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The Content Marketing Metrics That Matter (#CMWorld 2015)


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Marketing technology advances have made it easier and more affordable to connect activities to outcomes, but content marketers have largely dropped the ball when it comes to monitoring, reporting and improving performance. The key is to align content marketing KPIs with overall business goals, have a logical and well-documented process for updating and reporting results, and develop systems for turning data into intelligence and intelligence into action.

Attendee takeaways:

* Prioritize content marketing goals.
* Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
* Select the right analytics technology and tools.
* Optimize your use of Google Analytics.
* Turn data into insights and actions.

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The Content Marketing Metrics That Matter (#CMWorld 2015)

  1. 1. the content marketing metrics that matter how to measure, visualize and report on content performance Paul Roetzer CEO, PR 20/20 @PaulRoetzer @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  2. 2. example scenario A B2B SaaS company with $10M in funding and aggressive growth goals is struggling to meet lead-gen targets. The CMO fears marketing is going to fall short of Q4 2015 goals . . . brand leads sales loyalty @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  3. 3. example scenario The marketing team is blogging 2x per week, regularly sharing content across their social networks, and producing a high-quality ebook with an accompanying webinar each month. brand leads sales loyalty @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  4. 4. example scenario But, not enough people are organically finding the content. brand leads sales loyalty @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  5. 5. example scenario Do they need a paid media strategy? @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  6. 6. example scenario Are there opportunities to amplify the content via earned media with bloggers, journalists and analysts? @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  7. 7. example scenario Should they hire an agency or freelancers and double down on content production? @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  8. 8. example scenario Maybe. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  9. 9. example scenario Maybe. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  10. 10. example scenario AND . . . Maybe. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  11. 11. data > intelligence > action > outcomes @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  12. 12. data > intelligence > action > outcomes @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  13. 13. 94%  of  chief  marketers  believe  analy4cs  will  play  a  big   role  in  reaching  their  goals,  yet  only  18%  said  their   organiza6ons  were  in  a  posi6on  to  do  so.   source:  IBM @paulroetzer
  14. 14. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% short-term impact proven long-term impact proven 29% 36% just 36% of CMOs have quantitatively proven the short-term impact of marketing spend. that figure drops to 29% when demonstrating long-term impact. source:  2014  CMO  Survey @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  15. 15. ONLY 21% @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  16. 16. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  17. 17. the technology to measure, visualize and report on content ROI is accessible and affordable. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  18. 18. the challenge @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  19. 19. lack of education/training consumer behavior social networks technologies channels data
  20. 20. we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day (that’s 18 zeros) Source:  IBM
  21. 21. 90% of all data in the world has been created in the last 2 years Source:  IBM
  22. 22. Infographic:  Domo every minute . . . Vine users share 8,333 videos. Pinterest users pin 3,472 images. Twitter users Tweet 277,000 times. YouTube users upload 72 hours of video. Instagram users post 216,000 new photos. Facebook users share 2,460,000 pieces of content.
  23. 23. marketers have access to data from dozens of sources: social monitoring, web analytics, email, call tracking, sales, advertising, remarketing, ecommerce, mobile apps, accounting . . . @paulroetzer
  24. 24. never more choices. never more noise. never more demand for performance. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  25. 25. and yet, there has never been a better time to be a content marketer. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  26. 26. obstacles create opportunities
  27. 27. every trackable interaction creates a data point, and every data point tells a piece of the customer’s story.
  28. 28. we have to plan faster, experiment more efficiently and adapt constantly to accelerate success. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  29. 29. marketing dashboards that report activities rather than business outcomes are a major cause of the disconnect between marketers and the C-suite. source: ITSMA, VisionEdge and Forrester @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  30. 30. B2B  marketers  say  just  9%  of  CEOs  and  6%  of  CFOs  use   marke6ng  data  to  help  set  corporate  direc6on.       source:  ITSMA,  VisionEdge  and  Forrester @paulroetzer
  31. 31. content marketers must excel at bringing structure and meaning to numbers @paulroetzer
