: 3 headlines, for Chicago, SF, and NY; 4 backgrounds for each season; and 10 product images, for a total of 20 individual elements that you have to handle.ORBuild all 360 variations of the ad creative that can be made when you combine 3 ad sizes, 3 headlines, 4 backgrounds, and 10 images?It’s much easier to handle 20 pieces that the system combines in real-time to present the perfect combination of information to the viewer, depending on who that viewer is at the time. Dynamic does most of the work for you! With all the right content: Build your ads with all the content you want to show.Add background images, product images, lifestyle imagesClick through links and social media linksHeadline and body copy, call-to-action copy, and feature listsBranded content videos, TV commercials, movie trailersCall-to-action buttonsSet the rules for showing the perfect variation of your ad to the right person:Ad server triggered rules: these let you target your ads based on site and placement IDs, key value pairs, date, language and geography, and floodlight remarketing.Media triggered rules: target based on DoubleClick Search ad clicks.Data triggered rules: target based on Intent data and demographic data from bid manager (we can also target other third-party data that you want.)Optimize:Automate the assembly of top-performing content combinations, on-the-fly, using Google’s large scale machine learning systems. Optimize broad-based campaigns, like run-of-network campaigns and more targeted, lower funnel campaigns.The system learns which combinations work the best and begins to favor them over less well-performing combinations.Auto-optimize headlines, images and CTAsAnd optimize against CTRs, not just clicks.Why DoubleClick Dynamic Creative?Full Transparency:Both the Creative and the media agencies get full transparency and control through the dynamic creative process, which helps you speed up your turn-around-times because you don’t have to wait for anyone else to do their work first.Workflow efficiencies and integrations: You can push dynamic creatives directly from DoubleClick studio to our QA team, and from there directly to DFA for trafficking – simply with the click of a button.Media agencies can traffic all creative, including dynamic, from a single place, and using fewer pixels.And you can measure all your ads side-by-side in a single reporting interfaceSingle Cookie Space: the power of the unified platformTargeting is much better, because of the single cookie space. You don’t lose any information about your customers, because it’s all coming from a single source. This means you have more accurate information about your customers and therefore can serve them more relevant ads. How can I use dynamic creative:A: dynamic is useful for all campaigns and media objectives:Feed the funnel: Buy broadly and allow open optimization to choose the best offers, messages and creative to drive performance Market segmentation: Customize creative to different audiences by setting rules and allowing optimization to pinpoint optimal creative elements for each audiencePersonalized retargeting: Bring your site visitors back by retargeting them with the same content they just viewed on your site
  • Ad server, media, data
  • Ad server, media, data
  • Real time marketing

    1. 1. Real Time Marketing
    2. 2. Marketers are stuck in ‗campaign‘ mode Real Time is like a Fairy Tale in India Most campaigns use data as old as 6 months or more Campaigns are replicated not (re)evolutionary Remarketing is considered as Real Time Marketing Digital is stuck at 5 ~ 7% of spends (excluding ecomm) Creative strategies are static & worse in remarketing We really haven‘t challenged the digital platforms We are still a last click industry. Agency & Clients don‘t see eye-to-eye
    3. 3. Real Time Marketing EcoSystem It Spans – Onsite, Offsite and Beyond Site Site Analytics Reservation Buy Programmatic Buy Dynamic Creative Real Time Marketing What the user is doing on your sites. The usual way you buy internet advertising by reserving slots on sites Leverage RTB via DSPs to buy audience in real time across the internet, devices & plaforms Use data from all the previous steps to make that perfect creative on the fly either for branding or acquisition or remarketing This should sit on a single technology stack which integrates with your offline or CRM systems. So you are able to get a single view of your customer
    4. 4. Boston Consulting Group – real data! “Cutting Complexity, Adding Value: Efficiency and Effectiveness in Digital Advertising” 1. Digital media delivers powerful results for advertisers; but there is an opportunity to make the end-to-end process of buying and executing on digital media much more efficient 2. The BCG study concluded that moving to a single ad technology stack can generate resource-productivity improvements of up to 33% across the campaign lifecycle 3. The study also found that further productivity gains can be generated by combining a single ad technology stack with wider organisational change -- freeing up talent for higher- value activities Commissioned by Google, conducted by BCG Studied digital campaign processes, tools, workflow from 15 agencies across UK, Italy, Netherlands, Germany used to execute 24 digital campaigns Study focussed on agencies, but equally valuable for direct clients
    5. 5. In India It is a very myopic/one sided marketing view Site Analytics Reservation Buy Programmatic Buy Dynamic Creative Real Time Marketing There is an absence of a single platform that links all of this together to give you a single view of your online audience.
