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  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Navratri is the festival of worship ofsakthi, dances and festive. Navratriliterally means NINE NIGHTS in Sanskrit.During these nine nights and ten days, nineforms of sakthi (Devi) are worshiped. The10th day is commonly referred to asvijaydhashami or Dashera.Navratri is celebrated 4 times in a year.Vasanta Navratri, Gupta Navratri, SharanaNavratri, Paush Navratri, Magha Navratri.
  3. 3. TYPES OF NAVRATRIVasanth Navratri or Basanta Navratri iscelebrated during the Spring season (March-April). These nine days of festivals is alsoknown as Raama Navratri. Sharvana Navratri or Sharad Navratri iscelebrated during the Winter season(September-October).Gupta Navratri is also referred to asashadha or Gayatri Navratri. It iscelebrated during the month of June-July.
  4. 4. HISTORY BEHIND NAVRATRI There are many stories explaining thehistory of navratri and the reason behindsits emergence. Let us now take a look atthese historical stories.It is said that the trinity god Bhrama, Vishuand Maheshwara granted Mahesasura “thebuffalo demon” a boon that he cannot bedefeated by any man power. After this boonreceived by Mahisasura, he startedconquering the world, heaven and broughtabout the defeat of king deities Indra. Afterthe pleading of God Indra, Lord Brahma, Lord
  5. 5. The nine nights known as Navratri,symbolize thenine days of battle betweenDevi Durga and Mahisasura, while the tenthday, which is vijayadashami-literallymeans the victorious tenth day of conquestof good over evil.
  6. 6. THE EASTERN BELIEF(LORD SHIVA’SDANCE OF DESTRUCTION)There was a king named Dhaksha who ruledHimalayas and was married to Menaka.Dhaksha and Menaka was blessed with adaughter named Uma who was an ardentdevotee of Lord Shiva from her childhood.She worshipped Lord Shiva considering himlike her husband. Shiva satisfied by thedevotion and faith of Uma agreed to marryher. But Dhaksha was not happy of Umagetting married with Shiva who wore a tiger
  7. 7. Later Dhaksha arranged for an yagna forwhich everyone except shiva was invited.Uma, feeling ashamed of this behaviour ofher dad and the attitude he possesedtowards Shiva immolated herself.Shiva on hearing this came to place ofDhaksha and started dancing in angerhaving the body of uma on his shoulder. Theworld was on the verge of destruction dueto the tandav of Shiva. Narayana onr of thetrinity came forward for the rescue . Usinghis chakra he started to cut the body ofUma into pieces. Those pieces started to falloff from the shoulder of shiva at fifty two
  8. 8. Another story tells that Lord Rama whowanted to release Sita from the clutches ofmighty demon king Ravana prayed GoddessDurga in nine aspects for nine days in orderto gather the strength and power to killRavana. Those nine nights became to beknown as Navrathri and on the tenth dayRama killed Ravana that day is calledVijayadashmi or Dashera.
