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Gsh feed mar 2011

  1. 1. For private circulation only Spring 2011 | Issue 26GSH Feeda quarterly newsletter of Good Shepherd Homes Every one is worth it ! What’s inside... Giving for a 3 Children of Conflict ... pg 4 Meet Shailesh... pg 6 Christmas: A Time to Celebrate... pg 8 GSH Snapshots ... pg 9 KIDS TALK ... pg 10 Main Feature
  2. 2. EDITORIAL B It is almost 15 years since we opened the doors in Talegaon E to 10 screaming children in June 1996. Four of us had been night, I had all my favorite foods Ryder, the ROFC Mission working for weeks to get two lined up on the kitchen counter Director, was heading to India houses ready, one for the boys hours before I was to close the for a series of meetings. This G and one for the girls. Vessels, fast. I woke up quite late the was my time, and I knew it. I mattresses (no beds yet) and next morning, and soon closed my activities down, said clothes had to be bought, detected a change in my heart. a series of tearful goodbyes to agreements had to be signed, The connection, the umbillical my friends and loved ones, and I monies had to be raised, and at link I had felt for the last three flew out of Europe for the first the same time we kept in close years with the Czech Republic, time in my life. touch with the children that had vanished. Not only that, were due to join us. but in its place was another I had a pick-up from the airport country, and that country was and was driven over to my N Over the next few issues, I will India. I sat down, feeling a hotel. The images I had seen all be looking back to how we mixture of bemusement and my life on the news, on movie started in India. Many of you excitement, with the realisation screens and photographs, were may have never heard the story that my life henceforth would now playing in 3D before my N before, and it is a story worth never look the same again. eyes. I felt like bending down telling. To do that, though, I and touching the road to have to go back to the Czech The week after, I copied a map reinforce my senses. I stood out Republic, where I was based in from a mini atlas which on the open road in front of the the early nineties. I belonged to one of our hotel the next morning students, and put it over my watching a man push a I had moved to Czech with a bed. I memorized the cities, fruitcart up the hill whilst 2 small ROFC team in 1991 for studied the few features I could bullocks carted their load in the Mission work. We had planted a discern, and dreamed of India. other direction down the dusty N number of congregations and These were the days before the road. The honking noise of a Bible school. On a cold internet, and very little traffic merged in my head with November Monday in 1993, I information was available on the dry dustpan heat of the opened my eyes around 7.30 the Sub-Continent in the Czech southern plains and the smell G am and heard‘five days’in my book shops. Looking back now of red-brown spiced earth. spirit. When God speaks to us, to those last pre-web days, we always have the choice. Do it strikes me how cut off we A telephone call snapped me we, or do we not? Many times really were. Neither was I from my living daydream. My before, I had felt impressed to S getting a lot of fine print from friend Steve would be unable fast. Often I followed through the Lord. The only thing He to make the trip out to India as with it, and sometimes I ever told me over the next 11 his visa was not yet back from procrastinated. This time, months was, that I was going to the embassy. Here I was then, although my week was packed, ‘feed the hungry’ . without either plan, address, or I heeded without delay. destination. I was feeling sick, In the summer of 1994 I heard frazzled, jet lagged, and right at The fast itself was through my friends Todd Levin home.  uneventful. On the Friday and Joel Baker, that Steve GerardVanDerVegt,ourFounder/Director,is originallyfromHolland.In1996hestartedGSHwith afewfellowenthusiasts,andpresentlydivideshis timebetweenIndiaandtheUK.2 | GSH Feed
  3. 3. Giving for a cause “What, giving again?” , and a blot on India’s growing it can do and is doing is giving a I asked in dismay. international power status. hope for a few at a time. The greater “And must I keep giving At the bottom of the pile are the the desire and passion that people and giving away?” street children. They are the lowest have to give for the GSH work, the “Oh no” said the angel - , of the pitiful low. Abused by the greater the prospects of achieving piercing me through. upper castes, abused by the the GSH vision of bringing 10,000 “Just give till the Father outcastes and abused by each other. children off the streets. stops giving to you” . The Ode at the beginning of thisWhen 5 untouchables were For