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Eclat hospitality corporate profile


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Global Hospitality Service Design & Talent Solutions

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Eclat hospitality corporate profile

  1. 1. Eclat Hospitality
  2. 2. we are the leading hospitality services design & talent management company in India
  3. 3. SERVICE DESIGN We help you define each interaction, the overarching brand story, the magical moments and the precise processes. Every detail, is accounted for. We design your customer face! This is the 'what' of your service.
  4. 4. RECRUITMENT We recruit the talent that you need to deliver your business goals. Our proprietary database, social media and India's largest hospitality job fairs make us your ideal partner. This is the 'who' of your service.
  5. 5. TRAINING Talent on-boarding is just the beginning of the battle, the real success is the execution. We train your team to deliver your results, via your processes while living your values. This is the 'how' of your service.
  6. 6. All we do is hospitality!
  7. 7. Eclat Job App One of it’s kind, an industry first, we are building the complete ecosystem to attract and recruit the right talent at the right time. Candidates like jobs, HR likes Candidates. We like the likes!
  8. 8. Eclat Job Fairs The largest hospitality recruitment events in the country. The widest footprint. Some pre-opening hotels have found their entire team at one event. 31 so far, across 10 cities, 10K+ candidates, 100+ brands. Annual Job Fairs for entire Govt HM Institutes of Haryana.
  9. 9. Signature programs
  10. 10. Eclat Innovation Prize We award the Eclat Innovation Prize to an outstanding young professional / or team every year that demonstrates innovation in hospitality. The award is open to all hospitality students from across the country.
  11. 11. Sample work
  12. 12.
  13. 13.
  14. 14.
  15. 15. All customer service design, processes, leadership workshops, recruitment & training. Across the globe
  16. 16. Only authorised recruitment consulting firm in India.
  17. 17. Trusted partner to leading brands. Multiple channels.
  18. 18. BORN SOCIAL Our website gets over 33K+ views in Sep 2017. 23K + linkedin (only PB) Total team - 100K Articles / Content
  19. 19. LOVED Our customers love us. We love them too!
  20. 20. CONTACT US Twitter @eclathosp +91 9872000604 +91 9855526588 Chandigarh | Delhi | Mumbai