HubSpot Enterprise Capabilities (by PR 20/20)


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  • Publishing: 20k copies of Blueprint = $60,000 Advance on 2nd book = $20,000Education & Training: 500 Blueprint series @ $300 avg = $150,000 Speaking gigs = $25,000 Workshops = $25,000Sponsorships & Licensing MAI partners = $50,000 HubSpot licenses = $5,000
  • Publishing: 20k copies of Blueprint = $60,000 Advance on 2nd book = $20,000Education & Training: 500 Blueprint series @ $300 avg = $150,000 Speaking gigs = $25,000 Workshops = $25,000Sponsorships & Licensing MAI partners = $50,000 HubSpot licenses = $5,000
  • Standard Template - any images that can work?
  • HubSpot Enterprise Capabilities (by PR 20/20)

    1. 1. Overview of HubSpot Enterprise Prepared by PR 20/20 | July 2012
    2. 2. Value / BenefitsWhy HubSpot Enterprise?• You have a complex sales cycle, or run a variety of online advertising or marketing campaigns.• You want to gain greater insight into which activities drive conversions.• Designed for users who want to take an aggressive and sophisticated approach to online, inbound marketing.
    3. 3. Value / BenefitsBenefits of HubSpot Enterprise• Digs deeper into the sales funnel to convert website visitors to leads.• Determines what behaviors are more likely to contribute to purchasing decisions / desired actions.• Offers more advanced follow-up options (marketing automation) based on behavior triggers.
    4. 4. Advanced Marketing Tools
    5. 5. Tools / Key FeaturesLanding Pages• Unlimited A/B testing for calls to action, copy, images, layout, etc.• By comparing the performance of these pages, you can determine which variation is most effective in driving visitors to that the desired action.• No IT involvement—can replicate existing pages with one click.• Numerous templates available, as well as custom HTML and CSS. NOTE: Basic and Professional versions of HubSpot lack the ability to A/B test landing pages, and have fewer templates.
    6. 6. Tools / Key FeaturesLead Nurturing• Behavior-based triggers — Send targeted communications based on visitor behaviors (forms, downloads, etc.), and use advanced segmenting to identify users fit for a particular campaign.• Construct campaigns that share relevant content, and monitor how recipients respond to calls to action. Build detailed email workflows. If they do X, then they get Y. If they don’t do X then they get Z. • Can send via new HubSpot email tool; integrates with Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Exact Target, Campaign Monitor, iContact and more.• Multi-channel triggers — Billing, social, CRM, helpdesks, etc. • Some integrations are out of box — ZenDesk, Shopify, Recurly, Tender Support, Chargify and Twitter.
    7. 7. Key FeaturesLead Nurturing NOTE: Lead nurturing in Basic and Professional versions of HubSpot are based solely on form completions, workflows cannot get as complex, and there is no integration to outside ESPs or other service providers.
    8. 8. Tools / Key FeaturesClosed-Loop Analytics• Create events based on visitor actions : • Submitted a form • Clicked a button • Visited a URL • Custom• Use the events to see how various activities impact goals, lead conversions, event activity and sales.
    9. 9. Tools / Key FeaturesClosed-Loop Analytics• Reports give you detailed insight into: • Revenue — How activities impact bottom line. • Influential activities / promotions — What drives prospects to convert. • Behaviors that lead to desired activities. • Customer lifecycle — First-touch source, length of time before taking the desired action and last touch source. • For example — What behaviors most frequently lead a prospect to become a customer, and how long does it usually take leads to move through the sales funnel? NOTE: Compared to Basic and Professional versions of HubSpot, you can more easily dig down into behavior chains, as well as understand how particular buttons, forms, content, etc. drive conversions.
    10. 10. Tools / Key Features
    11. 11. Ideal UsersWhat Companies Are a Fit?• Have resources (budget and/or time) to devote to in-depth data analysis. Real value comes when someone is actively looking at metrics and adjusting activities based on performance.• Those questioning the ROI of their marketing activities or who aren’t sure what is working.• Those with complex sales cycles that would benefit from targeted lead-nurturing campaigns.• Companies interested in more heavily targeting Image Source: Horia Varlan the middle of the sales funnel.
    12. 12. Price PointsPrice Points • Cost varies based on number of contacts. See details on HubSpot pricing.
    13. 13. On-Boarding ProcessOn-Boarding Process• 8 hours of individual training with a HubSpot representative (additional, one-time $2,000 expense). • Since much of the set up is contingent on unique needs of client, rep will help you determine the best plan of action, and get preliminary activities and reporting rolling.• If an existing HubSpot customer, then portal will be updated to include new features.
    14. 14. On-Boarding ProcessSelecting a Partner• HubSpot Enterprise provides users with greater insight into marketing intelligence and results to support real-time adjustments that drive a successful campaign.• Select a partner that is qualified to support your marketing efforts and provide strategic oversight to your inbound marketing campaign.• PR 20/20 is a Certified HubSpot Partner Agency and Gold Tier VAR (Valued Added Reseller), with experience on-boarding and executing client campaigns on HubSpot Enterprise.