street children, survival is a skill article is a perfect example of ourmurdered for the carcass of a so and a necessity but not a right. calling to be“serious”in our giving.called holy cow in Jaijjar, Haryana, Their destiny depends on Giving in prayer, giving in moneyIndia in 2002, this terrible act was their own strength of character and giving in time. And with God’ssupported by a statement of the and how they cope with growing army of GSH supporters,vice president of the Vishwa Hindu all that life hurls at them. there is no limit to what we canParishad that as per Hindu structure, achieve together.the life of a cow is more importantthan the life of an untouchable. As Living on the street is difficultabsurd as this sounds, enough and scavenging for food is Ian Brizelluntouchability, although abolished incredibly tough but when evenin article 17 of the Indian those in authority, i.e. the police, Ian andConstitution 1956 - is still the prey of have nothing but contempt for their Yvonne Brizellthe green-eyed“caste”monster. unbearable predicament, it is are tireless impossible for us to imagine or understand their inequitable promotors andToday, the punishment for caste- fundraisers forbased discrimination is rarely circumstances. GSH. In 2006implemented because thoseresponsible for law enforcement are With over 18 million street children they were in Pune for a visit, butoften upper castes who are in India, Good Shepherd Homes ordinarily they make their homethemselves biased by caste. cannot change Indian caste in Wales in a house calledThose outside the caste system discrimination or indeed Whitfield, named after thesuffer social, religious, political and revolutionize political or social revivalist George Whitfield whoeconomic oppression and by their structures to bring freedom for once preached on that very spot!very nature are seen as worthless these disadvantaged children. What If anybody would like to fundraise for GSH, then please contact us for a FREE 24 page“A to Z of 101 Fundraising Ideas” booklet. Good Shepherd Homes P.O. Box 163, Ashford Kent, TN-23 9BD United Kingdom GSH Feed | 3
  4. 4. MAIN FEATURE Occasionally, we make space in the GSH feed to look at the bigger picture. In this issue, we focus on one of the issues that feed into the Indian street children’s situation: civil unrest. Violence and civil unrest are not a Chaos in Kashmir Children get deeply affected when they new phenomena in India. Ever witness violence and abuse on people since Independence, different around them. They suffer from Saduf Atlaf, 13,hails  from Karnah psychological torture because of the factions of the Indian society have village in Kupwara (Kashmir). She was death of their family in conflict and often been campaigning for rights and playing with her brother in the have to migrate outside the state to freedom. This often leads to verandah of her house when a shell escape the horrors of combat. situations of unrest; especially  landed and sliced off her leg. Her when protests and clashes brother’s foot had been cut and her between government and civil mother’s stomach had been slit open. 16-year-old Taufeeq Hussain, a Class X groups take an ugly turn. Both of them died in the attack. Saduf student alternates between being very just has recurring nightmares of shells angry and very depressed. He lives in a The result of civil unrest is never raining around her. small house in downtown Srinagar’s pleasant: destruction of public and private property, individuals Alamgiri Bazaar and strays through its being wounded or even killed For the children of Kashmir, life has bylanes as if trying to find a way out of and a sense of division and anger become synonymous with fear. the maze. “I start crying and can’t stop that affects every sphere of life. Kashmir used to be one of the main when I think of life around me. What tourist attractions of India. For those of us future do I have here?’’ he asks pointing While much is written and talked on the outside, Kashmir reminds us of to bunkers and shops with shutters half about the loss of life and property beautiful snow capped mountains and down. For those who are orphaned, due to such violence, not much is house boats cruising on the rivers. Yet, they have to earn their own bread and recorded about the effect on Kashmir has been a centre of India- end up working; adding to the growing children in these circumstances. Pakistani violence and terrorism. With number of child labourers in the demands for independence from country. factions outside and within Kashmir, the (Harinder Baweja unrest in the northern state has been longstanding.  And the result is a generation scarred with guns and Conflicting central Indian states bombs. While Kashmir has been reeling under its own conflict, the other states are not free from aggression.  Bihar and Jharkhand, Children become mute spectators central Indian states are among those hit of strife and bloodshed and have no by the Maoist revolution. The Maoists choice but to deal with the impact began their revolution in 1967 and of what they have witnessed for the follow the communist ideology of rest of their lives. establishing a new social class without economical or class distinctions. While any positive outcome from this4 | GSH Feed
