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If you want to transfer and share your PowerPoint Presentation online, it is better to convert PPT to Flash videos using third party converter software. It helps in fast uploading and streaming of the flash videos even when the internet connection is slow.

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PPT to Flash

  1. 1. PPT To Flashhttp://www.ppttoflash.org
  2. 2. PPT To Flash Table Of Contents What is PowerPoint - An introduction What is Flash Video Why convert PPT to flash video How to convert PPT to Flash PPT to Flash Converter- Software Features PPT to Flash Converter-User Guide
  3. 3. PPT To Flash IntroductionPowerPoint Presentation is a software programthat is included as a part of MS Office package.It uses .ppt format in form of slide shows that iswidely used in education, business, marketingand professional fields. One can easily addanimations, graphics, special effects andcompany’s logo to make the slides moreattractive and meaningful
  4. 4. PPT To Flash What is Flash video Flash video is a container format that supports playback of videos over internet using Adobe flash player. It supports .flv and .swf file format for streaming of the videos over internet. Flash was initially developed by Macromedia and is well accepted by various websites such as YouTube, Metacafe, Hulu, Yahoo etc to access and stream videos online. 
  5. 5. PPT To Flash Why Convert PPT to Flash   PPT or PowerPoint presentation consists of bulky files that is difficult to distribute and upload online. A PPT slide may be as large as 50 MB and thus it is considered difficult to upload and share online. Moreover, PowerPoint application needs to be installed on the PC for viewing the presentation. However, if it is converted to flash, the size becomes small and can be easily uploaded and shared online. Flash videos are compatible on various gadgets and devices. It is easy to stream videos even when the internet connection is slow.
  6. 6. PPT To Flash How to Convert PPT to Flash Although PPT to flash can be convertedmanually but the process is too lengthy, thus itis better to convert PPT to flash with third partyPowerPoint to flash converter software. It is apowerful tool that easily transforms andconverts PPT, PPTX slides to Flash videos forsharing on web.
  7. 7. PPT To FlashPPT to Flash Converter- Software Features• It converts PowerPoint to flash videos• It has an interactive and multilingual interface• It helps in making the slides more secure• It is easy to download and install• It offers batch conversion to save time and energy.
  8. 8. PPT To Flash User Guide How to Use Software• Install and run the software• drag and drop the PPT files from the list• click “ Add PPT File” button• The select the output file format –• click on the “Convert” button to start the conversion. 
  9. 9. PPT To Flash Thank You Please Visithttp://www.ppttoflash.org