JULY - SEPTEMBER 2010                                  VOLUME - 12, ISSUE 3             We@               Shapoorji Pallon...
Editorial     Hello,                                                             also got a feature on the making of The I...
Main FeatureJawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi                                    ring around the stadium to support 600 MT o...
area, special arrangement consisting of scupper and flexible     The major quantities executed in the project are:     sta...
excellent aesthetic appearance to the stadium. The                                                                   cruci...
The Imperial, Mumbai                                              A glance at major quantities for the making, Excavation ...
The construction of tower (61 floors) was a major part,               plant of 60Cum/Hr was installed. The form works forw...
dado. Also special gold plated tile are used in some flats. The   The Imperials envelope/facade consists of ACP (Aluminum ...
HappeningsAmity HR Excellence Award for Shapoorji Pallonji                                                               M...
speakers who themselves had been GETs sometime back.               After the group Induction, the trainees have joined the...
Group Practice Sharing Forum II                                                                    Department. She explain...
The Handing Over of Keys at SP Shukhobrishti, Kolkata     A view of SP Shukhobrishti                                      ...
Supervisor Upgradation Course - Batch 5                                                                      Cheques of Rs...
Inauguration of new offices     SP Infrastructure Capital Co. Ltd.                               business offices were ina...
Second phase of SP Real Estate office premise becomes operationalSPRE Office Cafeteria                                    ...
Donation of Raincoats, Hyderabad                                                                      SPCL, H1 Emaar site,...
The entire event was conducted in the iSport zone at the club.    The tourney concluded with the prize distribution ceremo...
Towards Excellence     Introduction to OHSAS 18001     OHSAS 18001 is an international specification which defines        ...
THE BENEFITS                                                         compliance to regulatory requirements hence we will b...
We@sp 3 (2010)
We@sp 3 (2010)
We@sp 3 (2010)
We@sp 3 (2010)
We@sp 3 (2010)
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We@sp 3 (2010)


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“Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Ltd”, is one of the largest, oldest and MOST TRUSTED Indian construction companies and is the part of SP Group; has legacy of around 145 years though in many businesses but primarily into construction (residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, infrastructure etc).

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We@sp 3 (2010)

  1. 1. JULY - SEPTEMBER 2010 VOLUME - 12, ISSUE 3 We@ Shapoorji Pallonji Corporate Magazine
  2. 2. Editorial Hello, also got a feature on the making of The Imperial and the challenges faced during its construction. As usual there are a It has been a good quarter for India. The economy seems to be number of events covered in the Happenings section, getting back on track. The growth percentages, stock prices including a report on the handover of the first lot of flats at SP and the real estate market have all been showing positive signs. Shukhobrishti in Kolkata. Your Space features a short travel log Hopefully, the trend will strengthen into a full fledged upward about Israel and Egypt. We hope you like it. turn in the coming year. We would once again request you to send in suggestions, On the sports front, the much talked about Commonwealth articles and feedback to us to help us in our effort to constantly Games have arrived, though there has been much left to be improve the magazine. The festival season is in its full swing; desired in the run up to the event. Shapoorji Pallonji has also Ganeshotsav and Eid have just got over. Dussera, Diwali and been a part of the CWG process, in a positive way, as we were Christmas are not too far away. On behalf of Shapoorji Pallonji, involved in the upgrade and enhancement of the Jawaharlal the editorial team would like to wish each one of you peace, Nehru Stadium. Shapoorji Pallonji has also been associated prosperity and happiness. Keep reading and contributing to with a couple of other stadium projects – the famous Eden We@SP . Gardens at Kolkata and the MCA Stadium near Pune. All these stadiums have been featured in this issue of We@SP We have . - The Editorial Team Another Moment of Pride & Joy for SPCL The General Motors site from Pune Region has bagged the coveted GOLDEN SAFETY AWARD from National Safety Council of India (NSCI) for the year 2009 in construction sector. The competitors included names such as L & T, Gammon, HCC, Toyo, IVRCL, TCE, ITD, CCC etc. Heartiest congratulations to the General Motors Team and Pune Region!! New Projects • Design and Build Barwa City Phase 1 at Doha, Qatar for • Piling work for Raw Material Handling at Jamshedpur for Barwa City Real Estate Co WLL. Tata Steel. • Construction of a group Housing Project- Shillas for • Site Grading works for Asian Paints Plant Project at Raheja Developers Pvt Ltd at Gurgaon, Haryana. Khandala, Satara, Maharashatra for Asian Paints Ltd. • Piling and General Civil works for Lignite Based Thermal • Structural works and Flooring of Palnt Building at Ennore Power Project at Bhavnagar, Gujarat for Bhavnagar Energy Terminal Project, Chennai for HPCL. Company Ltd. • Construction of Worlds largest Sterile manufacturing • Construction of Five Star Hotel, Budget Hotel and Facility in the Ramky Pharma City at Visakhapatnam, Convention Centre at Dum Dum, Kolkata for Kolkata Andhra Pradesh for Hospira Healthcare Ind. Pvt. Ltd. Hotels Ltd. • Civil and Structural works for Tara Aerospace Systems Ltd • Structural Steel work for Raw Material Handling at Zone 2 facility at Hyderabad for Tata Advanced Systems Ltd. at Jamshedpur for Tata Steel.01
  3. 3. Main FeatureJawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi ring around the stadium to support 600 MT of cables and castings. The entire roof structure is alive with constant movement of various components considering that the steel structure expands and contracts with change in temperature and wind pressures. The steel structure is anchored on solid foundations which consist of 272 numbers of 1500 mm dia and 25 m depth piles. The Base Plates for each column are fixed with a special cementatious Grout having compressive strength of 100N/sq.mm and high tension pre-stressed single tendon bars. The steel structure has been made with an accuracy of ±1 mm per element. The whole focal point in the design of the new structure was the cables and it was important that they had the uniqueness to fulfill the requirement and bear the stress ofJawaharlal Nehru stadium the whole structure. All the cables are fully locked withInside view of the stadium round and Z shaped wires. All fully locked cables are made from hot-dip-galvanized and gal fan (or equivalent; 5%AlJawaharlal Nehru stadium was constructed for Asian Games- 95%Zn) coated wires. The cable net structure working on1982 in order to accommodate the athletic events in the bicycle wheel principle providing central tension ring and thecomplex. The Sports Authority of India has engaged Central spokes consisting of prefabricated cables which arePublic Works Department (CPWD), as their principal supported on the X and V shaped structure of steelconsultant for planning and execution for the stadium, so as sections. The length of wires used in the cable is aroundto upgrade it to international standards, to host the 2200 km, the distance between Delhi and Bangalore. Theforthcoming Commonwealth Games, 2010. The Jawaharlal entire Cable Net has been assembled on