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The most common PR tools


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The most common PR tools

  1. 1. THE MOST COMMONPR TOOLSWhat you need to know to get ahead
  2. 2. The World of PR?ContentsIntroduction: What is “Public Relations”?Most common PR Tools
  3. 3. Introduction: What is publicrelations ?Thank you for visiting and watching ourslide show.We will show you the most common PR tools that will helpto generate awareness of your company, service orproduct.
  4. 4. What is Public Relations?„Public Relations‟ (PR) means managing and maintainingthe public image of a business or individual.It can be described as the practice of managingcommunication between an organization and itspublic, such as clients, voters, members of the localcommunity, members of the media, online fans groupsetc.PR has evolved to a content management tool that nowincludes social media.
  5. 5. What is Public Relations?A Definition of PR is "Using the news orbusiness press to carry positive stories aboutyour company or your products; cultivating agood relationship with local pressrepresentatives" [source:].The most common form of public relations is todraft a press release, which are sent to targetedmembers of the media.
  6. 6. Most common PR ToolsHere are the most common pr tools: Press release A press release resembling a compelling news story, describing why a clients product, service or personal history is important. The goal is to fulfill the journalists requirement for news while enhancing the clients image in the public eye. At, we spend a lot of time cultivating relationships with journalists and other members of the mass media. This is done by researching which journalists write about the clients industry or personal interests.
  7. 7. Most common PR ToolsOur experts contact the journalist to find outmore about the types of stories hes looking forand how he likes to receive story pitches.A journalist is much more likely to read a pressrelease thats fresh, timely, from a recognizablesource and targeted specifically to his interests.
  8. 8. Most common PR ToolsThe goal is to secure editorial space in the mediaoutlets.Third-party endorsements are valuable. Editorialcoverage is worth at least three times as much asad space. That‟s because the general public viewsadvertising as biased, and editorial coverage astruth.A half-page ad in your regional newspaper thatcosts $2000, is worth about $6000 in pr coverage.
  9. 9. Most common PR Tools Press kit or media kit A journalist might request a press kit which could include: • Executive profiles • Quick facts • Photographs • Detailed product descriptions • Recent press releases • Business card of PR representative
  10. 10. Most common PR Tools TV interviews TV interviews are often used for important news. Some of the interview advice from media trainers: • Be prepared with a few simple, key messages • Prepare answers for possible questions • Never lie to a reporter or say "no comment" Better to say youre "carefully reviewing" all the facts
  11. 11. Most common PR Tools Newsletter1. Focus on your design and content and make sure the newsletter fits into your corporate design and identity.2. Always go for a simple design and provide short but interesting information.3. Use tables to keep the content easy to read and structured.4. Use Images to highlight your content, many readers like visualization.5. Call to Action – what do you want to accomplish? Provide a link to view the Web version.
  12. 12. Most common PR Tools Employee Communication Keep your employees informed of corporate programs, sales incentives, personnel issues, new products and programs. Tools you can use are Intranet, email, online and print newsletters.
  13. 13. Thank you for visiting our site and watching thisslide. Check out our blog where we have moretips for your communications and businessneeds.We are experienced in these and more tools ofpublic relations. Please get in touch for yourcomplimentary proposal to get people talkingabout your business.Susan MullerFounder of