  5. 5. revolution is still pending, the negative Who will answer for the incalcuble loss of impact is widespread. One such setback life and opportunity? How are children is the huge blow to school-going who were reared on violence integrated children. The Maoists attack school into society? Are we not raising an angry buildings as they are symbols of generation, scathed and jaded by the government structure in rural areas. The brutalities of riot and conflict? For security forces on the other hand occupy children who have been displaced from school buildings to fight against the their natural environment, the street Maoists. The ones who suffer are the often becomes a second home. Forced children for whom the local school has If education is the primary tool for to migrate to new cities, kids escaping become a battlefield rather than a place human development, what hope do from difficult situations form an easy of study. children have without it? The result of prey for child trafficking and child labour. these conflicts is a rise in school drop- As one father of three children, whose outs, and a fresh labour force without Javed – 17 years old, when asked what school in Jharkhand was attacked in qualifications or future prospects . he would do if given three wishes: “I June 2009 puts it , (Sabotaged Schooling, 2009 Human would wish for every Indian to be “You can see the situation. The Naxalites Rights Watch) educated. I would wish that every child (Maoists) have blown up the school … Oppression in Orissa receives a lot of love from their parents. since the buildings are damaged there And in the future I want more are no classes. So my children are not The communal riots that hit Kandhamal, organisations to take care of boys and going to school. I am not able to send Orissa were reported in this newsletter in girls without parents, to never let them my children to study outside of the the 2008 GSH Winter Feed. Almost 36% feel the loss. I want them to help these village. We are poor people. We live in of those affected were below the age children build a future for themselves (If I the forest. We till the land to earn our of 18. These young people were both Were Rain: Celebrating the Spirit of India’s livelihood. [Now, my children] do not do physically and psychologically broken Disadvantaged Urban Child, A anything. They play around the because of the violence inflicted on the Youthreach Initiative,2003) village… grazing cattle and doing like Christian community in that region. that…. Those who are able to send their Almost all children whose families were children out of the village have sent their affected fled the place and migrated to It has also been reported that children children to study in other villages. But other states. Those who lost family who have witnessed violence are more poor people like us cannot send our members are still hard to trace and it is prone to develop criminal tendencies children to study out of the village. feared that many abandoned themselves. Children suffer from the About 200 people cannot afford to send children were caught in the oppressive same similar human rights violations as their children to study. Those who are street culture of India, adding to the adults, but their needs are often ignored not able, how can they send?”   number of destitute children surviving because of ignorance or complacency.   on the streets. The result of this on going conflict is Organisations like Good Shepherd that more and more children drop out Over two years of the entire process of Homes work on the streets of India to of school. The few who can still make it relief and rehabilitation after riots, identify children from difficult witness police brutality on their school Kandhamal’s children remained silent backgrounds and take them off the campuses which has turned education spectators. They were totally left out of streets. While we are not directly into a horrifying experience. administrative or judicial decisions. involved in the rehabilitation of Nobody asked their views; nor were children affected by political and civil A school committee member for a their voices heard. No mental health unrest, we do exercise influence in school in Bihar, half of which is occupied services or programmes were reaching out to abandoned children by the police states:“Sometimes