the ground andNehru Stadium has been given a face lift with a new roof lifted to its final position 36 meters above, using 68 numbersand improved seating and other facilities to meet heavy duty hydraulic jacks having maximum capacity of 120international standards to host the opening and closing MT at 44 points simultaneously. This cable net lifting was aceremonies as well as the athletics events during the well orchestrated process using fully computerized systemsCommonwealth Games. to control and monitor the entire lift which involved inducing forces of about 10,000 tonnes in the structure. A state-of-the-art roof of PTFE coated membrane,extending up to 70 m into the stand, supported on the cable The PTFE membrane covers a total area of 54,000 sqm.net and structural steel rings has been provided without The PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) coating on thedisturbing the existing stadium. This is the largest membrane membrane makes it chemically inert and pure, extremelyroof in the world. In terms of seating capacity, it is the third abrasive resistant and flame resistant. A unique self cleaninglargest stadium in India. property is possessed by the membrane which does not allow dust and foreign bodies to stick on it. Off white inThe stadium consists of 44 numbers of X columns (45 color when installed, the membrane has the virtue of beingmeters high from ground level) and 44 numbers of V bleached by UV rays and becoming lighter in shade, eachcolumns (25 meters high from ground level) which form a passing day. As the membrane forms a huge catchmentOutside view of the stadium 02
  4. 4. area, special arrangement consisting of scupper and flexible The major quantities executed in the project are: stainless steel pipe is provided for drainage of rain water falling on membrane. Project Cost : 308 Crores Concrete : 30000 Cum The stadium has newly designed system of 14 structural Bored Cast in situ piles : 272 Nos steel ramps around the periphery to ensure that the stadium Reinforcement Steel : 3000 MT can be evacuated in 6 minutes in case of emergency. Structural Steel : 10000 MT Cables and Castings : 600 MT The stadium has been equipped to conform to the Membrane : 54000 Sqm requirements of HDTV Broadcast. The 748 numbers of lights are fixed in two different ways, 264 numbers of lights Major Sub-agencies involved in our Project: on 22 small light towers on cable net and balance on 44 numbers of catwalks below the cable net. Speakers and Piling Works : M/s Afcons, Mumbai, India and other sound systems have been provided on catwalks to M/s B C Contractors, Delhi, India produce an even decibel level across the stadium. Basically Structural Steel Works : M/s P & R Infrastructure, Ropar, the design for both lights system and Public Address system India has been done according to Olympic Games and FIFA Cable and Casting : M/s Pfeifer, Germany standards. Cable Lifting Works : M/s VSL, Switzerland Membrane Works : M/s Taiyo Membrane Jawaharlal Nehru stadium stands as the au-courant Corporation, Australia testimony of Indias architectural legacy. Contemporary Lighting Works : M/s GE India, India cabled designs enhanced the crown structure of the PA System Works : M/s Bosch Ltd, India stadium. European coronet of the 14th century has been Flooring Works : M/s Pidilite and M/s Fosroc transformed into a glorified steel structure. With the successful overhaul of JNS, it can augment the -JNS Team, Delhi transformation of similar kind of structures in India. MCA Cricket Stadium, Pune Salient Features of the Project Site area : 13037 sq.mt Stadium Gross Area : 50,830 sq.mt Seating in Lower Bowl : 38200 nos Seating in South Stand Upper Terrace : 7500 nos. Numbers of hospitality boxes : 26 Total Phase 1 Seating Capacity : 45300 nos. Central to the design philosophy of the stadium is the complete synthesis of architecture and engineering. The architecture, structure and services are fully co-ordinated and play an equal role in achieving the design ambitions. The quality of the structural component is therefore of vital importance. Steel and concrete form primary materials. Above concourse level the structure comprises of fabricated steel circular column (some of them are upto 18 mts & 45 An International Cricket stadium near Pune mts height) and steel I section beams supporting a composite slab made up from pre-cast coffered concrete by MCA Artists Impression of the stadium from above units, supported within the flanges of steel beams. The structure is topped with an in-situ concrete slab stitched to Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA) is developing an the pre-cast units with reinforcement to form the composite international cricket stadium at Village Gahunje, on the north whole floor. The concourse slab, sub- concourse structure side of Pune Mumbai Express Highway, approx 20 km north and envelope will be of exposed in-situ concrete. At this west of the central Pune, Maharashtra. level the concrete is to be of an architectural quality mix with a high specification fair faced finish and formed with a regular After successful completion of cricket stadium for “Vidharbha grid of feature recess detailing. Further key element is in the Cricket Association” at Nagpur, this would be second cricket form of roof over south stand. This is created with 6 pairs of stadium being constructed by Shapoorji Pallonji, on steel masts supporting inclined steel braced trusses which in Lumpsum Design and Build model and with project value of turn support the series of tensile fabric canopies in PVDF Rs.193 crores. Even though we have constructed a stadium material. earlier, this one at Pune is a unique experience from both architectural and execution point of view. The project Other Special features commenced on 26th Nov 2009 and the duration of this03 project now been reduced to 12 months from the earlier 15 months. • Pre-Cast construction: There is a huge quantum of pre- cast work to be executed for the stadium. There are 6883
  5. 5. excellent aesthetic appearance to the stadium. The cruciform columns are a special feature in the structural steel work. • Innovative roof: Innovative roofs have been designed for the stands both to maximize shading and provide a memorable and identifiable signature for the complex. The roofs are designed to be made of tensile fabric. • Pitch Drainage: The drainage for the ground has been designed such that the entire ground gets dried within 15 minutes even after very heavy rainfall. A dense network of lateral pipes of 110mm dia collects the water penetrating theArtists Impression of the stadium from the side turf and drains to main pipes of 160mm dia which finally drains off to the inner peripheral drain.elements to be casted and erected on site. The precastconstruction is a challenging job since there are a number of Cost-wise Break-up of the Project:elements which are to be joined to one another and thetolerance allowed is negligible. A partnership with E Stadium Works : 139.19 Cr.Construct from Dubai is established for construction of Civil works : 81.25 Cr.precast elements mainly for the design and methodology. Structural Steel : 48.98 Cr.They have requisite expertise in this area. E-Construct had Precast Work : 8.96 Cr.procured the precast moulds from Dubai to achieve the Ancillary Buildings : 5.11 Cr.desired standard of quality Infrastructure Works : 18.90 Cr. MEP Works : ·29.79 Cr.