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The Interim Advantage: Professional Experience When You Need It.


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An Interim Executive helps companies address their most difficult business challenge quickly, professionally and with a significant return on their investment. Brownstone's Interim Executive provides short-term leaders to help implement change, fill unexpected openings, restructure, improve performance or deliver critical projects.

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The Interim Advantage: Professional Experience When You Need It.

  1. 1. Growth • Performance •Turnaround • Succession
  2. 2. INTERIM EXECUTIVE EXECUTIVE SEARCH MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS Starts within Preparation period starts now Several months One to four weeks Mission Implement change Find best candidate Analyse needs Outcome Solution in place Permanent hire on board Recommended solution Experience Well qualified for project Searches for qualified applicant Utilizes new consultants – OJT Accountability Full responsibility/ownership Success dependent on client Relies on client to implement Objectivity What is best for the client Needs a new hire to get paid Answers to consulting firm Time-line Defined and maintained Open ended Depends on client Value to Client From day one When candidate is hired Project completion Effectiveness Strong due to Executive level Advisory. Usually not applicable Advisory