the police conducted by the district and preventing them from living bring culprits [to the school campus], and administration or state government for destitute lives on the streets. The street when these culprits enter the police start the affected children either harbours children from numerous beating them, and when this happens all ( backgrounds- but the common design the children run to go and see what is behind every story is one of sorrow, happening. This is one way that the poverty, violence and loss. It is our aim standard of education is going down... to reach out to children who have been Every time these police bring the culprits, victims of unjust circumstances, and be they do all their actions in the school to them a lifeline and a beacon of light. ground, in the field. Both the boys and the girls go and watch.” Krupa Sethuraman works with GSH as the Communications Manager. Having done her Masters in SocialWork, she has been working in the area of child rights for the last 4 years and joined GSH in May 2008. GSH Feed | 5
  6. 6. Meet Shailesh 2011: 20 year old Shailesh is a pleasure to interact with. Behind football, badminton or whatever sport we want. We continue with the shy smile and quiet our personal studies after dinner The 90’s: Shailesh’s story is not very demeanour is a confident young before we hit our beds. Presently different from the lives of children man who dreams of standing on we are on a one month break and brought up on the streets. He lived his own feet and being a blessing are required to intern for this with his parents and younger brother to people around. At present he is period. in a small hut by the railway station pursuing his Bachelors in at Mumbai. Poverty, struggle for Theology and will complete his So where have you interned this survival and street violence had all first year by March 2011. As I sit past month? become a part of daily living. down to talk to him, words come Well, the first two weeks I worked Shailesh’s father sold goods off a freely giving us a glimpse of his amongst villages in Gujarat where handcart to earn a living. Though he hopes and desires for the future. we studied the background of earned a decent sum of money, he churches. It was intensive field spent most of it on alcohol. Often he Why did you decide to pursue a ministry and quite an eye opener. would come home drunk and beat Bachelors in Thelogy (Bth)? The next weeks I staffed with GSH up his wife and children. In course of After completing my 10th grade, I and took a course with the time, Shailesh’s mother too turned to took some time off to think of children. alcohol to escape the drudgery she what I wanted to do in life. I was forced to face. worked in a bakery to earn some What kind of course? money. During this break I gave a We underwent some training on Shailesh and his younger brother serious thought to my future and how to take ministry with children didn’t have much of an option. They when this opportunity to do a Bth and we were given manuals with turned to the streets to beg and the came up, I jumped at it. I want to topics that are of interest to kids. I money they collected was wasted on spend my life being a blessing to did that with the kids. There are gambling. For the brothers street life others, just as I have been blest. 24 lessons and I tried to complete had toughened them up and taught most of it while I was there. It’s them to look out for themselves. How long is your Bth course? good to be back at GSH more as a When their mother passed away due Its’ a four year long course staff rather than a ward. I’m able to excessive intake of alcohol, life followed by one year of to relate openly with those who became all the more grim for them. internship. I already went through are under my care. a pre –bth training where we It was in 1997 that a social worker study an introduction to the Bible. And have been on any other identified Shailesh and his brother. internships this past year? She spoke to their father and referred How has your experience been so Yes I did intern with a Bible school them to GSH. When GSH got to know far? in Pune during my Summer break. about the brothers’ situation we I enjoy the course. We are busy I studied there for one month and decided to take them in as their through out the day and I enjoy was exposed to training on father was unable to care for them what I am learning. Our day preaching which I found very and the brothers were exposed to begins at eight in the helpful. street life without any access to morning where students lead education. Shailesh was 8 years old with a devotion. Most often I Looking ahead, what would you when he came into GSH and his am asked to translate the like to do once you complete your overall health was quite poor due to devotion into hindi. We have Bth? lack of adequate nourishment. classes from morning till I would like to pursue my Masters afternoon, followed in divinity. Following which I hope by a time of to become a Pastor and start personal study in ministering on my own. It s a long the library. road ahead and I’m going to take Evenings are free it step by step. for us to play6 | GSH Feed