• Structural Steel Works: The structural steel works at this Public Health : 417 lacsproject is again a challenging one. The elements used are Electrical Work : 1758 lacsvery different and heavy from regular structures, making Fire fighting work : 179 lacsthem difficult for fabrication and erection. The total scope for HVAC Work : 327 lacsStructural Steel work is around 5000 MT and it contributes Fire fighting work : 179 lacsto more than one-fifth of the total project cost. The stadiumis designed in such a manner that structural steel gives -MCA Team, PuneEden Gardens, Kolkata The major change is introduction of corporate suites for high paying corporate customers. This would result in a decrease the seating capacity, but increase the earnings of CricketA major tourist attraction, Eden Gardens Stadium in Kolkata Association of Bengal. The structural steel truss and purlinsis one of the largest in the world with a seating capacity of have also been replaced. Other works in our scope:almost 1,00,000. built in 1840 and named after the sister ofthen Governor General, Lord Auckland, it is Indias oldest • Proposed blocks “B”, “C”, “K” and “L” Foundations, allcricket ground and home to the Bengal Cricket Team and tiers, structural steel work, doors, windows, cladding,IPLs Kolkata Knight Riders. The first test was played here in railing, flooring and wall finishes, sanitary and plumbing1934 and the first ODI match in 1987. works.Over the years, Eden Gardens has witnessed changes from • Modification of public facilities in “D”, “E”, “F”, “C” and “H”erection of new stands to installation of four gigantic blocks :floodlights. To keep up with new media and corporate a) Dismantling of existing toilets and food court includingrequirements in todays age of global broadcasting and reconstruction as per new design and drawing.sponsorship, the venerable stadium needs to be b) Flooring, painting, doors and windowsmodernised. c) Sanitary fitting and fixtures.The renovation and refurbishment contract was awarded to • External Infrastructure:SPCL in Jan 2010 with a caluse that the work would be Peripheral roads, Surface drains, Sanitary works, Fire tank,completed in December 2010, before the 2011 World Water tank, Pump house and Storm water sump.Cup. The project is challenging as work has to be carriedout amidst stoppages to accommodate cricket match In the Pre-IPL phase, work was concentrated onschedule. foundations and structural works in proposed blocks “B”, “C”, “K” and “L”. In the post IPL phase, sanitary and roadThe stoppages amounted to 28 days split in: works were also taken up to augment revenues.• Test Match vs South Africa: 9 days • IPL3 (3 slots):19daysThe contract value is Rs. 53 crores but is expected to comedown to Rs 40 crores. -Eden Gardens Team, Kolkata 04
  6. 6. The Imperial, Mumbai A glance at major quantities for the making, Excavation 30,100 Cum, Cement 11,85,000 bags, Concrete 1,34,795 A Journey, Its Making & Challenges in Construction…. Cum (M50- Grade), Rebar 20,230 MT (Fe-500, CRS- TMT), Structural Steel 2,800Mt(Rolled & Tubular sections), When we think of challenge, we think of climbing a Shuttering 4,54,800 Sqm (Titan & Doka), Block work mountain, but has anybody thought of building a mountain. 9,81,676 Nos (AAC Siporex), Car park screed 32,700 Sqm, Yes this is a story a snapshot of building a mountain, a Doors (Wodden & Laminated), Windows (Heavy Sections challenging task, a decade long struggle, rising India to new with Dupont Glass), ACP 38,700 Sqm (Imported from height, its building the Imperial Towers (61 floors) at Tardeo, Japan), Copper wire 300 Km, Plumbing Pipes 120 Km, Mumbai. A bench marks for Mumbai, not only Mumbai but Marble 99,500 Sqm (Imported from Italy), C P & Sanitary a benchmark for India too. At present The Imperial is the ware (Imported from Germany & Italy), etc. tallest occupied residential building in south Asia. Construction of Tower started around last quarter of 2002 The Imperial project, S D Corporation is a joint venture with main entry ramp & foundation works. The 2004 mid to between Shapoorji Pallonji Co Ltd & Dilip Thacker. Its not end of 2005 really went dry as no much work progress was just construction of twin towers but 14 other building for observed, as part work was hold for clearance at hill side slum dwellers, enhancing the development & image management for citys view. Renowned Hafeez Contractor excavation. Majorly from 2006 the work started in full swing is the principal architect & SPCL is the General Contractor. towards completion of structure. In Dec-2007 Tower 1 RCC structure was completed. Now at this time the interior A quick view of what hidden inside The Imperial towers, a & services works at lower levels was also in initiated. Also fully residential 61 storied tower, 254M (827) in height with the works for podium structure begin in early 2008. The 218 high-end flats, starting area of 1,680Sft of 2BHK to construction of podium was a huge work, as the quantity 10,800Sft 5BHK with plunge pool, podium 9 levels reserved was more than 50% of tower. The works divided in 4 for parking of 937 cars; triple height main entrance lobby & phases & phase wise work was executed. At end of 2008 landscape at 9th level, a huge clubhouse of 70,000 Sft with podium RCC was completed (The Podium RCC works was five star amenities, top 3 floors (58, 59 & 60) are occupied executed within a period of year) & by early 2009 the tower by pent house which is measuring almost 27,000 Sft with 2 structures was also completed. Now works for crown, swimming pool. The top portion of tower consists of glazed external façade, interiors & services was in progress. During crown with observation area & above is galvanized structural mid 2009 the client SDC supported by SPRE HO team steel spire. started directly releasing drawings & decisions required for construction & this facilitated for faster execution. All major The Imperial has awarded as Best High-rise development & works were completed in March 2010, with occupancy Best renovation/redevelopment project at the CNBC Asia certificate in hand. At present customers are doing their fit- Pacific Property Awards 2009 outs, some also have fully occupied. The Site engineering & supporting staff from construction team was around 180 Nos at peak time. This staff at project was just as big as running a factory. All departments were well defined with responsibility & authority; regular meeting with project in-charge was conducted for work completion & resolving critical issues. SPCL Site team with Project In-Charge Mr. S. Srinivas (Standing in Centre) In 2005 Mr. S. Srinivas was deputed as project In-charge for construction of overall project under the guidance of Mr. S C Dixit, at his stage a major work was balance to be completed. This was the time when project started moving towards completion in all respects, from structure to finishes to services to handing over. The leadership of Mr. S. Srinivas & site team efforts has really benefitted in completing the project.05 Actual Project Photograph as in June 2010
  7. 7. The construction of tower (61 floors) was a major part, plant of 60Cum/Hr was installed. The form works forwhere achieving an optimum floor cycle was really required structure was stored on structural steel cantilever platformto complete the work in timeframe. These only could be erected just 3 levels below actual work. This helped toachieved with advanced form works system in place, to reduce cycle time as repetition is major criteria fortackle this imported TITAN form works was used for first shuttering. The vertical movement for men & material wastime in SPCL. The work went well initially, but as when time taken care by construction elevators. There where 9restriction (Work only from 9am to 6pm) came in picture construction elevators to fulfill this need. The majorwhere work could be done barely 8 to 10 hrs per day, a disadvantage was in terms of slow speed, as it would take anminimum floor cycle 7 days was achieved at some stages of average time of 30min for one cycle & additional time alsowork. Concrete of M50 grade was manufactured in site required for loading / unloading of materials. A separate liftbatching plant & pumped with concrete pump capacity of allocation schedule for usage was implemented for efficient300m vertical. Reinforcement for column cage was tied at use of lifts. Now when permanent service elevatorsground level & directed placed at existing columns of tower installation was complete it was used as constructionwith tower crane. This technique saved time in terms of elevators with proper protection to the car. It