Bases Loaded: Setting Up For Success


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Presentation given by Jo Cornish from Hertfordshire County Council Libraries at the PPRG seminar in Birmingham on 8 November 2013.

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Bases Loaded: Setting Up For Success

  1. 1. CILIP PPRG Marketing Excellence Event: Targeted marketing strategies that work Bases Loaded: setting up for success Jo Cornish Stock & Reader Development Librarian
  2. 2. Baseball basics: • A player moving around all 4 bases scores a run. 1 run = 1 point • You can work round the 4 bases gradually in a series of plays to score • You can hit the ball hard and sprint round the 4 bases in one go – Home run • It is really hard to score a run
  3. 3. Oakland Athletics’ Coliseum ballpark – Home of the Moneyball theory:
  4. 4. Youth Consultants Projects Developed to address several challenges: • Bridge the gap between teenage and adult collections • Create a specific collection to be promoted to the hard to reach group of 16-25 year olds • Allow the library to engage with volunteer and community led stock selection
  5. 5. Hertfordshire Youth Consultants Projects: • 2009/2010 pilots at Hemel Hempstead and St Albans • • 2011/2012 Berkhamsted 2012/2013 Oxhey, Watford and Bishops Stortford
  6. 6. Two targeted marketing elements associated with the project: • Promoting the volunteering opportunity to young people aged 16-25 • Promoting the resulting collection and any associated launch event to young people in the library and in the community
  7. 7. Oxhey Project November Heading 2012: • 5 volunteers Sub heading • Aged 16 - 23 Body text • 1 male 4 female • 200 books. 80% adult, 20% teenage titles • • • Predominantly fiction Launch author event 330 issues in the first 8 weeks
  8. 8. Oxhey Project launch Heading 2013: event May • Booker nominated author Sub heading Stephen Kelman Body text • Delivered by 4 of the volunteers • Volunteers conducted a panel interview • • 27 attendees Books recommended from the collection and borrowed by the audience
  9. 9. Covering all the bases Four key elements of the marketing strategy: • Materials, professional resources and time planning • • • Partnership working Social media and online promotion Role of the ambassador
  10. 10. Materials, professional resources and time planning: • • Find your target audience • Create a marketing database as a shared resource with colleagues Time allowed to utilise available professional resources
  11. 11. Partnership working: • • • Direct, targeted referral is powerful Enthuse your partners to promote your event Prioritise key partners
  12. 12. Key partners for targeted promotion of the Oxhey Project: • • • • Volunteer Centre School librarians Local library staff Youth Connexions
  13. 13. Social media and online promotion: • • • • Free Accessible Need to make your promotion stand out Personal endorsement
  14. 14. Role of the ambassador: • • Sustained professional relationships • • Make partners aware of what libraries are “for” Find where your organisational objectives match If they understand your project and enthusiasm they can promote it to the target group on your behalf
  15. 15. Bringing in the runs to score Contribution of the “big hitters”, the young volunteers: • • • • • Distribution of promotional materials to targeted venues Direct promotion using personal email and social media Use of “VIP” invites Invitation to councillors and senior managers Outstanding delivery of the event
  16. 16. Capturing the success How the volunteers see the library: • [libraries] are extremely important because they encourage free information and they offer everyone a chance to learn, no matter their financial background” • I love using libraries, they are an amazing resource that benefit the community • Libraries are so important for a variety of reasons. It’s: free the hub of the community, welcoming, informative, fun, educational
  17. 17. Capturing the success Feedback from the event audience: • Very inspiring and gave encouragement to people feeling proud and positive about the youth of today • I would like to see a similar event in my local library and I would like to be a youth consultant • Really impressed with the Youth Consultants, their enthusiasm and dedication. Would love to see this in every library. Great to see people browsing the books
  18. 18. Capturing the success Feedback from other customers about the collection: • • • What good use of library resources! • I love it as there is a great selection to choose from What a surprising and erudite collection Nice to know young people are being involved in library choices
  19. 19. Capturing the success: • • • Remember to ask for feedback and record it Sound bites for future marketing Valuable data for future bids
  20. 20. In conclusion Our approach to targeted promotion relies upon careful preparation, time planning and utilising all available resources. We work hard to set up for success, we load the bases. This careful preparation maximises the impact of the “hit” of the campaign, despite our limited budget
  21. 21. Thank you very much Jo Cornish Stock & Reader Development Librarian Hertfordshire Libraries Based at Hemel Hempstead Library