  9. 9. THE CUSTOMS AND ITSSIGNIFICANCE During Navratri, Goddess Durga isworshipped for the first three days, GodessLakshmi is worshipped the next three daysand Goddess Saraswathi is worshipped thelast three days. This symbolizes that thelife of every individual is divided into threephases, the first phase is to gain energy (Durga Devi), the second phase is to earnmoney (Lakshmi Devi) and the last or thethird phase is to share the knowledgegained through all the phases of life. All nine days of navratri is celebrated
  10. 10. RULES FOLLOWED INPERFORMING GOLU The first three tier from the top shouldhave the dolls of the Durga, Lakshmi,Saraswathi, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Ganeshand all other God and Goddess. The first tiermust have a kalash. Kalash is a pot(tamil:sombhu) filled with water the mouthof the pot holds a coconut surrounded bymango leaves. The coconut is applied withturmeric paste and the kumkum is kept like abindhi. The Kalasha symbolicallyrepresents creation. The vacant pot,symbolizes earth, and the water filledsymbolizes the primordial water from which
  11. 11.  The steps 4 to 6 from the top must havesaints like Buddha, Guru Ragavendra, Saibaba, Azhwar, Nayanmar and the like. Itcan also hold men and women of importancelike Gandhi ji, Nehru ji, Annai Theresa andthe like.The 7th step from the top can have set ofdolls on themes like marriage, family,deepavali, ramnavami, krishna jeyanthi andthe like. The 8th step from the top can be organizedwith dolls of one‟s own creativity andimagination. It can also hold chettiar dolls.It is said that the chettiar doll signifies theart of managing the family economically
  12. 12. SIGNIFICANCE OF NAVRATRI It is not just the celebration Navratri issaid to hold lot other significance. As thenine days of celebration is due to thevictory of good over evil it contains thespiritual message that it exhorts mankindto wake up from the slumber of ignorance,remove all negativities, purify the mind andcultivate positive virtues. This alone canhelp one gain thenecessary spiritual knowledge totranscend all earthly limitations andachieve salvation - the highest goal of
  13. 13. attain moksha).The first three days are dedicated to LordDurga invoking shakthi. Durga is invoked forher strength and ferocity which arerequired to cut out from the mind its strongrooted, deep-seated negative tendencies.Noble virtues and the knowledge of self canonly be gained when all evil tendencies in themind are destroyed. The killing ofMahishashura (Mahisha demon) by Durga Deviactually symbolizes the destruction of theevil tendencies of the mind. To destroy ourinnate evil tendencies is very difficult. Thebuffalo stands for the malefic qualities ineveryone of us. It reminds us that despite
  14. 14. On the next three nights, Goddess Laxmi isworshipped. For the knowledge of self-realization to dawn on us, we have to firstprepare our minds. Our worship of GoddessLakshmi is actually our attempt to seek theblessings of the divine being to help us inobtaining the purification of mind. GoddessLakshmi represents wealth that we assumeto be only material wealth.But material wealth is needed only in thisworld and without self discipline, respect,sincerity, kindness and love, wealth canmake our life miserable. The real wealth isthe spiritual wealth that we can gain by thepractice of the right values in our lives,
  15. 15. The final three nights are spent in theinvocation of Goddess Saraswati. Victoryover the mind can be gained only through theproper knowledge and thoroughunderstanding; Goddess Saraswatisymbolizes this highest knowledge of theSelf. Lord Krishna himself says inthe Bhagavad Gita: "The knowledge of theSelf is the knowledge"; and He adds, "It is Myvibhuti, My glory." If we do not have theknowledge of the Self, then our knowledge ofall other subjects has no real worth. Theknowledge of the Self that is represented byGoddessSaraswathi.
  16. 16. THE NINE FORMS OF DURGAThe Nine form of durga areShailaputri,Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta,Kushmanda, Sakanda Mata, Kartyayini,Kaalratri, Maha Gauri, Siddhidatri.
  17. 17. SHAILAPUTRI DEVI: "Shail" means mountains, "Putri"means daughter. Parvati, the daughter of the Kingof the Mountains Himavan, is called Shailputri". Thefirst among nine Durgas. Shailputri is not worshippedalone but with her consort Lord Shiva. Shiva andShakti are not different but one. All living beingsare created by nature, nurtured and destroyed byit. No one is different or distant from nature. In theform of Shailaputri goddess Durga is worshipped asa girl child i.e. the first phase of a woman.Worshipping Shailaputri devi heals the past karma,removes the blocks and bestows the light on ushealing the trauma emotions and thoughts. This firstday of Navratri is considered to be highly auspiciousto start anything new.BRAMACHARINI DEVI: The second aspect of Divine
  18. 18. CHANDRAGHANTHA DEVI: She is very bright andcharming. Chandra + Ghanta, meaning supreme blissand knowledge, showering peace and serenity, likecool breeze in a moonlit night. . It representsmatured woman.KUSHMANDA DEVI: The fourth form is Maa Kushmanda.The worshippers are blessed with basic necessities,and every day sustenance to the world. She shinesbrightly with a laughing face in all ten directionsas the Sun. She controls whole Solar system.SKANDAMATA DEVI: Skanda Mata is worshipped on thefifth Day of Navratri. She had a son „Skandaa andholds him on her lap . Its said, by the mercyof Skandmata, even the idiot becomes an ocean ofknowledge. The worshipper is blessed with bountiesof all kinds.
