Celebrity Design Diva, Travel Journalist, Foodie Expert and Hotel Snob!


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Nicole Sassaman has bought, built and flipped over 100 homes and is a design goddess who has written two book, Design Life and Sassy Tips Renovation and about to release her third. She renovated the Greta Garbo Estate and the Barbie Penthouse. Her designs are as sexy as she is and she is traveling the world to seek out fabulous designs, hotels and restaurants to share with you in her 4th book, Sassy Tips Travel. She has designed for the biggest of celebrities and loves empowering everyone to design a great life and to see the possibilities in everything!

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Celebrity Design Diva, Travel Journalist, Foodie Expert and Hotel Snob!

  1. 1. Celebrity Design Diva, Travel Journalist, Foodie Expert and Hotel Snob!
  2. 2. Have you ever just obtained a new home, or are you currently thinking of redecorating the one that you already possess? Home design is a very difficult undertaking. You wish to combine your tastes as to what is culturally acceptable and do not go overboard. Well fortunate for you, there are numerous inside designers that are available to assist you to. Now you may be thinking that it can be a expensive effort, also it can be. No one is saying that you need to hire a designer or which you even have to alter almost everything right away, nevertheless. The key is to find a designer that meets your needs and preferences and search through their images and ideas for ideas. This information will expose several best designers that you most likely have previously viewed. Now that you may be much more familiar with them, you can begin to permit the creativity come your way. You happen to be residing beneath a rock in case you have never ever read about a specific time time talk present variety who turns everything she details to golden. As a result of her, this primary designer also was a house name following showing up on her present then at some point obtaining his design Television series. The glitz, the glamour, the recognition; your preferred actors and actresses wear them as very easily and as stylishly just like any jewellery because they stride direct across the reddish colored carpet. No doubt celebrities are living the great daily life, taking a bath beneath the shining light-weight of press and paparazzi. You can bet their lifestyles are very well-noted in publications of display enterprise, and a lot for the need of your enthusiasts, they can get the deluxe of getting a peek to their beloved celebrities' lives which incorporate their homes. Now for acquiring, celebrities and possessing an real estate is not any standard matter. When you are locating patterns for your home, you may want to have a look at your chosen movie star homes. These are generally likely to construct their houses particularly their very own bed rooms with intriguing internal designs. This information will give you tips in transforming particularly your own room into something rewarding. Luckily, you could always rob suggestions for your very own bedroom facelift. Here
  3. 3. are some ideas on copying many of the most fascinating superstar bed room patterns. For those who are into conventional design, a diva-inspired bedroom is just right for your flavor. All the other decorations are supposed to go with the strengthen establish by the headboard. You could always produce a new look out of scraps, regarding you. You can find vintage headboard in old-fashioned retailers and other flea trading markets. Even though not as elegant, you can find things that would certainly satisfy your design. With that in mind, the rest of the accessories is going to be quicker to conceptualize. If convenience can be your concern, you can take ideas coming from a popular actor's room. The bedding and curtains will be the tactics in having the inviting truly feel in his space. Even so, you can not always employ the drapery as a strategy to your own place as it uses area. An alternative is to utilise Special pillows! Yes, you can stuff your mattress with a lot of pillows. You can match various designs, shades and textiles. Usually do not utilize the very same shade around if you wish to continue a inviting and attractive setting without having reducing classiness! Do not complement the bedroom pillows and bed furniture with the exact same tone. If becoming fanciful is in your bloodstream then take a glance into a wonderful trend designer's master bedroom. Your room is painted with vivid hues and covered with floral drapery. The wood made furnishings also brings entertaining on the environment of your area. To make this exciting really feel in your own space, enjoy colours. Do not hesitate to try out robust and lively hues. Even so, you need to always make sure that you prefer the color prior to selecting placing it on your room. Choosing a exclusive color that is different from any section of your respective home can have the fun part of yourself. Considering their lives are accessible to almost everyone, celeb properties are definitely the most accessible reference point that may help you check out different creative ideas in developing you possess residences. Even so, you can not generally backup the things you see in many celeb properties. Keep in mind and also hardwearing . design concepts as inexpensive as you can.
  4. 4. Stick to your budget but still get the look that you might want for your own personel position. Trying to find a Celebrity Designer? Celebrities like actors or television persons reside in a unique community which we, the remainder of the entire world, appreciate from the range. It sometimes comes about that we basically don´t have plenty of fingers to count up a motion picture star´s cars or motorcycles. In other cases we require binoculars to find out the conclusion of a put-star´s residence. And So I am sure how the Titanic might suit just great in many celebrities´ pool. But rather than envying these individuals, we should be influenced by their highway to accomplishment, by their attitude and incidentally they have got decorated their properties. You would be amazed to discover how an understanding lent from those mansions could affect a smaller residence or perhaps apartment. Becoming hunted by the multimedia when they keep their houses, celebrities like to keep their properties from the view in the wondering. One of the houses which definitely pulls the interest is situated by using an artificial tropical island which is that sort of home where you shouldn´t make an effort counting the bedrooms, the bath rooms and the other rooms. The primary strategy influenced by this spot is high end. The typical colors are beige, greyish and white-colored building a comfy ambiance which can be sustained through the classic armchairs and sofas. The drapes underline the overall design of the sizeable house windows trying to make the rooms friendlier. Have you any idea who is the best Celebrity Designer? An additional home which appearance amazing is definitely an apartment in California. Wherever you appear, the thing is modern day design and designer created furnishings, which fishing lures you to sit down and loosen up. Having cup wall surfaces and extremely thicker and delicate carpets and rugs, this flat includes a really homelike environment. The bed rooms have drapes in a comfortable color, which may be dragged besides throughout day time allowing sunlight in.
  5. 5. Even though you would business your home for one of these simple immediately, it would be quicker to decorate it based on their tips. Using the natural colors beige, bright white or grey can be a positive menu for fulfillment. Your home will look classy, comfortable and friendly. If you choose to get drapes you could chose weighty kinds which keep the lighting out when you sleeping, and which is often drawn besides through the day. Have you ever heard about travel journalism? A travel journalist looks at new locations and reveals observations with others utilizing the published term and images. One of the most essential specifications for this particular work is a wish to vacation and experience new ethnicities and environments. With a number of on the internet journey composing programs and internet based graduate degrees in imaginative writing accessible, you may swiftly change that passion for journey which way with terms in a truly satisfying livelihood, though currently. Everyone's reached start somewhere. And there will likely be rejections. Lots of them. Instead of only rejections, either: there are likely to no replies, , implausible ideas for how you can boost your submitted piece and every other type of slight and knock-back again possible. And amongst all of this, the only way to improve is to keep using it in the chin - whilst keepingwriting and writing, composing. No matter what anyone else states. By all means see the work of other travel journalists. See the things that work for different travel journalists. But never, under any circumstances, be like other travel journalists. There's only a great way to be a successful travel journalist and that's to get your self and to recount your experiences as they happened to you personally - not like you have been pretending to be someone else.