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Technology Action Plan


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Technology Action Plan

  1. 1. Te’Nesha AustinEDLD 5352: Instructional LeadershipWeek 4 Assignment3/20/11 Technology Action PlanObjective: To address the campus’ technology needs based on data analysis from various resourcesfocusing on the effective integration of technology in curriculum, instruction, and assessment throughprofessional development.Strategies Parties in Charge Source of Evaluation Process FundingNew school year orientation – Principal & Instructional Campus Budget Qualitative feedbackTechnology Training Technology Specialist and teacher surveys(Gradespeed, Code of Conductect.)Utilize current district Principal & Instructional Campus Budget Administrativeresources (SMARTboards, Technology Specialist ObservationCPS, United Streaming, Qualitative feedbackteacher websites) and teacher evaluationsUtilize online resources usage Principal & Instructional Campus Budget Qualitative feedbacktraining (Youtube, Google Technology Specialist and surveysapplications)Utilize content specific Principal, Instructional District Budget Qualitative feedbacktechnology training Technology Specialist, and teacher/campus Department Leaders STaR Chart resultsClassroom walk throughs to Principal, Instructional Eduphoria andidentify and support staff in Technology Specialist, documentationtechnology integration Department LeadersUtilize/create/maintain Principal & Department District Budget Web page report andteacher website Leaders STaR chart resultsContinuous Improvement - Instructional Technology District Budget All teachers will beintegrating technology into Coordinator required to attend atthe classroom professional least 3 staffdevelopment development sessions offered throughout the yearContinuous Improvement – All administration, CIP, Documentation anddata collection and research Instructional Technology technology action planon technology and future Coordinator,development/usages Instructional Technology Specialist
  2. 2. Technology Action Plan Organizational ChartPersonnel/Stakeholders Role & Job Description Administrators Role Title ResponsibilitiesTechnology Application Oversee the technology • Ensure technology IncreaseAdministrator department; is enhancing, communication supporting, and • District website with facilitating learning, links to all instruction, departments and communication and campuses. administration in • Campus websites the district maintained by campus webmaster, with links to teacher websites • Communications platform for district wide communication (email, file sharing, calendar) • Network and email accounts for every employee. • Data storage for all network accounts and students • Web based grade book and parent portal • Web based student management system • Distance learning opportunities • Variety of other resources and programsInstructional Technology Work collaboratively • To improve the Provide support toCoordinator with technology capacity of all teachers and integration administrator teachers to coordinator through and instructional integrate learning period. technology specialist to technology effectively into provide leadership curriculum and instruction • To provide training that identifies and promotes curricula and teaching
  3. 3. strategies that integrate technology effectively into curricula and instruction, based on a review of relevant research, and leading to improvements in student academic achievement. • To provide ongoing, sustained professional development for: teachers, principals, administrators, and school library media personnel to further the effective use of technology in the classroom and the library media centerInstructional Technology Provide leadership, • Provide ongoing Review technologySpecialist coordination, and staff sustained staff training offering and development to ensure development in the work collaboratively an aligned and integration of with specialists to technology into the articulated instructional provide technology curriculum for program in regards to a teachers, principals, training to their campus variety of technology administrators and tools, applications and school library programs personnel to further the effective use of technology in the classroom and library media centersCurriculum Specialist AEISIT, TMSDS, • Provide educators Communicate and work CSCOPE and access to a district collaboratively to scan Benchmark Testing data disaggregating and score campus data systems to analyze on benchmark testing student performanceDirector of Elementary General Education • Ensure content Attend meetings toEducation Curriculum K-6, area specialists are increase collaboration ESL/Bilingual Education provided time and between other campus PK-12, Federal resources to administrators become properly Programs and State trained in assisting Compensatory teachers integration Education, Migrant technology into Education, Gifted and specific content Talented Education K-6, areas, work directly
  4. 4. Dyslexia K-6 with campus principals on a variety of topics related to job description • Encourage relationship building between technology department and the curriculum and instruction departmentDirector of Secondary General Education • Ensure content Attend meetings toEducation Curriculum 7-12, Gifted area specialists are increase collaboration and Talented Education provided time and between other campus 7-12, Dyslexia 7-12, resources to administrators become properly Advanced Placement trained in assisting 7-12, Career and teachers integration Technology 7-12, technology into International specific content Baccalaureate Program areas, work directly 9-12 with campus principals on a variety of topics related to job description • Encourage relationship building between technology department and the curriculum and instruction departmentContent Area Provide leadership, • Work Establish a positiveCoordinators coordination, and staff collaboratively with relationship with development to ensure teachers to content area an aligned and integrate coordinators, discuss technology into articulated instructional campus/teacher needs classroom practices program in the subject • Provide and support, share area assigned professional ideas regarding development integration of content directly related to specific technology, the integration of include coordinators in technology in the campus communication content areas and invite to key • Serve as a liaison between the meetings teachers and technology to ensure needs are being met • Work collaboratively with
  5. 5. the technology department to stay abreast of current technology and its usesDistrict Testing TAKS and all related • Ensure basic Work collaboratively toCoordinator assessments technology skills ensure all state testing are evaluated K-12 is conducted properlyCampus Administrator Create a • Provide support for Personally evaluate teachers and staff their use of technology shared vision, in the integration of to effectively run their encourage and sustain technology to campus, asses and the appropriate enhance teaching, complete the Texas integration of learning and communication STaR Chart for their technology, use modern campus, meet with • Model the use of technology to district coordinators information technology enhance campus regularly, collaborate tools to embrace communication with with other principals accountability and staff, parents, and regarding technology, hence use data for the community attend professional sound decision-making • Provide policies that encourages development related to and continual innovative use of integration of assessment of effective technology technology to enhance technology for teaching and learning, improving student hold meetings (wiki, learning blog or video conference) with key personal regularly, model the use of technologyCampus Technology Serve as the liaison • Provide campus Hold meetings with theSupport (Tech Mates) between the campus support for a variety Tech Mates to asses and technology of technology technology needs of the department needs, technology campus department is contacted as neededLibrarian Oversee the • Provide students Meet with campus management of the with a variety of librarian to discuss campus multimedia opportunities to needs and budgeting in center utilize technology an effort to provide for information additional high quality acquisition, problem-solving, support for students to and oral and written integration technology communication into their school day • Assist teachers in utilization of the library to enhance classroom
  6. 6. instruction related to technology • Provide additional high quality support for students to integration technology into their school dayAll Teachers Integrate technology • Provide students Walkthroughs and effectively into with a variety of PDAS evaluations, curriculum and opportunities to ensure teachers attend instruction, thus utilize technology one technology for information improving academic professional acquisition, achievement and problem-solving, development a year technology literacy for and oral and written all students communication