  7. 7. 28 February 2011 Times of IndiaA short essay on poverty in India- through the eyes of one of our teenagers. India’s poverty If we try and educate the people and give India is a country them the opportunity to come up in life, where a billion then poverty will vanish from our country. people live. There In our locality poor people are hated. Not all are people of poor people are bad. Some poor people are different cultures, good by attitude. But because of bad languages, conditions they are forced to steal and religions, become criminals. Due to bad conditions, castes… and parents send their children to beg and they all live in children drink alcohol or consume drugs unity.But when faced with poverty, no with the money they get through begging. one helps. They neglect each other. Poverty Because of poverty, some people are greedy is the main problem in India. Many poor for money. And this greed makes them do people (especially children) live in slum all kinds of unwanted things.  Like parents areas. Due to their illiterate parents, today’s forcing their children to sleep with strangers children have to face poverty. Many children for money. They do it because they don’t have a will to study but because of poverty have any other choice to earn.  The number they are not able to do it. Parents play a vital of prostitutes are increasing role in the child’s life. If the child’s ancestors because of poverty. People do it to are beggars then that culture is followed by earn a living. the following generations. They are not willing to earn, study and live a good life. It If you are born in poverty is said that if one is addicted to drugs, he It is good. never changes himself and is addicted to But if you die in poverty the habit to consume. It is like that with It is shameful. poor. If we bathe a pig it will go back to eat If you are born in poverty dirty things and live in dirty places. So the Don’t feel shame poor are also addicted to their poverty. Have faith that everyone Will know your name GSH Feed | 7
  8. 8. Christmas: A Time to Celebrate It has been said that Christmas is the and the cold winter chill had everyone The children too brought out meaningful season that engages the whole world in a bring out their warm winter wear. messages with each performance. The conspiracy of love. It is with great joy that However, nothing could dampen the choreographies and skits were colourful we at GSH willingly participated in this excitement of coming together as one presentations as the children had dressed conspiracy and the annual Christmas family. All over the place, friends were up for their roles. The humour brought out celebration held on the 19th of December meeting up with each other and sharing through some of the skits kept the was witness to that very spirit. stories and jokes of days gone by. audience well entertained while the message behind each skit was conveyed The Christmas celebrations held every year The official MC for the program was one of in a though provoking manner. All in all it in the month of December is most looked our older girls Rebecca and she was was a wholesome evening which ended forward to by all the kids and the staff. The accompanied by a couple of puppets who with some delicious dinner sponsored by children practice their choreographies and kept the audience in splits throughout the the Vineyard Workers Church. skits for days before the actual program evening. Our chief guests for the evening and eagerly await the opportunity to were Pastors Peter and Jayashree Sliway of We are grateful to Pastors Peter and showcase their talents and skills. This is also Vineyard Workers Church, Pune. Pastors Jayashree Siwlay and the Vineyard Workers one of the few events when the children Peter and Jayashree Silway have been church for their love and involvement with from all our branches (Pune, Nashik, associated with GSH since 1999 and every GSH, because of which we are able to have Malavali, Talegaon) come together and year they participate in our Christmas this Christmas celebration every year. bring in the festive cheer. Both staff and celebrations along with their daughter kids dress up in their best and look forward Sandra and few members of their church. to an evening of music, humour and gifts. In his address to the children Pastor Peter reminded them that while each child is This year too the story was not very excited to receive Christmas gifts, it is Jesus different. The children began their practice who is the real gift of the season. As is their a couple of weeks before the event. On the custom, Pastors Peter and Jayashree D-day, everyone was on time, dressed in distributed gifts to each child at the end of their very best. The venue for the program the program. was an open lawn of a hotel in Taleagon8 | GSH Feed
