PPMA National Service Debate at CIPD Conf 8 Nov 2012 - Nita Clarke


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PPMA National Service Debate at CIPD Conf 8 Nov 2012 - Nita Clarke

  1. 1. Trust enters on foot – but leaves on horseback Nita Clarke, Director IPA Co-chair Engage for Success Task Force
  2. 2. They say…“Men trust their ears less than theireyes” Herodotus“Trust men and they will be true toyou; treat them greatly and they willshow themselves great.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
  3. 3. “It takes 20 year to build a reputationand five minutes to ruin it.” Warren Buffet“The glue that holds all relationshipstogether -- including the relationshipbetween the leader and the led --istrust, and trust is based on integrity.” Brian Tracy
  4. 4. Once bitten…Fool me once, shame on you; foolme twice, shame on me. Proverb“I’m not upset that you lied to me.I’m upset that from now on I can’tbelieve you.” Friedrich Nietzsche
  5. 5. It’s good for you“It is impossible to go through lifewithout trust: That is to be imprisonedin the worst cell of all, oneself.” Graham Greene
  6. 6. It’s a new worldDeath of deferenceCollapse of trust – six out of ten don’t trust theirbossesLower trust in senior managers in public sectorthan privateMore public sector employees believe theirorganisations are low trust than privateTrust has to be earned – it’s not automaticOften leaders believe trust is present when itisn’t
  7. 7. ContextUnprecedented pressure on Local Govt:– Cuts of c. 25% in 4 years whilst demand increases– Front-loaded, hitting poorer areas hardest– Uncertainty over futureWorkforce ‘trust issues’:– Changes to pensions– Prolonged pay freeze/restraint– Unease over commissioning out and service re-design– Equal pay challenges
  8. 8. Key enabler 4: integrityThere is organisational integrity – the values on the wall arereflected in day to day behaviours. Integrity is not a conditionalword. It doesnt blow in the wind or change with the weather These expected behaviours are explicit and bought into by staff Keep it real – staff see through corporate spin quicker than customers or the public Integrity enables trust: no engagement without trust 8
  9. 9. We know that trust is vital for …advocacywellbeingcommitmentengagement – which impacts on residentsatisfaction (OCR)It’s a mutual thingIt relies on dialogue
  10. 10. CIPD research on trustTrust in each otherTrust in leaders who are accountableTrust in the organisation and itspurposeTrust in direct line manager Veronica Hope Hailey and others
  11. 11. CIPD research on trustCreate a trust fund – multiplicity ofestablished trust relationshipsManage with honestly and integrityKill spinRe-engage with local line managersRe-position the employmentrelationship
  12. 12. After the cuts…‘Before that happened I had 100 per centtrust in this organisation and I’vecompletely trusted them that my bestinterests (as long as they weren’t totallyconflicting with the department’s bestinterests) were sort of OK. And since then Ithink I’m finding it really hard to trust themnow that they won’t do something like thatagain. It’s really hard.’
  13. 13. Not me gov!Councils managing painful cuts wellLow levels of industrial dispute – no‘Winter of Discontent II’Have managed changed and protectedtrust– Cuts demanded by central govt - distancing– Want to do best to preserve services and protect staffBut – lots more still to come…
  14. 14. Sunderland City CouncilHonestly share the realityClear vision and values – andbehaviours that match75 per cent believe council has highintegrity (14 per cent neutral)72 per cent trust senior managers (13per cent neutral)
  15. 15. The key factors…Humility and respectListen and learn from front line – you said,we didPut things rightWe’re all in this togetherEngagement key – with all stakeholdersincluding trade unions