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PPMA Annual Seminar 2017 - Current Research Initiatives


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This session will give you an update on our current PPMA sponsored research initiatives. We will also lay out the plan for 2017 and identify where you can help as members.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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PPMA Annual Seminar 2017 - Current Research Initiatives

  1. 1. PPMA Annual Conference 2017 Current Research Initiatives Barry Pirie, PPMA, Director of People and Business, Wiltshire Council Mike Burton, Editorial Director, The MJ
  2. 2.  Share with you outputs from key pieces of research:  Outside the Box – Council Workforce of Tomorrow  Walk Tall – 21st Century Public Servant  Eduserv – What does Digital mean for HR?  MJ Research  Proposed research for 2017/18  Why does research matter?  Types of research  Commitments to our sponsors  Your feedback and input and Next steps Agenda
  3. 3. Outputs of key research this year
  4. 4. OUTSIDE THE BOXThe Council Workforce of Tomorrow
  5. 5. WORKFORCE REFORM: WHY NOW?  As councils transform, the workforce will need to too  Greater demand on the workforce skillset and competencies  How can councils recruit and retain the workforce they need?
  6. 6. METHODOLOGY  Survey □Workforce □HR Directors  Interviews  Roundtables  Three case studies
  8. 8. CHANGING THE COUNCIL’S WORKING CULTURE  A self-managing working culture  Leaders, not managers  Councillors have a crucial role
  9. 9. RECRUITMENT: COUNTERING NEGATIVE PERCEPTIONS “We battle with the perception that people who work here are only waiting for their pensions.”
  11. 11. RECRUITMENT: HIGHLIGHT THE BENEFITS Public Service Ethos “I want to be able to see something and say ‘I did that, I helped achieve that’ to my mum and dad.” Work Life Balance
  12. 12. STAFF DEVELOPMENT AND RETENTION What about the existing workforce? New approaches to:  Performance management  Training  Retaining staff
  13. 13. SUMMARY OF OUR KEY RECOMMENDATIONS Councils should implement workforce strategies that increase autonomy and reduce hierarchy Councils should become much more outward-facing to counter negative perceptions of working for a council. Going forward we need leadership not management
  14. 14. IFS research into impact of business rate retention • The MJ is one of the supporters of the 3-year research • biggest shake up in local government finance since the poll tax • big questions over robustness of business rate system
  15. 15. MJ 125th anniversary 2018 • Anniversary copy • De Montfort students researching back issues • various regional events
  16. 16. Supplements • HealthMJ (health and care integration) • Inward Investment Guide (econ development) • Public Property (revenue generating issues) • Various Council Focus’s • LGA: 20th anniversary supplement
  17. 17.  Continued ongoing PPMA led and/or supported research is key  All research informs practice. Our participation, although taking time, ensures:  The workforce agenda as a whole and specific issues are given a national profile  Workforce issues are understood and our practice informed by evidence  We can learn and share together and generate interest and momentum in what we do  We can focus policy makers on the issues that really matter BUT also highlight where there are inter-relationships between policy and legislation  Research programmes raise our profile and delivers value to our profession and our employers and sponsors Proposed research for 2017/18 …..why does research matter?
  18. 18.  For 2017 the programme will include:  Research papers produce in partnership with our sponsors and membership community (e.g., Eduserv, Walk Tall, Outside the Box – NLGN, LGA, Gatenby Sanderson)  Advertorials on key issues prepared by our sponsors as seen through their eyes  Thought leadership pieces prepared by PPMA membership community only (e.g., A Brexit whitepaper for the Public Sector Show, June 2017 Proposed research for 2017/18 (2) …..what will our programme include?
  19. 19.  We are committed to the following:  4 Comprehensive PPMA Supplements over 2017, Regular HR Updates in The MJ, Weekly Recruitment & Retention articles, Comprehensive Senior Recruitment ads every week in your MJ Magazine  Digital HR programme with Eduserv  Co-creation of 3 to 4 thought leadership pieces with Green Park  One research paper with JGP  Production of newsletter articles with Matrix-SCM  One research paper and co-creation of 4 editorials with Neyber  4 editorials, quarterly supplement and thought pieces with Penna  Thought leadership pieces with Veredus Proposed research for 2017/18 (2) …..what will our programme include?
  20. 20.  For this to be a meaningful programme we need your input:  What are the key topics or issues that would be informed by our research programme  Working together please note down your top 5 issues Your feedback and input
  21. 21.  We will collate all of your feedback and contact you if we have any questions  We will produce and share a research plan for 2017/18 after conference Next steps and questions