  9. 9. GSH SNAPSHOTS End of school term Guests who visited The beginning of the new year saw GSH has had some visitors in this past month. Dr Rashmi, a practicing schools re-open after the pediatrician from the UK visited us in the month of December. She Christmas break. With final spent time at all our homes and conducted medical tests on each examinations just a month away child to evaluate their overall health. She was fairly happy with the the children are busy completing physical and mental health of each child and suggested some added their notes and preparing for supplements for their growth. We are also grateful to Dr. Rashmi forexams. This year 8 of our children are appearing for their 10th grade sponsoring the 2010-2011 academic fees of one of our kids Jaya,whoboard exams. This is a crucial year in the Indian School system as how is pursuing her graduate degree in Nursing.they fare in these exams will determine the course of higher collegeeducation for each child. We covet your prayers for all our children We also had a 9 member Australian team from City Church visit us inand especially our eight older students as they work through this January. They spent time with the children at the Talegaon home andimportant phase in their life. had a good time teaching the kids songs, games and sharing testimoniesSummer CampThe children are gearing up for a summer camp tobe organised by the Kings Meadway Church, UK.The camp will be organised from the 23rd to the Abseil26th of May and will be held at the PanditaRamabai Mukti Mission, Khedgaon, Pune. Theexpenses towards the camp will be supported bythe Kings Meadway Church and we are grateful for for FREEtheir involvement and support towards GSH. Wetrust that the camp will be a great blessing for thosewho will attend it.More Visitors into Devil’s Gorge!A team from Streams of Mercy, USA visited usrecently on the 23rd of March- where they taught ABSEIL FOR FREE! ABSEIL FOR THEour teenagers the art of jewellery making. The This charity abseil won’t cost you anything! The only thing you will need to do to take part is THRILL OF IT!afternoon proved to be an exciting learning raise a minimum of £50 in sponsorship for Abseil into the 150ft DEVILS Good Shepherd Homes*. GORGE for thrills you wontopportunity for our teenagers. We hope to network Raise over £100 and receive a free souvenir. forget. After a short training There is a prize for the top fundraiser. lesson, you will abseil downwith the Streams of Mercy in the future and the 75º slope known asparticipate in their‘Alabaster Project’where we can ‘THE SLIDE’. You then have the Age 14+ option to repeat ‘THE SLIDE’ orsend across jewellery made by our teenagers to the Under 18s MUST have take up the BIG Challenge and abseil the 120ft written parental permission ‘OVERHANG’— a nerve-racking, free-hangUSA and raise awareness about the cause of GSH. abseil with no body contact with the rock!A team of 3 members headed by Tim Hickman SATURDAY 21stfrom the UK will also be visiting the GSH Nashik May, 2011Home in the month of April. They had visited us last Loggerheads Country Parkyear and had installed solar panels for the home. On on the A494, between Mold and Ruthinthis visit they will supervise the maintenance of the 01244 545360solar panels and will also work on modifying our *Good Shepherd Homes is a Christian charity that is dedicated to helping msome of Indias 18 million street children. Founded in 1996,electrical systems to make it more child friendly. We Good Shepherd Homes seeks to feed, clothe, educate and home some of the 240,000 children in Mumbai and Pune who call thethank God for all those who put in their time and street their home.effort to help support the work of Good Shepherd Registered charity no. 1067773Homes! GSH Feed | 9