would betying the rebars, which really consumed time. equated like this as 4 construction elevators equals to one permanent elevator. The storage of material was managedThe PMV deployed were amongst the advanced & most with main store room at level 1 & other small storage atefficient. Just to summarize the PMVs major equipments upper levels. This would help in easy unloading & shifting ofused for construction are batching plant 2 nos (60cum/hr & materials. All site offices were accommodated in podium30cum/Hr), Concrete pumps (2 nos), boom placer, tower levels of tower with all required operational facilities.canes (Total 4 nos), construction elevators (9 nos) etc Labor workforce; with very advanced & heavy equipmentThe Dismantle of deployed for construction of towers, it was also supportedJaso tower crane by sufficient labor strength. The labor strength at peak ofwas a very critical construction was almost 2500nos, out of which 1500nostask to execute; labors were accommodated at site in labor camps. Thethis was first time labor camp was located in lower tower podium area tothat a crane of such reduce the transportation time & facilitate early started oftype has to be work. Welfare facilities such as well-ventilated rooms, ceilingdismantled from fan in each room, exhaust fan in passages, water filter, neatsuch height. Jaso & clean kitchen area, toilet-latrine facilities and to maintain allcrane is one of the this a dedicated team of housekeeping were present all thebiggest telescopic time on site.tower cranes withboom of 70M & The major concern for Safety at the Imperial was fall from /capacity of 12Mt. off, other than this fire, electrical hazards & housekeepingThe approximate was also crucial, these were taken care by conductingweight of crane inducting training for all new comers, PPE, site access cards,was 150Mt. A work permit system, no supervision no work & on sitespecial crane training. Tower structure with Cranes (Level 58)dismantle contractorfrom Singapore was enquired. The Singapore contractor Almost 12,000sqm safety net was being erected at site forhad quoted a price of Rs 2.25Cr for dismantle, which was fall protection hazards. At project a new system ofmore than the cost of crane. Now Mr. S Srinivas & Mr. P E. . peripheral net was implemented. Now this system is beingBabu (DGM-PMV) with guidance from Plant Dept HO, had used on other projects. As the building was ready & servicesround of technical discussions to reduce this huge cost. commissioning works started, LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out)Finally it was decided to dismantle the crane with the in- system was implemented.house PMV dept at site. Finally the crane was safelydismantled by SPCLs in-house PMV department from aheight of 245 without a single incident. Total 3 cranes weredismantled & a huge saving of Rs 6.75Cr. After safelydismantle of all canes a special incentive & appreciation letterwas issued to all concern staff from top management.Site logistics has been a challenging activity to managethought the project with initially mass works for excavation,concreting, formwork, rebar & at latter stage for finishing &services works. The storage of material, their movementsboth vertical & horizontal need to be managed. Only theexisting single access road was properly managed forvehicular movement. The foundation works was done with Flat Interior Works (4BHK Linear – Level 30)RMC brought from out of site, but this was not sufficient tocater the need of towers, hence an in-site concrete batching At The Imperial more that 45 types of imported marble slabs accounting to almost 11 lakh Sft is used for flooring & 06
  8. 8. dado. Also special gold plated tile are used in some flats. The The Imperials envelope/facade consists of ACP (Aluminum variety of marble was chosen to suit the flat type & interior Composite Panel imported from Japan) & combination layout. The hard-scape & eternal dry cladding works was window / curtain wall units. Sandwich double laminated majorly done with Cobble & granite stone of around 11 Dupont glass (Special heat strengthened glass) is used for types with almost 30 variations in color & surface finish. This windows which can withstand winds of speed 240Km/Hr. major concern for finishing work was to deploy skilled Quantity wise ACP is 38,700 Sqm & glass glazing is around labors, as high class finishing quality need to be delivered. 27,400 Sqm for both towers. This was achieved by outsourcing from highly skilled subcontracts on item basis & specialized agencies. The external façade cleaning & maintenance is done with Building Maintenance Unit, termed as BMU. Each tower has There is not much to say about the interior work as it has a Scorpio type BMU imported from France with 12m spoken worldwide after receiving best interior layout/design boom. A full cleaning cycle will take 3 months for each awards. The imperial has won 7 awards at CNBC Asia tower & the towers will be cleaned thrice in a year. Pacific Property Awards 2009, Best apartment layout: 3 awards (4 BHK, 4BHK Duplex & 5 BHK Duplex), Best Lightning arrestor & Aviation light installation In progress interior layout: 2 awards (2 BHK & 4 BHK Duplex), Best High-rise development & Best renovation/redevelopment. Recently 3 more awards at Asia Pacific Property Awards 2010 Best Interior design (5BHK Duplex), Best apartment Layout (5BHK & 4 BHK Duplex) are just keeping us in time. Work Height: 254M Any building will be dead as historical monument if not Completed provided with required services. Hi-tech services are running in the twin towers. The services are as basic as electrical (Total load of 17 MW - Its just equal as running a large scale industry), fire fighting (Hydrant & sprinkler), plumbing (Hydro-pneumatic systems with PRVs), STP , elevators (High speed. Medium speed & service), CCTV, access control, FAS & PAS, further much automated services like Home automation, IBMS (Integrated Building Elevators are back-bone for vertical transportation in towers. Management System)etc. Major flats have split type HVAC We have 39 permanent elevators to ferry customers. The system, also VRV system is used for larger area of duplex fastest elevator is 6m/s and a trip would take less than a 1 flats & lobbies to reduce electric consumption. Common min. The interior of elevators is a combination of glass, areas are ventilated with high speed exhaust / pressuring mirror, wood, stainless steel & imported marble. The fans. The water requirement for towers is 3,85,000 per day. execution of elevators was on critical path of project, as it Rain water harvesting & water recycling is also implemented would take minimum 9 months for completion; 3 months in towers, this will reduce the overall water consumption. for shaft civil works & 6 months for The towers are divided into 6 zones & there are in total 7 installation/commissioning. Overall the lifts installation was service floors in each tower for better serviceability. more critical as there were construction elevators installed in shafts of permanent lifts, so now first we need to dismantle The execution of these the construction lifts, do all shaft civil works & than only services was varying from permanent lifts installation would commence. This was phase to phase of crucial as dismantle of construction lifts would affect overall construction. At construction logistics, to overcome this twin cabin construction lifts were stage when the project was installed on external face of building & than only inside running on construction construction lifts in shafts were dismantled to make way for power & water, it was a installation of permanent. Now when inside permanent temporary system, but still it elevators were ready, they were protected from inside & need to serve all construction used as construction elevators. activities. A more crucial stage was witness when the Now at this stage when we have handed over a major part electrical supply was switched of project to clients/customer for fit outs /occupancy, its like from temporary to our dream come true. Someone has really said permanent power. The well…“Dream for a building should be twice the height of transition was managed building”. It was our true dream that kept us really going till properly & progress was not completion of project. much hampered. Vertical LT Panel Charging services runs through shafts were execution was difficult due After completion of such type of complex project, it is a to limited space. The flats & common area works was well great achievement for the team at site, as well as for SPCL & co-ordinated with civil & finishes works, some hiccups were entire construction industry of India. More dominantly this observed initially due to non-availability of work fronts, but presents SPCLs capability of executing such challenging & improved soon. Major works were carried by specialized huge high-rise projects to compete with international07 subcontractors, where keen supervision was done. market. –The Imperial Team, Mumbai
