Technology tips for students slide show


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Tips for using the computer labs in the McCullough Junior High Library.

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Technology tips for students slide show

  1. 1. I am in the computer lab. Now what?● McCullough Junior High has 2 Xtenda computer labs for student use.● You must use Web 2.0 and Cloudware on Xtenda lab computers. Here is more about our Xtenda computer labs:● Lets get started! – Logon to your U Drive.
  2. 2. I need to do online research....● Start by creating a sample Works Cited page.● Use Open Office Writer.● Type “Works Cited” centered at the top of the page. And no, do not use the quotation marks.● Get in the habit of using “save as”. Save to your U Drive account. You must give it a title.
  3. 3. Using CISD Databases for research●● You can find the above link on the McCullough Library pages, and on the CISD District page under Students>Databases-Online● Passwords are available in the library.
  4. 4. Lets practice using databases:● Go to● Type in your topic. Find a good article for your research.● Your research article will have the MLA citation already created! Copy and paste into your Works Cited page you have saved.
  5. 5. Is your source valid and reliable?If you are working on a research project and can’t findenough information in the databases, try to never use website. Dot “com” is short for “commercial”,and this website might be trying to sell you something.This is not always a reliable or valid source ofinformation. Always try to use websites that end or .edu.
  6. 6. First Class● Logon to your First Class account.● Upload or drag your document from your U-Drive to your First Class account.● Let’s play with your First Class desktop for a few minutes. Change your icons, rearrange and organize your FC desktop the way you want it.
  7. 7. First Class at homeAt home, go to this link to download the First Class client onyour home computer. the directions exactly. You will now have a First Classicon on your home computer, and you can get to your accountat home. You can now work on your files at school and athome.
  8. 8. Google Docs = Highly Recommended!● Create a Google Docs account.● You must use the CISD Google Portal:●● This link can be found on the McCullough Library webpages, and on the CISD page: Students>Google Edu Apps● Same username as First Class and U-Drive. Your password has a “stu” first.
  9. 9. Keep up with your library stuff● Go to your Destiny account.●● Login using same First Class user name and password.● Your library account is YOUR responsibility! No excuses!● Check out Destiny Quest for fun. Make lists, leave reviews of books, see whats new.
  10. 10. Check Out Our Online Resources● Visit the McCullough Virtual Library● Check out the Library Blog:●