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Best SEO Strategies for 2014


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This contains the Best SEO Strategies for 2014! These recommendations are based on my experience with what is working the best in SEO field. I hope you'll find this publication very useful.

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Best SEO Strategies for 2014

  1. 1. New York SEO Services Best SEO Strategies for 2014 Real Social Profiles In nowadays, creating fresh social profiles to publish content isn't enough. It doesn't matter if we talk about social bookmarks, article submissions, Video or PDF&Doc sharing sites, social networks, local citation or location-based sites, etc. If your social accounts/pofiles will not have any social activity, then search engines will ignore (even mark as spam), your published content. It's true, it hurts and if you don't believe me then try to take a closer look to the guys which are using SEO software like Senuke Xcr, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Bookmarking Demon, Ultimate Demon, Xrumer, Magic Submitter, and many other automated SEO tools. - Of course, if you'll ask these guys from a buyer/customer point, they will never tell you the truth. But I'm sure that your wallet/pocket will not lie you if you'll use for several months SEO services that are using software.
  2. 2. New York SEO Services Best SEO Strategies for 2014 Linked Social Profiles Did you noticed that from several years almost social websites (social bookmarks, article directories, Video and PDF&Doc Sharing websites, press release, etc) are asking you to connect your profile with your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or even Pinterest account? These websites have a main reason: sharing the fresh published content on your existing social profiles, to gain more traffic. But search engines considers that connecting your social profiles proofs a real identity: a human that exists! More over, your existing connections/friends/followers from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ will easier find your content, if it matches your friends search engines interogations. - The friendship relations becomes stronger now.
  3. 3. New York SEO Services Best SEO Strategies for 2014 Only High PR Websites For sharing content, I usually use only high PR websites. I think using PR5+ social websites is OK, but using the best websites offers more achievements in your SEO campaigns. For example I'm using only PR8+ domains, even for building Tire 2 backlinks. Also, I'm convinced that many of you noticed that fewer backlinks from high PR domains are more efficient and safe than hundreds, even thousands of backlinks from low PR domains.
  4. 4. New York SEO Services Best SEO Strategies for 2014 Where to Share your Content? I recommend to share your content only to high PR websites (PR5+ in case you believe that more backlinks will make more efficient your SEO campaign). Usually, I'm using PR8+ domains to make my SEO campaigns more efficient, and I believe that as higher is the pagerank of the website you're sharing your content, as more efficient is your campaign – especially after you'll build Tire 2 backlinks (using PR8+ domains, too). Also, if you'll use more social profiles (I know, it's very hard to build and maintain these), then your campaign will be more efficient.
  5. 5. New York SEO Services Best SEO Strategies for 2014 DoFollow or NoFollow? Do you believe in these miths? Sincerly, I didn't found any difference in thousands of SEO campaigns. I've got PR3 for new websites only by using NoFollow backlinks, or using only DoFollow backlinks, or using a mix of these. To rise a PR of a website/web page you must take in consideration two factors: - the credibility of your links (are you using real socail profiles, that have social activity and real friends/followers); - the PR of the social websites where you're sharing your content.
  6. 6. New York SEO Services Best SEO Strategies for 2014 Where to Share? - Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc; - Video Sharing sites: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc; - PDF&Doc Sharing websites: Issuu, Slideshare, Scribd, etc; - Landing Pages: Facebook, Google+, Pinterest Boards, etc; - Location-Based websites: Foursquare, Yelp, Google+, etc; - Blogging Networks: Blogspot, Google, Wordpress, etc. ps: above you have a list with “what works the best in SEO”.
  7. 7. New York SEO Services Best SEO Strategies for 2014 Thanks!!! Thanks for reading this content, and I'll be happy to know your opinions or any suggestion about Best SEO Strategies for 2014. Contact: