Behind Closed Doors - The Secret Life of an #SAPro


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Behind Closed Doors - The Secret Life of an #SAPro

  1. 1. Behind Closed Doors The Secret Life of a Student Affairs Professional © P. Max Quinn BACHA RA Conference – October 20, 2012
  2. 2. Photo Courtesy of #WhatShouldWeCallStudentAffairs Tumblr
  3. 3. •  Participants will be able to •  Participants will be able to ask questions articulate student in a safe space, to best assist them in development theories, and answering the question: Is Student ways they are used to Affairs the right profession for me? engage college students.•  Participants will be able to •  Participants will be able to identify demonstrate an professional organizations (ACPA, understanding of the ethical NASPA, ACUHO-i, BACHA, ASCA, principles that guide etc...) and ways to get involved as both an student affairs work. undergraduate and graduate student.•  Participants will be able to articulate professional •  Participants will learn advice about competencies that student graduate school best practices: How to affairs professionals should choose the right school; Questions to ask master. in an interview; Institutional fit; etc... Goals of this Session
  4. 4. Photo Courtesy of #WhatShouldWeCallStudentAffairs Tumblr
  5. 5. Is Student Affairs the right profession for me? Photo Courtesy of #WhatShouldWeCallStudentAffairs Tumblr
  6. 6. Arthur Chickering 7 Vectors•  V1: Developing Competence •  V4: Developing Mature Interpersonal Relationships•  V2: Managing Emotions •  V5: Establishing Identity•  V3: Moving through •  V6: Developing Purpose Autonomy, towards Interdependence •  V7: Developing IntegrityStudent Development Theory
  7. 7. Photo Courtesy of #WhatShouldWeCallStudentAffairs Tumblr
  8. 8. MORE THEORY!•  Cognitive Development •  Spiritual Identity Dev.•  Experiential Learning •  LGBTQ Identity Dev.•  Moral Development •  Transition Theory – 4 S’s•  Generational Theories •  Feminist Theory•  Psychosocial Identity Dev. •  Critical Race Theory•  Challenge & Support •  Self Authorship•  Holistic Dev.•  Counseling Theories •  Informal TheoriesStudent Development Theories
  9. 9. Ethical Principles Ethical Decision-Making Model for Student Affairs (Kocet, McCauley, & Thompson, 2009) 1.  Develop an Ethical Worldview 2.  Identify the Ethical Dilemma/Problem 3.  Weigh Competing Ethical Principles 4.  Select Relevant Ethical Guidelines/Professional Standards 5.  Examine Potential Cultural/Contextual Issues Impacting the Ethical Dilemma Professional Associations that provide guiding Ethical Principles for the Profession ACPA - College Student Educators International NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education
  10. 10. •  Advising & Helping •  History, Philosophy &•  Assessment, Evaluation & Values Research •  Human & Organizational•  Equity, Diversity & Resources Inclusion •  Law, Policy &•  Ethical Professional Governance Practice •  Personal Foundations•  Leadership (Reflection of the Self)•  Student Learning & Development Developing Competence ACPA / NASPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Practitioners
  11. 11. Website: Twitter: @NASPAtweets Regional Website: Regional Twitter: @NASPAR1Website: www2.myacpa.orgTwitter: @ACPA Regional Website: Regional Twitter: @MCPATweetsProfessional Development
  12. 12. ACUHO-I: Association of College and University Housing Officers – International Website: | Twitter: @ACUHOI Regional Website: Regional Twitter: @NEACUHO ACU-I: Association of College Unions – International Website: | Twitter: @ACUItweets Regional Website: Regional Twitter: @ACUIRegion1 ASCA: Association of Student Conduct Administrators Website: | Twitter: @TheASCA Regional Website: NACA: National Association for Campus Activities Website: | Twitter: @THENACA Regional Website: | Regional Twitter: @thenacane Professional Development
  13. 13. AFA: Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Website: | Twitter: @AFA1976 NODA: National Orientation Directors Association Website: Regional Website: Association of Collegiate Conference and Events Directors – International Website: | Twitter: @ACCEDI Regional Website: NACADA: National Academic Advising Association Website: | Twitter: @NACADA Regional Website: NACAC: National Association for College Admissions Counseling Website: | Twitter: @NACAC Professional Development
  14. 14. List Courtesy of Dr. Beth Moriarty NAFSA: Association of International Educators Website: | Twitter: @NAFSA Regional Website: NAFSA_Regions/Region_XI ACHA: American College Health Association Website: | Twitter: @ACHA_Tweets Campus Compact Website: NASFAA: National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators Website: NACE: National Association of Colleges and Employers Website: www.naceweb.orgRegional: BACHA: Boston Area College Housing Association Website: | Twitter: @bacha_org Professional Development
  15. 15. •  How to choose the right school? •  Location, Location, Location! •  Counseling VS. Administrative •  College Student Personnel •  Student Affairs / Higher Education Your Network•  Questions to ask in an interview... •  Culture of Institution | Institutional fit is your NET- •  Opportunities for Professional Development •  Assistantships ? WORTH!•  What is the Difference between Undergrad & Grad School? •  Passion •  Willingness to Learn •  Workload •  Work life Balance •  Professionalism Applying to Grad School
  16. 16. Manage YOUR Digital Identity Photo Courtesy of #WhatShouldWeCallStudentAffairs Tumblr
  17. 17. Photo Courtesy of #WhatShouldWeCallStudentAffairs Tumblr