  32. 32. turn data into intelligence, intelligence into action, and action into measurable outcomes @paulroetzer
  33. 33. 86% of marketers are working on better understanding what content is effective—and what isn’t
  34. 34. 82% of marketers are working on measuring content marketing ROI
  35. 35. data without analysis is simply noise 1. align  content  marke6ng  goals  with  business  goals.   2. iden6fy  key  performance  indicators  (KPIs).   3. track  and  report  at  the  campaign  level.     4. train  your  team.   5. automate  and  visualize  data. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  36. 36. 1 align  content  marke6ng  goals  with   business  goals. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  37. 37. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  38. 38. what’s the business goal? @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  39. 39. Specific: Clearly establishes what is to be achieved. SMART goals Measurable: Quantifiable, and a strong indicator of progress. Attainable: Realistic given your foundation, reach, resources and potential. Relevant: Connect to achievement of overall business goals. Timely: Has a target date. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  40. 40. increase monthly website sessions 20% in Q4. brand leads sales loyalty generate 50 sales qualified leads in Q4. produce $250,000 in new MRR in Q4. improve retention rates from 85% to 90% in Q4. SMART goals @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  41. 41. measure the value of your content at every stage of the funnel @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  42. 42.
  43. 43. 2 iden6fy  key  performance  indicators  (KPIs). @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  44. 44. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  45. 45. sample google sheets scorecard
  46. 46.
  47. 47. brand leads sales loyalty blogging   social  engagement   events premium  content   lead  nurturing   ver6cal  markets webinars   email  marke6ng   case  studies onboarding  resources   customer  engagement   training/educa6on KPIs ac4vi4es website  sessions   blog  subscribers   social  reach SQLs   demo  requests   free  trials   content  downloads new  customers   COCA   conversion  rates MRR   CLV   rev  run  rate
  48. 48. 3 track  and  report  at  the  campaign  level. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  49. 49. hNp://­‐pack every  campaign  is  a  series  of  projects  designed  to  achieve  a  goal
  50. 50. sample hubspot campaigns report
  51. 51. standard attribution models last interaction first interaction last non-direct click last adwords click linear time decay position based
  52. 52. why attribution matters aug. 1: organic search, lands on blog post (5 pages) aug. 5: direct visit to homepage (12 pages) aug. 10: twitter referral (5 pages, including pricing page) aug. 11: direct visit, ebook download (2 pages) aug. 15: email visit, webinar registration oct. 1: paid visit, makes purchase first interaction last interaction
  53. 53. UTM tags: google URL builder source = last place visited medium = type of marketing medium name = your campaign name
  54. 54. interactive-calls-to-action/? utm_medium=email&utm_source=Act-On +Software&utm_content=email&utm_campaign= 5%20Interactive%20Calls%20to%20Action %20That%20Prospects%20Can%5Cu2019t %20Resist&utm_term=READ%20THIS %20ARTICLE source = Act On Software medium = email name = Interactive Calls to Action That Prospects Can’t Resist @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  55. 55. 4 train  your  team. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  56. 56. of  companies  lack  necessary  digital   skills  in  key  areas  of  social  media,   mobile,  internal  social  networks,   process  automa6on,  and   performance  monitoring  and   analysis.   source:  Capgemini  Consul6ng 90%
  57. 57. data analysis identify top KPIs. turn data into actionable intelligence. uncover anomalies, trends and opportunities. adjust strategies based on data. tie activities to performance and bottom-line results. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  58. 58. 5 automate  +  visualize  data. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  59. 59. use APIs to automate data entry @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  60. 60. hUps://
  61. 61. hUps://
  62. 62. automate email reports
  63. 63. performance reports
  64. 64. business intelligence + data visualization Source:  Domo
  65. 65.
  66. 66. buzzsumo + roambi we’re using Buzzsumo in this example to export 12 months of posts on Content Marketing Institute’s blog.
  67. 67. buzzsumo + roambi create a new project using the Roambi app on your iPhone or iPad. disclosure: Roambi is a PR 20/20 client
  68. 68. buzzsumo + roambi users are able to filter, pivot, explore and share their visualizations.
  69. 69. buzzsumo + roambi
  70. 70.
  71. 71. turn  data  into  (ar4ficial)  intelligence
  72. 72. Image:  Franck  Calzada/YouTube The AP “writes” 10x more earnings reports using Automated Insights technology
  73. 73. data without analysis is simply noise 1. align  content  marke6ng  goals  with  business  goals.   2. iden6fy  key  performance  indicators  (KPIs).   3. track  and  report  at  the  campaign  level.     4. train  your  team.   5. automate  and  visualize  data. @paulroetzer • #CMWorld
  74. 74. paul  roetzer   @paulroetzer   CEO  |  PR  20/20   author  |  The  Marke)ng  Performance  Blueprint  (Wiley,  2014)  &   The  Marke)ng  Agency  Blueprint  (Wiley,  2012)   creator  |  Marke6ng  Score  &  Marke6ng  Agency  Insider @paulroetzer • #CMWorld