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Day 2: Georg Chmiel


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Big data and predictive analytics

Technological progress has made big data ready to shake up the portal and real estate industry. It is about transforming the business models and processes of all participants, such as agents, buyers, sellers, portals in the real estate space. It is the differentiating factor for developers in highly competitive markets. Big data combined with social media and bots it provides a winning formula to those who embrace it.

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Day 2: Georg Chmiel

  2. 2. 23 years of Experience in (Online) Real Estate ONLINE REAL ESTATEREAL ESTATE
  3. 3. Past work experience - the world’s largest advertising group for real estate
  4. 4. 4 Times Are Changing People Digital InnovationChange
  5. 5. People Digital InnovationChange Social Media Disruption Times Are Changing
  6. 6. People Digital InnovationChange Social Media Disruption It is about Social (People) Using the online networks to get things done better in the real world Times Are Changing
  7. 7. Page‹#› Deppon Disruption is nothing new
  9. 9. Page‹#› Deppon 1999 US$60 billion 2006 US$60 billion2006 under $1 billion 1999 under $1 billion Disruption is a ZERO sum game
  10. 10. Quality Listings Direct & Organic Traffic Leads to Agents Tell Consumers Sign up & Upgrade Agents & Private Listers Print to Online Conversion Is this enough?
  11. 11. Page‹#› Deppon Disruption is affecting everyone Agents/Realtors Portals
  12. 12. Page‹#› Deppon Disruption Taxi No metre Expensive routes Intelligent booking system Tracking Rating No Driver Ultimate Car Sharing Collaborative Consumption Purchase Car
  13. 13. Page‹#› Deppon Value of Modern Companies Brand & Data Technology / Patents Net assets
  14. 14. Page‹#› Deppon Value of Modern Companies
  15. 15. Page‹#› Deppon Value of Data iProperty was a sponsor of a hack day in May 2016 Sponsorship = 65m rows of data
  16. 16. Quality Listings Agents Registered Users Property Sales Searches
  17. 17. Big Data in Real Estate Developers Agents ● To configure ● To advertise ● To sell ● To sell Data To Build Data To Advertise Data To Sell Data To Manage
  18. 18. Data To Build Question: I have a block of land - what should I build
  19. 19. Data To Build Data To Build
  20. 20. Data To Build Question: How should I price the project? How many people can afford it?
  21. 21. Data To Advertise Question: Where do my potential buyers sit?
  22. 22. Data To Advertise
  23. 23. Data To Advertise
  24. 24. Data To Advertise Question: How do I get 10x higher response rate in my eDMs?
  25. 25. Page‹#› Deppon Data To Advertise How to send emails to 5-10% of your database - less exhausted database Charge more Have better results, and as a result happier customers source: iProperty Group public information
  26. 26. Page‹#› Deppon DATA Data To Advertise
  27. 27. Data To Advertise Question: How can I maximise my advertising spend?
  28. 28. Data To Advertise
  29. 29. Data To Sell Question: How much is my property worth?
  30. 30. Data To Sell
  31. 31. Data To Sell Question: How likely will the project sell?
  32. 32. Data To Sell
  33. 33. Data To Sell Question: How do I best talk to the buyers?
  34. 34. Page‹#› Deppon Pull 1.0 Pull 1.2 Pull 2.0 Disruption is affecting everyone - PULL
  35. 35. First level contact - bots Data To Sell
  36. 36. Big Data Data To Sell
  37. 37. Page‹#› Deppon
  38. 38. Big Data facebook twitter linkedIN instagram … ONLINE REPUTATION Data To Sell
  39. 39. THANK YOU