Employee engagement can do or will do


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Employee engagement can do or will do

  1. 1. Employee Engagement Can do or Will do?
  2. 2. Globalization in Business
  3. 3. Why human Capital become more important ? 1. Employee is the most valuable assets for the organization. 2. Employee is the person who contribute their skills and effort to work 3. Employee can be the competitive advantage that cannot be copied by competitors
  4. 4. “Will Do” Versus “Can do”  One of the world leader country  G.P.A. inflation in USA  Student in USA get lowest grade in Math, Science and Verbal skills among industrialized countries Credit : World study report
  5. 5. What is Employee Engagement? Business concept to engaged the employees with enthusiastic in their work for the best of the company performance and interest. High rate of engagement to the company they will proud, willing to work hard and being loyalty to the company. Mostly the company assume that their employee holding a strong value in engagement 3 levels of engagement  Attitudinal engagement : Overall satisfaction and commitment to the organization  Behavioral engagement : Willingness to exert effort toward strategy for the organization’s success.  Trait-based engagement : Naturally born from inner of employee
  6. 6. Model of Engagement Driver   Demographic: Gender/Age Geographic: Culture    Recruitment Training & development Motivation Theory
  7. 7. Engageability of Employee Within Employee From environment
  8. 8. Engageability of Employee Gender • The High Performance Institute • 2500 male and female in 5 different countries • to focus stereotypes on career mentoring and psychological mentoring. • • • Female higher rate of favorable - sympathy - dependability - openness. Male gain more favorable rate - emotional stability. Equal rate of favorable - extravert - enthusiastic
  9. 9. Engageability of Employee Gender HR Point of view Avoid these lists HR Point of view Improve this lists • Gender stereotype • Unconscious bias • Double standard judgement • • • • Communication Equality in workplace Preferable Behavior Comfortable Relationship
  10. 10. Engageability of Employee Age ( Generation ) Generational cohort the group of individuals who experience the same event within the same time interval. Generation x • the generation born after the Western post-World War II • In the workplace values freedom, responsibility, casual disdain for authority and structured work hours. • less committed to one employer and more willing to change jobs to get ahead than previous generations baby boomers. Generation y • was born in peroid or 19801984 • in workplace with confident, ambitious and achievementoriented. • high expectations of their employers, seek out new challenges and are not afraid to question authority. • benefit greatly from mentors who can help guide and develop their young careers.
  11. 11. Engageability of Employee Age ( Generation ) Generational cohort the group of individuals who experience the same event within the same time interval. Generation z • was born after the year 1984 and further • in another few years the members will be joining the workforce • Tech Savvy • Digital Native • Multitask • Speedy To sum up • The generation gone by the less loyalty employee will raise. • Since Gen y and so on they tend to be more work-life balance conscious • The style of work schedule change, the flexible workhour increased • The Monetary incentive is not only one motivation but career path and growth
  12. 12. Engageability of Employee Cultural Dimensions
  13. 13. Engageability of Employee Cultural Dimensions What are the practical applications of the theory? • • Relationship of employee inside organization also sourced from cultural norms The company should encourage these lists - understand the cultural difference - maintain relationship among employees - avoid bias perception - learning through difference - promote proper behavior - improve communication skills among members
  14. 14. Organizational Environment How company can help employee to max performance Start from Recruitment Find the candidate who can fit in the company structure and type of job Maximize will do Minimize can do Tools • Performance Test Simulator • Work Sampling • Assessment Center • Comprehensive • Interview • Realistic Job Preview
  15. 15. Organizational Environment Start from Recruitment • Looking for Green Zone • Motivate Yellow Zone • Avoid Red Zone
  16. 16. Organizational Environment How company can help employee to max performance Training
  17. 17. Organizational Environment Goal Setting Theory ( Edwin Locke)
  18. 18. Organizational Environment Flow Experience ( Csikszentmihalyi )
  19. 19. Organizational Environment Equity Theory ( Stacy Adams )
  20. 20. Organizational Environment Job Enrichment • Job Rotation ↑task different skill • Job enlargement ↑task in similar skill • Job enrichment ↑task ↑responsibility
  21. 21. Organizational Environment Organization Changes ↓ ↓ ↑ ↑ The research show about how organization change effects employee engagement.
  22. 22. High-Tech Industry The reason to join this industry
  23. 23. High-Tech Industry Why employee join their current organization
  24. 24. High-Tech Industry Why employees leave their current organizations • • • BRIC countries ineffective leadership and lack of growth opportunities cover 40% of reason to leave the organization and not satisfy with compensation at 18%. G7 group they are more concern in work-life balance. Both of 2 respondents share the same reason in - leadership ineffective - training and development
  25. 25. Summary • • The increasing of importance in employee raised To know and understand about core personality of employee in gender, age and cultural different along with job design, organization, intense recruitment, and development center can help the company to improve performance • Employee with high satisfaction in work they will deliver the service to customer better because to motivate employee is not only money incentive. Employee engagement minimize can do and maximize will do