  10. 10. KIDS Talk In this Issue, some of our children have written short essays on what their hobbies are. Our hobbies are crucial to our personalities and help mould our characters. For our children, their hobbies are not only a way to spend their free time but it adds to their creative and learning experience. Below are some of the hobbies that our children would like to share with you: g, aintin wi ng, p ents, e dra trum hay hob by lik sical ins to read A ks wn mu t is his o aying d tha child has ames, pl hobby an ery much. g a Every g indoor too have y books v a Tal es’. in r p lay e tc. I g sto randp ge and ming eadin called ‘G wled swim . I enjoy r ok is much kno I am fre e ook s ory bo e er ry b e st gives m n ev oral sto ourit Whe M y fav ng books ainment. avourite m gives me i t Read me enter ding. My f ing books ry like so ea d to also d time r . Rea ia’s his Pratapgad en TAT’’ nd , g I sp T FOR t I ahal eadin I is ‘’T ation abou he Taj M mainar. R es my m out t Char relax infor ound ab s and the tress . It gr ve s back janta ca me to de age skill. A u Fort, also helps s my lang s e book nd improv min da Chaitrali Each per so reading, p n has their own la ho hobbies p ying, singing, swim bby. Watching T.V eople hav ming etc. e. are some , drawing, I also hav of the ma e a hobby ny enjoy goin and that g is especially for picnics. I also to travel. I like t e li ot me forge njoy watching nat ke to visit historic ravel and te ur al mountain verything else. I e e and nature’s be places. I s, green njoy watc auty mak observe n tre hing the b es ature I e es, rivers, flowe lu nvy the b rs and bir e sky, high I like to v eauty aro ds. When isit histo und me. I through rical plac these pla es as I le much abo ce arn ut our cu s. I also like to v more about our pa find trav lture and isit villag st eling to b tr es e an enjo adition through th as I learn yable and e learning e se places. I xperience .10 | GSH Feed
  11. 11. eMonica orts. I lik g, cr aft and sp flowers, like drawin trees, any things especially the veryI like m uty to beobservin g nature find nature’s bea , the silvery I y irds and e greener use animals, b colour in them, th like drawing beca he fantastic !I hen unique. T em alive w Oh! that’s hings and bring th blue sky. ine many t ag we can im paint. r hen I we draw o letics .W ll and ath re are other et ba play bask py. The In school we thletics I feel hap e and seek which t in a nd hid interscho ol come firs ho-kho, kabbadi a e k t icipate in games lik ying. I like to par e and fit. I enj oy pla keeps m e activ and that like to m I ake matches things. I c. ake many ollages et we can m rticles like pots, c esting and In craft andmade a er h work int different fin d craft ive. creat Saurabh My hobby is drawing If I don’t . I like to h d in one co ave any work or if o art work very m rner of m I feel like uch. materials y bed an to draw. d take a drawing I sit routine an Dr ll the re d almost a awing has now be quired beautiful ll my draw come my pa ing books daily I liked to intings. I save all m ar draw nat y drawing e filled with almost an ural scen b yt ery but n ooks. Earlier designs e hing i.e. freehand, ow I can dra tc fa draw ske . At present I am ces of men, abstr w tches. W concentra hen I sit trying to learn h act tion to it. to ow because I I am tryin draw I apply my to want to b g full ecome th to improve my dra e best ar wing tist. GSH Feed | 11
  12. 12. Help us reach more children!We are embarking on more building work, and needthe money to feed and educate the newadmissions!There are a number of ways in which you can getinvolved with GSH. A few suggestions:Introduce GSH to your school. Whether you’re aparent, teacher or student, you could introduce usto your charity department. GSH can come to yourschool for a presentation, chapel time or lesson, wehave a 20 minute video for schools, and lots of Introduce GSH to a friend, family member ofonline lesson plans! collegue! Email us for free leaflets!Organise a fundraiser for GSH. Coffee mornings, Speak to your pastor or church leader about GSH.Lunches, Home groups; these can be very effective We’d love to do a presentation in your church.platforms for getting people involved in childsponsorship and support. Get in touch with us for a We can not do it without your help, it’s that GSH Power Point Presentation, video, posters Email us on gshindia@hotmail.comand leaflets. Phone us on 0800 2988090 For more information of our GSH FEED is a quarterly ministry, contact: newsletter of GOOD SHEPHERD HOMES, India, a registered Good Shepherd Homes charitable trust Communications Department Reg# MAH-13021 F3 Eastern Court B.T. Kavade Road Editorial Team : Ghorpadi , Pune -411001 Gerard Vandervegt, India Krupa SethuramanThis charity is exclusively funded byfreewill, gifts and contributions For support in Australia, contact: Designer :without government sponsorship Good Shepherd Homes Christina G Koshyor funding. We appreciate your The Vision Centrecontinued support in our mission to P. O. Box 823, Woodridge 4114 Cover Photograph :reach out to India’s homeless Queensland, Australia Jordan Marychildren. For support in UK and Europe, Printed & Published by:For your queries contact us at: contact: GSH Communications Good Shepherd Homes Department, IndiaEmail: P. O. Box 163, Ashford Kent, TN-23 9BD Printed in India United KingdomPhone: 0800-2988090 +919822323282 For support in USA, contact: Good Shepherd HomesWeb: P. O. Box 17527, Pittsburgh PA 15235 USA