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Cleveland HUG: HubSpot's Newest Product Releases


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In case you missed the Cleveland HubSpot User Group (HUG) event on June 28, check out Maggie Bomze's full presentation on the latest product updates. She provides an overview of what's new in marketing, sales and service.

Published in: Marketing
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Cleveland HUG: HubSpot's Newest Product Releases

  1. 1. HubSpot's Newest Product Releases June 28, 2018
  2. 2. A quick note on cellpones...
  3. 3. Use them! #HUGCLE @HubSpot @maggbomze
  4. 4. HubSpot's Newest Product Releases ● HubSpot’s New Navigation ● What’s New In: ○ Marketing ○ Sales ○ Service ● Other Product Updates + Releases to Help Your Business Grow Better
  5. 5. Getting to Know Maggie
  6. 6. • HubSpot Enterprise Customer Success Manager • Small Biz, Mid Market, Startups • Marketing, Sales, Service • What I’ve done: • SEO • People Manager • CSM • Volunteering • Fun facts: • Boston Tour Guide • Visited 25 countries • Extra in 22 Jump Street @maggbomze
  7. 7. HubSpot’s New Navigation
  8. 8. ● All of your tools in one place ● Better prioritization ● Clearer groupings HubSpot’s New Navigation
  9. 9. What’s New in Marketing Hub
  10. 10. What’s New in Marketing Hub ● Content Strategy ● Social: Videos + Competitor Stream + Instagram ● Ads: Lead Ad Automation + Privacy Policy ● Design Manager: Site Search + Email ● Notable Integrations: Typeform + SEMrush
  11. 11. ● Boost your SEO using your existing content ● Content audit and organization for up to 300 pages ● Let’s try it out! Content Strategy Audit
  12. 12. ● Keep tabs on your competitors: al/2426544/competitors/ ● View posts in a list or calendar view: al/1976760/calendar ● Schedule posts on Instagram ● Post videos directly to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Social Media
  13. 13. ● Automating Facebook Lead Ads ● Updated Ads Privacy Policy Ads
  14. 14. ● The design manager aggregates several important tools into one powerful app. These tools include: ○ Finder ○ Layout Editor ○ Inspector ○ Code Editor ○ Module Editor ○ File Manager ● Site search is now available to everyone using the new design manager ○ Check it out at Design Manager + Site Search
  15. 15. ● Available in Marketing Starter and in beta (for now). Talk to your main point of contact at HubSpot! Design Manager: Email Drag and Drop
  16. 16. Notable Integrations: SEMrush
  17. 17. Notable Integrations: Typeform
  18. 18. What’s New in Sales Hub
  19. 19. What’s New in Sales Hub ● Restore Deleted Contacts, Companies, and Deals with Recycle Bin in HubSpot CRM ● Messages → Conversations ● Recommendations in Sequences ● Building Quotes and Getting Paid $$$ ● Deal-based and ticket-based workflows (in beta)
  20. 20. Conversations ● Office Hours: Set your company office hours to let site visitors know when you’re available to respond and when you’re out of the office. ● Reply Time: Use reply time to let visitors know how long it typically takes you to respond to incoming live chats.
  21. 21. ● Availability Toggle: Let reps adjust their availability and allow conversations assigned to them to be automatically rerouted while they’re away. Conversations ● New Chat Widget Design: A new design for the chat widget gives site visitors access to easily view past conversations.
  22. 22. ● Slack Integration: Get notified and respond to incoming chats directly in Slack. Conversations + Slack
  23. 23. ● Add a task in HubSpot from Slack ● Decide which notifications you want to receive from HubSpot in Slack ● Use slash commands: ○ /hubspot-search-contact: search for a HubSpot CRM contact ○ /hubspot-feedback: provide feedback to the HubSpot team about the Slack integration More on the Slack Integration!
  24. 24. ● The easiest way to add context to your sales emails! ● Enroll a contact in a Sequence (string of 1:1 emails → trying to get a meeting or reply), and pick the context that is best for your recipient using HubSpot powered: ○ Tweets ○ Competitors ○ Questions ○ Subject Lines ○ Technology they use Recommendations in Sequences
  25. 25. ● Quotes is our first foray into this new B2B eCommerce space ● Convenience is a high priority for many buyers today ● Quotes integrates with Stripe for seamless payments Building Quotes and Getting Paid $$$
  26. 26. *In beta If you are a Sales Professional or Service Professional user, send your HUB ID to Deal-based and ticket-based workflows*
  27. 27. What’s New in Service Hub
  28. 28. Service Hub A new product line from HubSpot, 100% focused on the customer experience
  29. 29. Sales
  30. 30. Engage, guide, and grow better customers. Introducing Service Hub.
  31. 31. Engage Customers with: Conversations Have more meaningful, context rich, customer service interactions with Conversations. A universal inbox that helps teams collaborate on support at scale.
  32. 32. Engage Customers with: Tickets Manage demand, meet expectations, and stay organized with Tickets. Tickets for the backbone of a support team. Add automation and build a customer helpdesk solution.
  33. 33. Guide Customers with: Knowledge Base Help customers help themselves with a robust, data driven knowledge base. Build simple, well structured articles that automatically index on Google search.
  34. 34. Grow with customers: Customer Feedback Truly understand your customers, their needs, and then take action with Feedback. Feedback gives you a pulse on customer happiness and a roadmap for how to improve it.
  35. 35. #PARTNERDAY18 Work efficiently with: 1:1 Tools Built and then rebuilt for the dedicated customer team to efficiently handle their work. Includes Calling, Templates, Snippets, Meetings, Documents, Email Open Notifications, and Send Later tools. Service Hub comes with 5 seats of 1:1 tools.
  36. 36. Know how with: Inbound Service Framework A prescriptive how-to framework to engage, guide, and grow better customers. It’ll get your customer flywheel cranking with a clear, repeatable structure for service. Follow it to educate your team, earn more promoters, and grow better.
  37. 37. Service Hub HubSpot is now in the business of customer service software.
  38. 38. Other Product Updates + Releases
  39. 39. What’s New Throughout the Product ● Bulk adding HubSpot users ● Jira and Facebook for Workplace ● Shopify ● GDPR ● Agency directory
  40. 40. Shopify + HubSpot
  41. 41. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ● Turning on the switch will not, on its own, make your process GDPR compliant (as the biggest user of our own platform, we wish it were that easy); rather, it’ll enable the features that will help you comply ● Get into the weeds on all things GDPR and HubSpot:
  42. 42. Brand Spankin’ New: Agency Directory ● Now, any agency (HubSpot Partner or otherwise) can be listed in the new Agency Directory! ● You must be Inbound Certified to be listed ● Let’s take a look! ○ PR 20/20: ○ How to create your directory listing: ● Set preferences, industries, types of work ● Post case studies and reviews ● Get discovered by thousands of HubSpot Customers