    6. 6. Real Time Marketing Requires 4 Essential Elements And some marketing money
    7. 7. Real Time Campaigns Programmatic Creative = using data to improve and optimize creative and messages to your audience through DoubleClick‘s dynamic creative / dynamic remarketing offerings. Programmatic Buying = Cross- channel marketing through a platform which enables you to buy, manage, report, and analyze across channels. Data + Technology = Performance + Scale Ready Today and is been around for a while The future (already here)
    8. 8. Programmatic Buy! ek aur naya internet jargon
    9. 9. What Matters in Real Time Marketing Who Which consumers will see my ads? Why Will these ads work for the campaign? Where What media to place my ads on? When When and how often? What What creative to use?
    10. 10. Programmatic buying uses technology and data to bring advertisers and publishers together
    11. 11. Why Programmatic has come of age
    12. 12. The key element of programmatic buying—what makes it powerful—is that the advertiser gets to decide the target. Scott Spencer Director of Product Management, DoubleClick Ad Exchange In “Programmatic in the Future” hangout series by DoubleClick
    13. 13. Why programmatic? Use data and technology to better connect you with consumers Massive scale Reach across exchanges and engage with publishers with direct programmatic deals. Performance Use powerful optimization and better data to maximize ROAS for all your buys. Precise targeting Find the right audiences in the right context to engage with your brand. Operational efficiency Streamlined workflows with all your buying and reporting in one place, spend more time on strategic work. Transparency Glean insights from transparent reporting to find the best performing inventory and adjust your strategy in real time
    14. 14. Winning the Right Moments
    15. 15. I‘m using data for everything— reporting, targeting, creative decisions. That‘s really where we want to be—the right ad at the right time to the right person. Data is really the only way for us to get that done. Joel Aranson VP, Media Operations & Technology, Digitas In “Programmatic in the Future” hangout series by DoubleClick
    16. 16. To be successful in real-time marketing, marketers and their agencies need to rethink the creative process
    17. 17. A vision for the perfect ad It‘s about reaching the right audience at the right time with the right ad THE PERFECT AD Right format Right audience Right setting (time, place, context) Right creative and message
    18. 18. Programmatic Creative Use dynamic creative to bring the same data-driven learning and optimization to your creative that you use in your buying Templates allow for efficient creation and use of millions of creative iterations with dynamic content. Improve campaign performance by showing the best creative combination for each viewer at each moment Assign creative elements based on media, ad-server or audience data signals The system learns which creative combinations work the best and optimizes for improved campaign performance
    19. 19. Shifting the creative process 1. ―Newsfeed‖ mentality We consume everything in an ongoing stream. Find ways to stand out. 2. Cultural Touchpoints are fleeting Trends are short-lived. Capitalize quickly. 3. Life happens ―now‖ Consumers are used to getting everything on demand. Being slow can be deadly for marketers. 4. Thousands of little moments over one big moment It‘s the little moments that count. Many small moments of engagement can be more effective than one big marketing event.
    20. 20. Impact of Real Time Marketing Change in consumer sentiment post-real time media exposure Feel Positive +48% Consider +88% Recommend +69% Interested in +64% Try/buy +60% Source: eMarketer, Behavior of US consumers before and after exposure to real-time marketing, Feb 2012
    21. 21. How will this look in a Business Situation?
    22. 22. Here is a Business Case A remittance services company wants to target varied online audiences to provide remittance services to them. The online channel should be able to identify the user 'nationality' and show him/her the relevant ad. And, subsequently, retarget them differently depending on if they are an existing customer or potential customer who dropped out in the funnel. All of this in real time, please. India News Philippines News Shows ad with Realtime INR Rates Shows ad with Realtime Peso Rates Website with Dynamic Content based on Ad & Audience Action Lost User Known User Shows ad with Realtime Peso Rates Indians only remit money on high exchange rates or salary day Rates Increase? Closer to remittance date Show ads before target week/date with better rates offer Show ads closer to the remittance date Programmatic Media + Creative Frequency Cap to Avoid wastage Programmatic Media + Creative
    23. 23. Here is another one A CPG advertiser with multiple brands trying to understand on which site s/he gets the best response for multiple brands & prioritize the delivery of messaging based on audience insights Brand 1 Brand 2 Brand 3 Reservation Media Buy Ad Technology (DoubleClick for Advertisers) Dynamic Messaging Engine will show the right ad to the user Show feminine ad content to women Show masculine ad content to men Show masculine ad content to older men
    24. 24. Set rules by date When key dates in a campaign require a change of message, use dynamic creative to automate the change Serve ads between January 2nd and January 8th with ―Sunday‖ season premiere date Serve ads through EOD January 1st with ―January 9th‖ season premiere date Source: Showtime creatives from
    25. 25. Set rules by language Match the language used in your ad copy to the language in our targeted country Serve ads with English language copy in the UK Serve ads with Spanish language copy in Spain Source: Verizon creatives from
    26. 26. So, now what...
    27. 27. To Conclude Real Time Marketing is a Real Time Reality Real Time Marketing is not as scary as we think it is Using right technology platforms we can solve the challenges Have to use Data Creative Messaging Reservation Buys Programmatic Buys Real Time Marketing is – Scalable & Economical than Perceived
    28. 28. thank you @Prabhvir_Sahmey