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Stevie Doyle SW Recruitment Trends Final

Stevie Doyle SW Recruitment Trends Final

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Lets Talk Digital

Lets Talk Digital


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Editor's Notes

  • POLL – Which of these trends do you feel has the biggest impact on your recruitment?

  • We’d recommend putting yourself in the candidates shoes…

    Where will they be hanging out online? When will they be online? What are they looking for from a company?

    All candidates are different so it’s important to treat each campaign differently.

    Where a social worker is hanging out online won’t be the same as a planner. What a graduate is looking for will be different to a Head of service?

    You need to think about what candidates will want to find out before applying? Also, is all of this information easily accessible?

    We do lots of research into this so we are happy to talk to you about this more in the break.

  • So what can you do….

    Let me ask the question -

    How many of you have recently tried to apply for one of your jobs? What did you think? POLL

    This can be a really interesting exercise to do, it’s a real eye opener and will show you the things that put other people off…

    How long does it take? Can you apply on your phone? How many clicks does it take? You need to remember that for every extra click you risk the chance of losing a candidate.

    For every extra minute = potential drop off. Every unclear questions = potential drop off. Your process needs to reflect the world we live in.
  • Candidate Experience will become a key differentiatorAugmented and Virtual RealityGamification Demand for remote/ flexible working on the riseDiversity on ongoing priority