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PPMA Annual Seminar 2017 - Skills for the digital workplace


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'Digital for HR' has tended to focus on implementing manager and employee self service. However the benefits of these technologies have often not lived up to expectations.
PPMA and our partner EduServ recently undertook some important research into what Digital Means for HR.

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PPMA Annual Seminar 2017 - Skills for the digital workplace

  1. 1. Skills for digital change HR & IT working together to prepare for the future Jos Creese, Principal Analyst, Eduserv
  2. 2. Skills for digital change – the research • Two roundtable discussions with groups of council professionals in a range of roles: IT, digital services, HR, OD and transformation • In-depth interviews with individuals who have direct experience of the digital transformation process within their organisations. • 87 respondents from the PPMA membership to the skills for change survey
  3. 3. Skills for digital change – the research • ‘Digital’ widely used but poorly defined term • So is ‘Culture’ which defines it more that technology Digital is… a complete change to roles, structures, governance, services, processes, risk models, policies, style and cultures.
  4. 4. Skills for digital change – the research Some key findings: • Leadership • Collaboration • Recruitment & performance • Attitude • Training vs. learning
  5. 5. Skills for digital change – the findings The role of HR professionals is key • Over 40% of councils lack any specific plan to address internal digital skills gaps • Over 25% of HR professionals report they have no role in leading or even influencing digital planning in their council. • Over 50% of councils report a dependence on external consultants to fill the digital skills gaps • Over 2/3rds report that their HR strategies lack any specific reference to digital capability • Over 60% do not promote digital skills in recruitment and employee performance measures. • Only about 3% rate digital literacy of frontline staff as good
  6. 6. Workshop – Creating a skills plan Group A: The workforce in general Group B: Politicians Group C: HR Professionals Group D: The Top Table - CMT Group E: Citizens
  7. 7. Workshop – Creating a skills plan In your group you will need: • 1 person to lead feedback • 1 person to take key notes – these will be collected for the post-session write-up Timing: 25 minutes to consider the three questions below 2 minutes (per group) for chosen member the group to feedback to the room Questions to consider: 1) What are the key digital skills required for your group? 2) What are the main barriers at present in terms of developing these skills? 3) What 3 actions for HR leaders would you prioritise to improve skills for this group?