  9. 9. HappeningsAmity HR Excellence Award for Shapoorji Pallonji Management System for the year 2010. The award presented to SPCL carries a Shield and a Memento. Amity is a renowned business school, based out of New Delhi and the occasion was their 7th Global HR Summit. Other award recipients in various categories included prominent organisations such as Maruti Suzuki, L&T, Bharti Airtel, EPIL, Star TV, McDonalds, Axis Bank, etc Mr. Varghese Mathew, the Corporate HR Head of SPCL, received the award on behalf of the company. He has attributed the award to the joint efforts of the HR Team, and the unstinted support of the top management. Mr. P K(L to R) Ms. Rukhsana Haque, Mr. Satnam Singh, Rakheja, Head of the Northern Region of SPCL and the DelhiMr. Gurinder Singh, Mr. Varghese Mathew & Ms. Preeti Sehgal HR team – Rukshana Haque and Preeti Sehgal also attended the award function which was held in Amity Campus, Noida.On the 17th of September 2010 Amity International Business The jury also declared, Ms. Rukshana Haque as the MostSchool honored a few Indian Corporate Houses for their HR Promising & Budding Young HR Manager. A proud day fordomain Best Practices. Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd. was the SPCL indeed.proud recipient of Amity Excellence Award for Performance -Vasant Sanzgiri, SP Group CentreGET Induction Program, 2010 Mr. Varghese Mathew, Executive VP - HR inaugurated the program by the ceremonial lighting of lamp. Topics covered on the first day were based on the theme of organization orientation and training, wherein trainees were given an understanding of the company history, business philosophy, lines of business, organisation culture, values, philosophy, practices and structure. On the first day itself, the trainees were informed about the different training modules which they would undergo during the training period. Further, they were also informed about the recently launched leadership program ALDEP. The theme for the second and third day was methods, systems, technology and resources. On the second day, Mr.Mr. Varghese Mathew lighting the inaugural lamp S.Y.Karkhanis, VP (Pune Region) presented an overview of the regional business to the GETs.This year the Graduate Engineer Trainees joined theOrganisation on 1st August, 2010 and were inducted into the The third and the final theme was about career transitioningorganisation through an induction program held at Velvett from student to professional. It included speakers who hadCountry Resort, Khandala. The new batch consists of 74 joined the organisation as GETs in the past. In this session, theGraduate Engineer Trainees selected from different colleges. current GETs got many of their queries answered by theGET 2010-11 Batch 08
  10. 10. speakers who themselves had been GETs sometime back. After the group Induction, the trainees have joined their The experience sharing should prove beneficial to them in the respective regions. They would now undergo an intensive on- long run. Further, a half-day workshop on Campus to the-job training over the next one year before getting Corporate was organized on the last day of the program. The absorbed into the regular rolls. We wish them a bright future in trainees took part in various group exercises which helped SPCL! them to understand the Dos and Donts of corporate life. -Sohan Mohanty, SP HO GETs Project Presentation Mr. Mukesh Rao introducing the Best Mentor- The winners from construction sector - Ahmedabad Team Mr. Sandip Mahato (standing at extreme right) along with the Best Presenter honour, two more special The Project Presentation by the Graduate Engineer Trainees awards were recommended by jury members and the results (GETs) of batch 2009-10 was held at SP Infocity, Pune on 8th & are as under: 9th Sept 2010. This year 09 teams from Construction Division • Best Presenter: Anurag Pal (Ahmedabad- Construction) (8 representing regions + 1 representing EPC) were • Special Jury award: competing for two prizes of best presentation. Also 03 teams 1) Azim Gunderwala (Hyderabad- Construction) representing Real Estate Division competed for the best 2) Rajshree Sarkar ( Kolkata- Real Estate) presentation. In recognition of his efforts and dedication, Mr. Sandip Mahata This year too regional eliminations were conducted (except (Sr. Manager, Process, EPC) was chosen as the Best Mentor of for Chennai & Hyderabad region which had only one team) to the year. All prizes were given away by Mr. Cyrus Mistry on the select the best team to represent the Regions. So out of total evening of 9th Sept. Mr. Cyrus stressed the importance of 227 GETs only 68 could make it to the finals at Pune. The learning by informing the GETs that learning has not come to teams were allotted 45 minutes to present their understanding an end with the Graduation Ceremony but it will depend on on the performance of and lessons learnt on assigned project the willingness of the GETs to learn from all possible sources. before the jury of 4 senior officials- Mr. Debasis Mitra (Sr.VP. Mr. M.D.Saini, Mr. Varghese Mathew and Mr. Jayant Oswal Operations), Mr. Kaustuv Ghosh (GM, Construction Methods also spoke on the occasion. Mr. Kaustau Ghosh shared a few & Planning) , Mr. Prabal Kansal (Add. GM, Strategy) and Mr. words on the excellent presentation done by all the GETs on Sohan Mohanty (Add. GM, Training & OD). Mr Jayant Oswal behalf of the jury members. The award distribution ceremony (COO, SPRE) was on panel for the Real Estate presentations. was followed by a lively Question/ Answer session where GETs got clarification on many of their queries right from Mr. This time the efforts made by all the teams were highly Cyrus Mistry. The event concluded with a cocktail dinner. commended not only by all the jury members but also by the members of competing team. Almost every team performed -Prashanti Kutty, SP HO over the expectations and made the platform difficult for jury members to select the best ones. But finally, to conclude the competition, jury members had to select the best and winners were decided as under: • Best Presentation (Construction)- 1) 1st Prize: Ahmedabad (TATA Nano, Sanand) 2) 2nd Prize: Hyderabad (EMAAR) • Best Presentation (Real Estate)- 1st Prize: SP Infocity Pune ( Pune+ Chennai) In addition to above two winning teams for construction division, jury members did share that EPC team had also prepared very well but lost the 2nd prize to Hyderabad team with marginal difference.09 Even in case of selecting the Best Presenter, many team members presented extremely well and the judges again found it difficult to choose just one GET as Best Presenter. So Mr. MD Saini addressing the gathering
