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An anti-bullying presentation that I facilitated to the Day Middle School in Newton, MA in 2013 as part of their StandUp to Bullying Day

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  • BulliesRelational Aggression---EggersBystandersCyber-bullying (Online)---Power is the glue that holds the puzzle together. If we can take away the bullies power, we can help to create a culture where there is no tolerance for this behavior!
  • A LOT of the bullying we hear about isn’t physical or even verbal abuse…Its this stuff we call relational aggression – a type of bullying/aggression where the goal is to destroy friendships and social standing – happens online and in personExclusion, rumors, gossip, ganging up, etc. RUMORS are the big one….
  • So now let’s talk about bystanders…The audience that says/does nothingIt’s not easy but it’s really important that you stand up against this stuffWhen you don’t you only help the bully and their friendsWhat to do???Walk away – bullies LIKE audiencesHelp them get away – “I need you help.” “ I have a question for you.” “Come here for a second.”Support people in small ways– maybe they’re not your BFF, but you can still do small things that require really no effort that is still going to make them feel betterCall the person out – “that’s not cool” – not always easy – don’t want bully to turn on you, maybe they are your friend, but it will make a big difference to the person being targeted. EMPHASIZE: do not do this if you are not comfortable! Some people may have the personality to do so, but it is not recommended for everyone!It may not always work, so don’t waste your time/energy. Just say something nice to the person getting bullied!
  • Two boys in Canada heard about a boy in their school who was bullied and harassed because he wore a pink shirt to schoolThe boys decided they had enoughThey went out and bought 50 pink t-shirts and went online to get support from other students at schoolBy the next day hundreds of students came to school wearing pink Bottom line – these two boys started an international movement by taking a standUpdates:Their Facebook page (Pink Shirt Day) has over 20,000 likesThey have raised tens of thousands of dollars for various anti-bullying programs in Canada
  • StandUp to Bullying @DayMiddleSchool

    1. 1. “What if the kid you bullied at school, grew up, and turned out to be the only doctor who could save your life?”
    2. 2. TAKE AWAY O It’s the little things that matter… O Show Respect! O Treat others how YOU want to be treated! WE ARE A COMMUNITY & Bullying will NOT be accepted.
    3. 3. The Bullying Puzzle…
    4. 4. Over & Sad Over or Power Afraid
    5. 5. friendships and status Gossiping Excluding Others Eye-Rolling Laughing at Someone Secrets It was just a Joke… “JK”
    6. 6. Don’t be one. Think about what you are doing. Stay out of it! Don’t Talk about it!!! spread rumors. Don’t laugh along Don’t join in.
    7. 7. •Ignore it! • Print it. •Tell the service provider. •Think about what you post! •Talk about it!!!
    8. 8. Could adults fix bullying without your help?
    9. 9. Use it for GOOD!