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#Ppmahr18 lets talk future the 21st century organisation - lga


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Lets Talk: Future Workforce 21st Century Organisation

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#Ppmahr18 lets talk future the 21st century organisation - lga

  1. 1. Let’s Talk: Future Workforce 21st Century Organisations #21CPS
  2. 2. Catherine Needham and Catherine Mangan University of Birmingham,
  3. 3. Catherine Mangan, Catherine Needham, Karin Bottom & Steve Parker Illustrations by Laura Brodrick
  4. 4. Birmingham University Illustrations by Laura Brodrick
  5. 5.  Presented at over 100 international, national and local events.  Blog has over 46,000 hits.  Change of policy and practice e.g. local authorities, West Midlands Combined Authority, police service, Public Health England  Resources available: graphic illustrations, 360 degree feedback tool, set of playing cards  Working in partnership with LGA, SOLACE, PPMA - National kitemark scheme, which will recognise a council as being a 21st century public servant employer.  Cross public sector leadership programme for the West Midlands which is now being taken forward by the regional employers organisation and the NHS leadership academy.  Underpinning framework for national leadership development programmes: ◦ Aspiring Directors of Public Health, ◦ NGDP ◦ Total Leadership
  6. 6.  The System Architect has made sure the Christmas tree and decorations are all co-ordinated. The Resource Weaver has found all the gifts and stocked the Christmas larder. The Broker has worked out a suitable seating plan for the Christmas dinner. The Networker is in charge of the party games that get everyone involved. The Storyteller has written a ghost story to tell on Christmas Eve. The Commissioner is working towards the outcome of a happy Christmas for all. The Navigator is planning their new year’s resolutions and the Municipal Entrepreneur is thinking of ways to make next Christmas even more exciting!! Developed and tweeted by staff at North East Lincolnshire, December 2016
  7. 7. Lets Talk: Future Workforce 21CPS Where is your organisation now in terms of being a 21st Century organisation?
  8. 8. Next Steps? What support do you need to become a 21CPS Employer?
  9. 9. C O L L A B O R A T E 2 1 C P S Employer Accreditation Sharing practice Network Walk Tall The APP
  10. 10. Nigel Carruthers Local Government Association 07766251641 Catherine Mangan Institute of Local Government Studies A n y Q u e s t i o n s ?