Understanding Digital Marketing


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Understanding Digital Marketing

  1. 1. The Right Pitch - Understanding Digital Marketing Click to edit Master subtitle style
  2. 2. Understanding • Understanding the customer’s requirement Core business Popularize the brand via digital marketing tools • Digital marketing activities Evaluate our digital marketing goals Re-examine our target customer profiles Take a look at our digital presence Evaluate our messaging strategies Check our digital marketing ROI Regular analysis on Competitive brands
  3. 3. Digital marketing goals There is a lot that could be done over the new media: The number of social shares our blog posts receive The size of our fan base on social networking websites Mentions of our brand name on social media sites The number of positive reviews about your product on sites like Google Reviews and Yelp Inbound website visitors from social networks Total number of conversions resulting from social traffic
  4. 4. Core marketing activities Blogging Micro blogging (e.g. Twitter) Expertise Sharing (e.g. LinkedIn & Facebook etc.) Forum Participation (Webinars etc.) Community Participation (Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn) Social Networking & Micro managing target audience Interest group participation Online Reputation Management Increasing traffic and ROI for sites
  5. 5. Digital activities • Social Media Audit Researching our Social Media Presence • Social Media Management (Strategy, Campaign & Releases) Strategic Presence Creation on Social Media Presence, Promotion & Response Management Analyzing Opportunities for Social Media Outreach Execution of Social Media Outreach (Media releases) • Social Media Monitoring Insight & Recommendation Report
  6. 6. Facebook  Create Profile  Create Page  Content Development  Buzz Creation  Integrating Page with Other Social Media Channels  Post Updates with links to the Desired Landing Page  Joining Groups & Pages  Adding Members  Starting Discussions  Sharing Links  Create Facebook “Like” button & Badge, to place it in the website & blogs  Run Contests, Promotional Campaigns, Polls  Video Sharing via YouTube Tab (For Viral Campaigns)  Photo Sharing via Page / Flickr App / Similar Apps  Document Sharing (PDF, PPT, Whitepapers, Brochures, Notes… )  Customized Contact Form / Registration Form  Promote Blog / Feed  Tagging  Usage Of Various External Interactive Apps
  7. 7. LinkedIn  Creating Profile  Creating Company Page  Integrating Profile with Other Social Media Channels  Add Connections  Join Groups  Targeting & Networking with the Influencers  Starting Discussions in Groups  Active participation in relevant Q&A's  Publish Press Releases  Create Polls  Launch & Promote Events  Submit Feeds  Share Presentations  Integrate Blogs to the profile  Share Links
  8. 8. Twitter  Creating Twitter handle  Post Tweets with Site link (content form the site)  Following Key influencers  Use hash tags for Keywords  Tweeting based on trends  Re-tweet influential tweets  Post neutral updates frequently  Influence Mentions  Create a Twitter Badge & place it on the Site & Blogs  Increase the followers base constantly  Network & Engage the Followers
  9. 9. Google+  Creating Profile  Creating Page  Content Development  Buzz Creation  Integrating Page with Other Social Media Channels  Post Updates with links to the Desired Landing Page  Joining Pages  Adding Influencers to Our Circles  Starting Discussions  Sharing Links  Document Sharing (PDF, PPT, Whitepapers, Brochures, Notes… )  Tagging
  10. 10. Blogs  Follow key Blogs  Comment on Blogs with the Link  Network with Influential Bloggers
  11. 11. Q & A's • Post Questions and Answers on Q&A sites like Answer bag, Quora, Yahoo  answers with links  to drive traffic  increase back links  create more visibility & enhance online reputation
  12. 12. Digital PR Monitor and evaluate relevant online media conversations Engage with key influencers in the blogosphere Develop corporate blogs, social network sites and multimedia tools Plan and develop content for corporate websites Optimize communications for effective distribution in the digital space
  13. 13. Social Book marking • Book marking Links from the Site • Adding keywords • Using top SBM sites for quality back links: Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon…
  14. 14. Document Sharing • Sharing Presentations through Slideshare, Scribd, Docstoc • Publishing White Papers & Articles in Scribd & Docstoc
  15. 15. Question for the day… I was just wondering, whether you__________ be able to help me. 1. may 2. might