  19. 19. KALRATRI DEVI: Mata Kalaratri is worshipped onthe Seventh Day of Navratri . She is dark and blacklike night, hence she is called as „Kalratri‟. thedestroyer of darkness and ignorance. She spillsout fire from her nostrils. She holds a sharp Swordin her right hand and blesses her devotees with herlower hand. As she blesses her devotees withprosperity, she is also called as „Shubhamkari‟.MAHAGAURI DEVI: Mata Maha Gowri is worshipped onthe Eight Day of Navratri. Maha Gauri looks aswhite as moon and jasmine. Peace and compassionradiate from HER being and SHE is often dressed in awhite or green sari. She is kindest of all theavatars of Goddess Durga.SIDDHIDATRI DEVI: Mata Siddhidatri is the worshipped
  20. 20. A New approachNavratri is one such great festival than anyother festival. It signifies every women in thisworld and tells that both men and women are equaland as like women are incomplete without men, menare also incomplete without women. In every stagethere is a women playing an important role be it arole of a mother, a role of a sister, a role of apartner or a role of a daughter she has her ownsignificance and always tries to serve her dutywholeheartedly. If we give a deep look in Navratri celebration itwill be mostly like the win of good over evil. It isvery important for every individual to overcometheir negative be it a attitude which one showtowards others or an negative thought which would
  21. 21. Humanity, morality, ethics are some important socialcomponents which is needed for every individual is notpresent. There are many such evidence in the presentwhich is fact to be felt bad with. The reason forcivilization is missing and also we are reversing backthrough the path of civilization. Learning Science formere income is not very important but understandingthe importance of social and acquiring it is highlyimportant as only the quotient of socialacquaintance in an individual tells how humanly arethey. During Navratri there is a practice of lighteningMacrocosm : The Universe of ours is asdiya inside a pot with holes called garbo. The conceptan earthen pot and light (Sun, Sakthi)of Garbo is related to microcosm (smaller) andenergy of the supreme reality shiningmacrocosm (larger) analysis.through. Moving around a circle in aGarbo, indicate the never-ending cycleMicrocosm : An earthen pot with holes, through which
  22. 22. Hence everywhere there is a view of god within uswhich is viewed universally without anystratification of religion, region or language. Henceevery individual must be treated equally. Again herecomes equality. Hence in every form what ourancestors had stressed upon is Humanity, Moralityand Ethics which we had lost in the present for meresurvival which in due course of time will surely leadto the destruction of man kind. I would definitely wantto stress here we needn‟t save earth as it has seennumerous extinctions through the evolution of life onit, We must save ourselves “the human kind” whichalone is going to get extinct due to the blind greedysuper fast travel taken by every individualunethically for mere money and status.It is 200% sure that the nature will balanceeverything in life. We must never ever think that we
  23. 23. Therefore from this Navratri I believe and wish allwho has come across this presentation will make it apoint to start their life in new dimension leavingback survival and begin to live their life lively. Weshall also take an oath that(i) From now on we will be with complete humanity, ethics and morality as for as possible and take our negative emotions just to take our fellow friends in the path of positive attitude.(ii) We will also guide and set a path for the generations to come through this path of positive attitude.
  25. 25. Wish You a Happy Navratri. I believethat this presentation has helped usto know what Navratri is and why wecelebrate Navratri. From now on letus take an oath that we will giveequality to every single individual,killing all our negative attitude,growing with morality and humanity,gaining all genuine prosperity in lifeand will guide every single individualconnected to us in the right way withall we have gained.
  26. 26. Wish You a Happy Navratri. I believethat this presentation has helped usto know what Navratri is and why wecelebrate Navratri. From now on letus take an oath that we will giveequality to every single individual,killing all our negative attitude,growing with morality and humanity,gaining all genuine prosperity in lifeand will guide every single individualconnected to us in the right way withall we have gained.