  11. 11. Group Practice Sharing Forum II Department. She explained the benefits of standardization and unification of processes derived from this initiative. Mr. Sandeep Desai, AFCONS, shared practices followed in IT on “Document Management System” and “Sub-contractor Tracking”, which enabled their organization to manage the processes better and resulted in better efficiencies. Mr. Aniruddha Choudhari, Sterling and Wilson, presented the case study of “SAP Implementation” and the key challenges faced by them during the implementation process. He also shared how implementation of SAP had helped improve upon the business processes and provide better view on the key performance indicators.Mr. Mahesh Tahilyani welcoming the gathering Following this, Mr. Darak, from AFCONS shared the softAs a part of the initiative launched by Group Centre, the practices on “Relationship Management with Lenders”, in theSecond Shapoorji Pallonji Practice Sharing Forum was held on areas of Banking, Internal Treasury Management and Insurance22nd July, 2010 at Sunville Banquets, Mumbai. The theme was and the benefits derived from such relationships. He outlinedto share practices in the area of “Finance and Information the process of Relationship Management and explained how aTechnology”. Executives from Finance and IT functions of our simple process of being transparent, proactive, timely, honestGroup Companies like SPCL, SP Real Estate, SP Fabricators, in dealing etc. is being utilized to create a competitiveSterling and Wilson, AFCONS, Forbes, Eureka Forbes, advantage and substantial goodwill with our key lenders. HeNextGen etc; were present for the forum along with Group also mentioned that the awareness of developments acrossCentre Members and Mr. Cyrus Mistry. Group companies also help the respective companies to build up the case for a better relationship between the lenders andAfter the introduction and welcome speech by Mr. Vasant the Group.Sanzgiri, Mr. Mahesh Tahilyani welcomed the gathering andinitiated the discussion on the opportunities in areas of Finance Mr. Adi Shroff, EFL, spoke about “Business Transformation and& IT and how Finance & IT organizations use the IT Information Technology” in Eureka Forbes. He further briefedFramework to install processes and controls across the the gathering on the four pillars of Information Technology i.e.business for effective results. He also mentioned of SP Groups Business Transformation, Software Development,endeavor to synergize effectively to create value for the group. Infrastructure Management and Application MaintenanceThe importance of keeping abreast with latest trends in the support and explained how these could be used to leverageprofessional domain of finance was also emphasized. and create an efficient business process environment. He effectively explained by given examples used within EFL aboutSP had the pleasure of having amongst us Dr. Samiran how close linkage between process and technology isChakraborty, Head of Indian and Global Research, Financial important to ensure coordinated solutions to businessMarket and Mr. Abhay Ketkar, Director Project and Export challenges.Finance from Standard Chartered Bank who shared theircandid views on Current Macro Economic scenario on the The session concluded with a presentation on “Sustainablefinancial indicators of India, China, Middle East. Current trends Business Process Improvement” in SPCL by Mr. H. J. Tavaria.of financial / structuring deals in INFRASTRUTURE SECTOR He spoke on his experiences of implementing an ERP systemto optimize value for shareholders were also shared. These across SPCL and how the rigor of the processes could result insessions were highly appreciated by the audience. an effective implementation and also result in effectiveness of control over the processes irrespective of the ERP in place.Ms. Sunetra Ganeshan, Forbes, presented “Shared Services”process in Accounting followed at Forbes and explained how The next practice sharing forum on “Functional Expertise andcertain key accounting processes were centralized and Technology” theme is scheduled for October 2010.standardized under their newly formed Shared Service -Vikas Agarwal, SP Group CentreThe attendees of the forum 10
  12. 12. The Handing Over of Keys at SP Shukhobrishti, Kolkata A view of SP Shukhobrishti Mr. Rana Gupta, regional head of SPRE with the dignitaries On the 6th of September 2010, the ceremonial handing over The proceedings began with some melodious songs by the of keys of the first lot of apartments of SP Shukhobrishti, the famous singer of the region – Mr. Shibaji Chattopadhyay. Mr. mass housing project of SP Real Estate, took place in New Kekoo Colah, CEO, SP Real Estate welcomed the apartment Town, Kolkata. This lot comprised of 1,500 LIG units. This owners to their new abode and also gave assurance of the event was covered by most electronic and print media of the finest quality and form that is associated with any Shapoorji region. product. He also requested WBHIDCO and the Govt. of W.Bengal to review and improve the existing communication The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mr. Buddhadeb and infrastructure facilities of the project by including some Bhattacharjee was the guest of honour on the occasion. He mass transit bus lines and other required services. Mr.Gautam personally handed over the keys to seven flat owners, much to Deb said this project, besides providing affordable housing their joy. Speaking on the occasion, Mr.Buddhadeb solution, will also create job opportunities for the local Bhattacharjee applauded the effort of creating such low cost population. He also declared that for improving connectivity to housing with all modern facilities and congratulated Shapoorji the project, WBHIDCO had plans to procure around 10 Pallonji on this commendable achievement. The ceremony buses. was presided over by Mr. Gautam Deb, the Minister of Housing & Public Health Engineering Dept., Govt. of SP Shukhobrishti is the countrys largest mass housing project, W.Bengal. In his welcome address, Mr. Saurabh Das, MD, which will have a total of 20,000 units in the LIG and MIG WBHIDCO said that every new satellite township is segments, spread over an expanse of 150 acres of land. In symbolized by an iconic project that defines the character of addition it will also feature various amenities such as retail the place and expressed his belief that SP Shukhobrishti was stores, club facilities, medical centre, school etc. With more going to be that iconic project of New Town. than 70% of the land area open to the sky, green corridors, extensive landscaping and abundant greenery, SP The event had a large presence of dignitaries which included Shukhobrishti is not just a beautifully executed project but an Mr. Abdur Razzak Mollah, the Minister of Land & Land eco friendly one too. When completed, it will be home to a Reforms, Govt. of W.Bengal, Mr. Abdus Sattar, the Minister of population of around a lakh people. State for Minorities Development and Welfare & Madrasah Education, Govt. of W.Bengal, and Mr.Rabindra Nath Mondal, -Ranjan Sengupta, SPRE Kolkata Member of Legislative Assembly, W.Bengal.11 (LtoR) Mr. Kekoo Colah, Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, Mr. Gautam Deb, Mr. Abdus Sattar & Mr. Abdur Razzak Mollah The Chief Minister handing over the keys of the flat to the owner
