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Internet Marketing Company in Charlotte NC


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We're a Charlotte, NC based web site design company providing professional website design, development, and online marketing services since 1999. Our creative team combines its talents to produce awesome web sites.

Our Mission
Simply said, we provide website design and search engine marketing services for businesses and companies here in North Carolina and across the USA, large and small, which require customized functionality, great design, and search-engine friendly websites. Our mission is to make you look great and meet your online objectives at an affordable price. We understand the simple rule: if you look great, we look great.

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Internet Marketing Company in Charlotte NC

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Company in Charlotte NC
  2. 2. Social media puts your business in touch with the world. With nearly every home in the USA having access to the Internet in some form, and 1.06 billion monthly active users and 680 million mobile users visiting Facebook every month, the potential to raise brand awareness through sites like Facebook is huge. Recent updates to Google algorithms also mean that social media signals have a direct impact on your overall search engine ranking positions. Let’s cut to the chase… 1. Access to people’s friends Social media gives you access to other people’s social networks. With email marketing you only get access to one person. On social media, if you make a post or a tweet that someone strongly agrees with, your content will immediately be shared with hundreds of other people. Among those people are more people who might re-share your content. Social media is a powerful tool for building two-way connections and reaching friends of your customers. 2. Build relationships with people that don’t give their email or subscribe to your lists It takes a lot for someone to give you their email address. Even top marketers rarely get more than 20% of the people who land on an email capture page to actually give them their email address. Contrast that with what it takes for someone to “Like” or follow you. In order to like you people just need to see a piece of your content that they connect with anywhere on the web or through their friend’s feed. It doesn’t take much and can be just a passing thought. The same goes for tweets. If someone sees one tweet of yours that they like they can decide to follow you. You can reach a lot of people who wouldn’t have otherwise got in your funnel through social media. 3. Customers from everywhere can interact with your brand Social media platforms are the perfect platform for a brand to communicate their expertise in a given industry, and do so by providing great content that people will share with others. This is how companies can become thought leaders in their space. Don’t just sell people what you have and what you do, provide them with something of value, which can come in many forms, but should be designed to teach, entertain, ignite discussions, and gain honest feedback. Social media also allows you to offer fast,
  3. 3. transparent communications and support, be accountable, and also have fun with your customer base. Are you searching for an internet marketing company in Charlotte NC? Websites with fresh unique content are search engines’ best friends: they always end up at the top of the search results, provided that their content is also relevant and of good quality. Because of Google’s recent changes, to their algorithms, they are giving preference to websites frequently updated. 1) Search engine crawlers will visit your website more frequently, meaning that your new content will be indexed quicker, possibly before that of the competition. 2) Your website will gain authority, provided that the fresh content is relevant to the mission of your website. 3) Your website will be perceived by both search engines and users as a useful resource, and will consequently be ranked higher and referred to more often. 4)When social functions are enabled on your website, social media users will be more likely to share your content with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, which will result in a popularity boost, and possibly in a higher search engine ranking. 5)Your users will return to your website more frequently to check the latest content you’ve added.