Management & control of home automation devices


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Management & Control of Home Automation Devices based on EnOcean Technology with JSLEE

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Management & control of home automation devices

  1. 1. Master Thesis Presentation Management & Control of Home Automation Devices based on EnOcean Technology with JSLEE Examiners:Piyush Chand Prof. Dr. Ulrich TrickMaster Student &Matriculation No. 937005 Dr. Andreas PechDate: 01-11-2011
  2. 2. Contents1) Objective of the Master Thesis Work2) EnOcean Technology Overview3) EnOcean Resource Adaptor4) Home Automation Service with DTMF5) Conclusion & Future Perspectives
  3. 3. Objective of the Master Thesis Work• The Master Thesis work lays down the foundation of integrating the home automation communication architecture to the telecommunication architecture. Home Automation Telecommunication Communication Architecture Architecture• The integration of both these communication architecture provides the possibility to develop value added services for the SIP ( Session Initiation Protocol) User Agent.• Demonstrating a home automation service based on the JSLEE(Jain Service Logic Execution Environment) Application Server.
  4. 4. Objective of the Master Thesis Work JSLEE AS EnOcean EnOcean Technology based T Telecommunication RA Communication Architecture Architecture EnOcean Gateway• The key communicating element in the EnOcean Technology Communication Architecture is the EnOcean Gateway.• The key communicating element in the Telecommunication Architecture is the Application Server based on JSLEE.• The RA(Resource Adaptor) provides the functionality to the JSLEE to communicate with the external environment.
  5. 5. EnOcean Technology Overview EnOcean Technology is based on the energetically efficient exploitation of applied slight mechanical excitation and other potentials from the environment using the principles of energy harvesting.Reference: Energy Efficiency and flexibility enabled by EnOcean, available at
  6. 6. EnOcean Technology Overview Motion Sensor Wireless TCP/IP Lamp Energy Meter Actuator RF EnOcean Gateway as a Transceiver for home automation devicesRF: Radio FrequencyTCP: Transmission Control ProtocolIP : Internet Protocol
  7. 7. EnOcean Resource Adaptor EnOcean RA EnOcean SBB Thread Handling Activities Activity Context Interface Connection Establishment Gateway Port 2001 Service Logic Receiving Telegram Connection Port 2100 Activity Ready Status Port 2003 Sending Telegram EnOcean Port 2005 Connection Close Connection Activity Port 2002 StatusEnOcean Gateway EnOcean Events RA: Resource Adaptor SBB: Service Building Block JSLEE Application Server
  8. 8. Home Automation Service with DTMF Application Server Method Calls EnOcean Events EnOcean SBB EnOcean EnOcean Method Calls Events SIP Events RA fired fired SIP Events SIP SIP(Request) RA SIP(Response) MSML Control Channel SIP TCP ) lity (Re na MS ctio SIP sp o un (Re F MF n se qu ( DT RTP ) est )Actuator EnOcean Gateway RF Signals SIP UA SIP: Session Initiation Protocol TCP: Transmission Control Protocol RA: Resource Adaptor MSML: Media Server Markup Language SBB: Service Building Block RTP: Real-Time-Protocol DTMF: Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency MS: Media Server RF: Radio Frequency UA: User Agent
  9. 9. Home Automation Service with DTMF
  10. 10. Conclusion & Future Perspectives Conclusion:• Combining EnOcean Technology with the SIP based telecommunication architecture.• Implementation of the EnOcean Resource Adaptor for controlling the EnOcean Technology Devices.• Implementation of the Home Automation Service to evaluate the EnOcean RA with media functionality based on DTMF. Future Extension:• Developing home automation service for monitoring home automation devices like motion sensors and energy meter.• Implementation of all the telegram messages based on the EnOcean Equipment Profile Specification in the Resource Adaptor.
  11. 11. Future Perspectives JSLEE Application Server Service Other Home EnOcean M BUS KNX ZigBee Automation RA RA RA RA RAs• Combining various kinds of Home Automation Communication Architectures to the JSLEE Application Server by building Resource Adaptors.• Understanding the nature and behaviour of the communication protocol in the home automation communication architecture.
  12. 12. Future Perspectives SIP RA HTTP RA EnOcean Service SBB EnOcean RARA: Resource AdaptorSIP: Session Initiation ProtocolTCP: Transmission Control ProtocolSBB: Service Building Block
  13. 13. “Thank You for your Attention” “……” Any Questions ………??