  13. 13. Supervisor Upgradation Course - Batch 5 Cheques of Rs. 3,000 each to the toppers and Rs.1,500 each to the second rank holders were given by the Principal, Col. A K Mukherjee. Mr. Bijan Bala (Delhi) in the Finishing Stream and Mr. Akbar Ali (Kolkata) in Formwork & Steel Fixing Stream were the toppers. Mr. Bablu Kumar Pandey (Pune) and Mr. Asish (Kolkata) bagged the 2nd places respectively. With this batch, the school has touched the 100 mark in terms of the number of upgraded supervisors and has in total trained more than 175 supervisors for all the regions of SPCL. Earlier, in August, the Group HR Head MrVasant Sanzgiri paid aCol A K Mukherjee presenting cheque to the topper of Form visit to the school. He addressed the trainees and stressed onwork & Steel Fixing Stream, Mr.Akbar Ali from Kolkata region the importance of training & shouldering of additional responsibility by the supervisors on site. Mr Joerg Meyer, Quality Expert from the Head Office also visited the school.The 5th batch of Supervisor Upgradation Course passed out He observed the trainees during group exercises onon the 18th of September 2010, from Supervisor Training Engineering Problems and interacted with them individually.Center, Kolkata. A total of 18 Supervisors from all the regionswere trained during the 10 week course in two streams - -Col A K Mukherjee, STC, KolkataFormwork/ Steel Fixing and Finishing.Mr. Joerg Meyer and Ms. Usha Venkatesan with the students of Batch 5 & school staffPRW Subcontractors Meet, DelhiIIT Piece Rate Work (PRW) subcontractors (Labour credited more quickly to theirSubcontractors) attended the meet hosted by Delhi. Regional bank accounts. He alsooffice on 31st July 2010 at Grand Vatika, Gurgoan, Haryana. declared that the accounts departments would aid the subThe meet opened with the address by Mr. P Rakheja, senior .K. contractors in registering inVice President. Mr. Rakheja highlighted the importance of service tax, provident fund andPRWs in construction and updated the gathering on their income tax departments.current status and future plans. Terming the pRWs as “goodpartners in our success and future growth,” Mr Rakheja Mr. Rakheja alongwith Mr.announced cash awards for the PRW sub contractors. The K.K.Knaji, Mr. Shammmiawards, would be based on the average labour strength Khurana, Mr. Manoj Dubey,maintained at the site throughout the year commencing the Mr. Amit Dasgupta, Mrfinancial year. Rahaman and Mr. Vimal saroha distributed members and woolThe awards are: shawls to the participating sub1) Rs 50,000 for an all year average strength of 50 lobours at a contractors. Certificates ofsite appreciation were sent to all2) Rs 1,00,000 for an all year average strength of 100 labour at sites for distribution to thea site PRW subcontractors.3) Rs 2,00,000 for an all year average strength of 200 labour ata site The meet concluded with cocktails and dinner which was enjoyed by the PRWMr. Jatindaer Grover, (Addl. GM) advised the sub contractorsto go for ECs facilities in their basic to get their payments subcontractors and senior company officials. -Gautam Sarkar, Delhi 12
  14. 14. Inauguration of new offices SP Infrastructure Capital Co. Ltd. business offices were inaugurated. It was a clear testimony of The Infrastructure Business Group of SP (SP Infra) has been the support of the entire SP Group when the inaugural lamp expanding its activities and has secured key project was lit by our revered Chairman and Managing Directors of developments in the road, power, port and mining sectors. SPCL. Recently SP Infra moved into its new spacious premises Group Centre Members were all there to wish the very best where the interiors were done by SP CMG to high standards to this fledgling but significant arm of the SP Group. The SP Infra in record time and on 30th August, Phase I of SP Infras team wishes to thank all those MADE IT HAPPEN on time. -Mukundan Srinivasan, SP Infra Mr. Pallonji Mistry lighting the inaugural lamp SP Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd. SPIAPL Team with Mr.Shapoor Mistry, Mr.Cyrus Mistry and Mr.Jimmy Parakh at the inauguration The new office of Shapoorji Pallonji Investment Advisors Pvt. SPIAPL was set up in April 2010 for advising third party overseas Ltd. became operational on the 30th August 2010. It is located institutional equity funds on investments into the SP Real Estate at Mittal Court in Nariman Point at Mumbai. On the 27th projects as well as third party developer projects with the August, 2010, a “Jashan” (Parsi religious ceremony) was objective of generating attractive returns for these investors. conducted at the premises marking its auspicious opening. We look forward to SPIAPL establishing SP Groups strong and13 long term presence in the Fund Management vertical. -Hutoxi Saher, SPIAPL
  15. 15. Second phase of SP Real Estate office premise becomes operationalSPRE Office Cafeteria SPRE Office Phase 2The second phase of the SP Real Estate office premise became the same basic interior décor pattern as the first phase. It alsooperational on 23rd of September, 2010. This phase is also includes a small cafeteria space. The new premise willlocated in the B-Wing of SP Centre at Colaba and is connected presently accommodate personnel from the departments ofto the first phase. A small “Puja” was performed to mark the Legal, HR, Liasioning and Accounts. The total seating capacityopening of the new office. This ceremony was attended by the of the SP Real Estate office has gone up to approx.90 with theentire real estate team including the CEO - Mr.Kekoo Colah, addition of this new space.all heads of departments and the staff. The new office follows -Saurabh Chaturvedi, SPRE HORelease of Site Policy Manual(Lto R) Mr. SC Dixit, Mr. MD Saini & Mr. Varghese Mathew releasing the site policy manualA comprehensive Site Policy Manual covering all aspects of Project Management team and for the Regional Admin staff. Itstatutory compliances has been prepared and formally is hoped that this document will act as a handy reference bookreleased by Mr. M. D. Saini & Mr. S. C. Dixit recently. The for all involved in statutory compliances.Manual is an answer to many critical compliance issues whichare relevant for the Project Managers as well as the Admin The whole project was completed with active involvement ofPersonnel. The Manual is written in a simple and non-legalistic Mr. Lalit Jaywant and Mr. Anil Deshpande.language along with a section for FAQs. Subsequent to therelease of the Manual, Mr. Lalit Jaywant, General Manager – IR& Admin has conducted a series of workshops for the Sr. -Varghese Mathew, SP HO 14
  16. 16. Donation of Raincoats, Hyderabad SPCL, H1 Emaar site,Gachi Bowli, Hyderabad donated 15 sets of rain coats to police personnel of Raidurg police station in special recognition of the services rendered by this police station. This police station retrieved stolen material & hand tools and resolved theft cases which had occurred at this site apart from offering assistance in labour welfare cases. This police station has always rendered their best services and help when ever required, with a smiling face. On SPCLs request, they also commenced night patrolling near the labour colony. The tokens of appreciation were handed over by Mr. Gautam Das, Addl. General Manager, H1 Emaar project . Mr Gautam Das handing over the raincoats -Sriram Bidayat, Hyderabad Independence Day Celebrations, Hyderabad Flag hoisting ceremony in progress at Aga Khan Site Flag hoisting ceremony in progress at ITC Bhadrachalam Site Indias 66th Independence Day was celebrated with a lot of speeches on the freedom movement and spoke about the vigour at various labour colonies across the Hyderabad region. great leaders of the freedom movement. They also recited Almost 2,500 workers, their families and staff members patriotic verses and dedicated songs to these great names. It actively took part in celebrating the day. Flag hoisting was great to see such enthusiasm and patriotic feelings ceremonies along with distribution of sweets were carried out amongst the workers. at most sites. Some of the workers delivered informative -Aziz Tayyaba, Hyderabad The I-space Table Tennis Tourney 2010 The inaugural I-Space Table Tennis Tourney was held at SP Infocity Pune (at the iSPace club) on the 27th, 28th & 29th of July. The tourney was open to all employees of organisations on the campus and was held primarily to enhance awareness about the club facilities. Approximately 60 entries were received for the various events scheduled. These included Mens & Ladies Singles, Mens & Ladies Doubles & Mixed Doubles and a Team Event. All matches were best of five 11 point games. Mr Arun Bavde, a veteran from the fraternity was the chief referee. He has more than 25 years of experience and is actively involved in playing at15 Mr. Shailesh Korgaokar presenting the trophy to the winner of Ladies Singles tournaments of district & state levels as well as refereeing at various tournaments around the state.
