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Soft Skills Essentials for Software Craftsmen - Mechelen Mini XP Days 2011

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Soft Skills Essentials for Software Craftsmen - Mechelen Mini XP Days 2011

  1. 1. Soft Skills Essentials for Software Craftsmen Pierluigi Pugliese Yves Hanoulle ConneX o X
  2. 2. Why are we here?
  3. 3. It all started here...
  4. 4. What about this?
  5. 5. Agile Coaches think Teams
  6. 6. You are part of the Team
  7. 7. And what about your skills?
  8. 8. Find the Person: Some statistics from Agile Coaching books
  9. 9. We should grow also Individuals, not just Teams!
  10. 10. Teams are made by Individuals Great Individuals for Great Teams
  11. 11. How to support individuals?
  12. 12. Space to learn
  13. 13. An experienced Mentor
  14. 14. Space to interact
  15. 15. Individual Coaching
  16. 16. Invest in Trust
  17. 17. Soft Skills
  18. 18. And now some practical soft-skills tools...
  19. 19. Think Solutions (Solution Focused)
  20. 20. Solutions instead of Problems “All of the Facts belong only to the Problem, not to its Solution” (Ludwig Wittgenstein) Here, The Future Now The Past
  21. 21. The Problem The Goal
  22. 22. The Solution State
  23. 23. Solution - What would be instead of different? Problems - What resources did you use? Suppose you - How would you recognise it? have achieved your goal...
  24. 24. Your Turn: Think Solution
  25. 25. Status (Improv Theatre)
  26. 26. Status
  27. 27. A: “Hi there, I had a very successful day at work” B: “Oh, yeah, I told you with my help you could have made it great” you high, me higher B: “Yeah, great, but it’s just a small victory...” you lower than you think - implies me high B: “Oh really, what a great coach you are” you high, me low - but is it sincere? B: “Oh, I wish I could be as successful as you one day” you high, me really low
  28. 28. Status Games are Everywhere!
  29. 29. Your Turn: Another Status
  30. 30. Transactions (Transactional Analysis)
  31. 31. Ego States P C Parent Child A Adult
  32. 32. Complementary Transaction S R P C Parent Child
  33. 33. Complementary Transaction S R A A Adult Adult
  34. 34. Crossed Transaction R S ? P A Parent Adult
  35. 35. Parent Types CP NP
  36. 36. Child Types AC FC
  37. 37. What goes where... Acting as... Elicits... Controlling Parent Adapted Child Nurturing Parent Free Child Adult Adult Free Child Nurturing Parent Adapted Child Controlling Parent
  38. 38. Your Turn: Crossed P CP NP CP AC NP FC A A A A FC NP C AC FC AC CP
  39. 39. Basically...
  40. 40. All of these Tools give you more Choices
  41. 41. Use Passively and Actively
  42. 42. Where can you go from here? There’s a wealth of techniques out there: you choose where to explore next...
  43. 43. Pierluigi Pugliese Yves Hanoulle ConneX o X Bibliography here!