  17. 17. The entire event was conducted in the iSport zone at the club. The tourney concluded with the prize distribution ceremonyAll three days witnessed a very supportive crowd who and the vote of thanks by Mr Shailesh Korgaokar, GMcheered & encouraged each point that was scored. The Mens Hospitality (I-Space). All winners & runners up were givenSingles final between Abhishek Kumar & Nitin Kulkarni (both trophies & honorary memberships of the Health Club atfrom IBM) was a best of seven cliffhanger which went up to the iSpace Club.sixth match. The title was eventually won by Nitin. The LadiesSingles final was also a keenly contested match between -Shailesh Korgaokar, SP Infocity, PuneShweta & Vaishali (both from IBM) & Shweta emerged thewinner of the title.Blood Donation Camp at SP Infocity, Pune It was conducted under the supervision of Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune, one of the citys premier medical institutes. The blood bank team, led by their PRO Mr Arvind Dhurve & the technicians, were ably guided by their chief pathologist - Mrs Durwankar. The drive received an encouraging response. A total of 160 units of blood were collected in the two days, which, was far beyond expectations, as stated by Mr Dhurve. Encouraged by the response he expressed his desire to conduct regular blood donation drives at SP Infocity in the years to come. SPCL will have access to 10% of the donated units forBlood Donation Drive in progress allotment to anybody in need of blood (within a radius of 5 hrs road travel time). This requirement will be met with by theThe first blood donation drive at SP Infocity Pune was blood bank of the hospital on request sent by the SPCL HRconducted on the 10th and 11th August, 2010. department and prescription of the treating doctor. -Shailesh Korgaokar, SP Infocity, Pune“No Liquor” campaign, PuneWorkers attending the program A banner at the event highlighting the ill effects of alcoholismAlcoholism is one of the major concern areas in many The event featured a talk accompanied by a slide showconstruction site labour camps. An awareness program was followed by a question answer session. Over 2000 workersheld at the TCS Pune site on the eve of Independence Day to were present and most of them actively participated. Theeducate the workers about the negative effects of this habit. NGO has also offered to train SPCL staff members who areThe event was held in association with the NGO – Muktangan. interested in counseling. -Smita Wadkar, Pune 16
  18. 18. Towards Excellence Introduction to OHSAS 18001 OHSAS 18001 is an international specification which defines The basic approach taken within OHSAS 18001 is the a set of requirements for an Occupational Health & Safety familiar mechanism of PLAN - DO - CHECK - ACT and it Management System which would be suitable for any kind systematically requires the organisation to: and size of organisation. OHSAS 18001 was developed by a • Detail an Occupational Health & Safety Policy applicable committee of interested parties including national standards to its operations bodies, certification bodies, learned bodies and industry • Identify the OHS hazards and risks which the representatives. Occupational health and safety organisation needs to manage management system enables companies to address issues in • Identify the legal and similar constraints on the an effective manner. organisation • Define and implement the means of managing these There are number of Occupational, Health & Safety issues and requirements Legislations, which cover the health and safety related • Set up the means of effecting continual improvement in components, which play a vital role in the legal framework the organisations occupational health & safety of the business world. An effective Integrated OHS performance Management System, shall facilitate an enterprise to identify • Check and review the effectiveness of controls and and address all such gaps. improvements In view of the above, the top management has decided to This approach means that OHSAS 18001 can be applied to implement an Occupational Health & Safety Management any type and scale of organisation. An OHSAS 18001 System (OHSMS) in our organization. management system will mean that: • You understand all of the hazards and consequent risks Not only does an effective Safety Management System your organisation poses to employees and neighbours (SMS) improve existing and establish new controls, it also • You know what you are doing to manage and reduce or installs and drives a system of continual improvement in eliminate these risks Occupational Health & Safety performance. • You put good Occupational Health & Safety management into all your future plans and the heart of your business Without a formal management system in place, issues tend to be tackled on an ad-hoc basis or in a fire-fighting manner, MAIN REQUIREMENTS simply attacking each issue as it arises. Similarly, simple 1) Identification of Legal Requirements auditing of an organisations activities, identifying its health 2) Establishing & maintaining Safety Objectives and safety problems, and then resolving them, could well 3) Establishing & maintaing OH&S Management Programme mean that you could come back a year later to find that all of for achieving its objectives the problems have reappeared. 4) Emergency preparedness & response to incidents and emergency situations 5) Establishing & maintaining procedure for defining Management Policy Planning responsibility & authority for handling & investigation of Reviews accidents, incidents, non-conformances & audit. --OSHA Risk --Legal Requirement --Objectives Structure of OSHAS accd. to 18001 Act Plan --OH & S Programe •How to Improve •What to do? next time? •How to do it? --Structure & responsibility --Monitoring & Check Do --Training Continual Measurement •Did things happen •Do what was --Communication --Non confeormance according to plan? planned --Documentation Improvement CAPA --Document & record --Incident & accidents control investigations --Operational Control Records --Emergency preparedness & Audits Response plan OSHAS policy Checking & Corrective Implementation Actions Operations Management review An OHSAS 18001 Safety Management System provides for Planning the development of a system of inter-linking processes. It is Measurement a simple and effective toolkit of mechanisms for managing and Occupational Health & Safety issues in any kind of Evaluation Implementation organisation. It is only prescriptive in terms of what must and17 happen, leaving the how to the organisation to decide or devise for itself. Operation
  19. 19. THE BENEFITS compliance to regulatory requirements hence we will beSome of the key benefits of an OHS Management System sure that we have identified and understood all the legalare outlined below: requirements affecting our business and we will be sure that we comply with them all.Operational point of view - • Demonstrates organisations commitment towards• Identifies the overall health and safety hazards and risks betterment of society• Assures safe & healthy working conditions for working people Commercial point of view –• Enhances awareness on emergency preparedness & • Eliminates or minimized Risk response • Facilitates in the reduction of insurance premium• Reduces number of accidents & thus lost working hours • Increases productivity by boosting morale of the labour by• Identifies the OHS legal gaps and addresses the way of Safe Working Environment -Omkar Bendre, SP HOPersuasive Proposals and PresentationsIt is no use saying, we are doing our best; we have got to Thus, the matter was successfully perused without BOQsucceed in doing what is necessary and even resulted into client developing improved confidence in Shapoorji Pallonjis way of dealing with it. OfSir Winston Churchills Theory is indeed powerful which course, for internal monitoring purpose, we did work outfetches the results, when practiced religiously. the BOQ. The danger in furnishing the BOQ lies ahead, when it is circulated to other competitors for inviting theProposals and presentations always play an imperative role commercial proposals which, at times could provein successfully achieving the desired goals of sales strategy as detrimental to the organization.it involves all the elements necessary for winning. Itsrelevant to mention what Aristotle had quoted- Thus, the proposal was put forth with great collaboration & confidence incorporating exact requirements indicated by“Of the modes of persuasion furnished by the spoken word, clients representative and strengthened the “Design & Buildthere are three kinds. The first kind depends on the Project Delivery System”.speakers personal character; the second on the art ofputting the audience in to a certain frame of mind; and the The favorable results virtually made the entire proposalthird on the proof, provided by the words of speech itself” team to think about the sanctity of Aristotles statement as it helped successfully in practice. Another imperative, theAt Design & Build (D&B), the proposals are pivoted on the Intuition also contributes to a great extent. In Albertinsights shared by client themselves on; what their Einsteins words, “The only real valuable thing is intuition” Itrequirements are. D&B endeavors in ensuring that does occur while constituting the varied elements of the anynecessary support is provided to the client to make them business proposal. The comments of the audience areshare their requirements; especially when the client finds it needed to be taken positively with a belief that each anddifficult to define the exact requirements. D&B believes that every person in audience posses some special inherentit is very important that how the case study is presented by capability and points made by them can certainly clarify theirthe speaker. The case is presented in such systematic expectation in detail and also can add significant value to ourmanner that persuades the client to share his requirements proposal.very clearly. Here the interpretation in literal manner makesthe matter crystal clear and leaves no room for the Few things to be remembered for making effective proposal:ambiguity. The words, during presentation always, created • FOCUS on the Theme,the ripples around, for reaping the benefits in terms of Time • REAP the benefit from interactions,and Cost. • SHARE BOLDLY the case studies and problems encountered,For example the CAN PACK, one of our potential client • MENTION the strengths and success,who was initially insisting for the BOQ but by using our • HIGHLIGHT THE BENEFITS with customized languagepersuasive techniques we could successfully change his mind to focus on needs from the clients point of view.set and made their representative provide us with necessaryinputs on their exact expectations and the proposal we Last but not least; lets always bear in mind the motivationalsubmitted was explicitly based not on BOQ rather on- quote by Thomas Jefferson, who asserted, “It takes time to• Clients inputs persuade men to do even what is for their own good”.• Concept drawings• Area statement With this in mind, lets follow that the proposal is to be• Specifications made clear, concise and organized because, eventually in• Scope business you get what you want by giving other people what• Exclusions they want…• Commercial conditions & -J P Rao, Design & Build Div• Time schedule 18