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PPMA Annual Seminar 2017 - 21st Century Public Servant Update


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A lot of work has been undertaken since Walk Tall - Being a 21st Century Public Servant was launched in July 2016. We'll take a look at the work in this session

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PPMA Annual Seminar 2017 - 21st Century Public Servant Update

  1. 1. PPMA Annual Conference 2017 21st Century Public Servant Sponsored by The Guardian With Sarah Messenger, LGA
  2. 2.  Background  The why and how  Being a 21st Century Public Servant  Walk Tall Launch  What is happening around the country  What could we and should we do next?  Next steps Introduction
  3. 3. The Research “Cui servire est regnare” To serve is to rule The Premise The sponsors The research team The outputs - The future of work is changing - Further Public Sector integration presents huge challengers - We need to understand what the 21st Century Public Servant looks like - Dr Catherine Needham (University of Birmingham) - Dr Catherin Mangan (University of Birmingham) - Supported by: - Interviewees, survey responders, bloggers - ESRC (Knowledge Exchange Project with Birmingham City Council) - Public Services Academy - Identified 8 key roles - 10 key characteristics - These are portable across different public service organisations - …..and Third sector
  4. 4. Walk Tall: Being a 21st Century Public Servant  Steering Group established  Over 60 people interviewed for the book  Participants from LG, Blue Light, Health and Voluntary Sector  Used storytelling as the technique to describe the characteristics in action already  eStorybook Launched in July 2016  To date over 3,500 hits on the LGA and PPMA website
  5. 5.  Following the launch of the book, we developed a summary Vodcast  It gives a great overview of the work we have done so far Walk Tall …..the Vodcast
  6. 6. Why does this work matter? 21st Century Workforce New Pay Structure NLGN New Deal Ongoing funding challenges Integr ation  It represents the most current thinking in the field AND it is applicable across all of public service  Walk Tall can be used:  Holistically for those organisations looking at whole scale workforce transformation  To enable people development activities, e.g., leadership and management approaches  To help address some of our most pressing challenges:
  7. 7.  A range of activity is underway:  Some is cross council  Other is very specific  Some examples  Leadership survey  360 degree management tool  Leadership development  We are also making sure that we are publicising the sister research: 21st Century Councillor and thinking about how that can sit alongside 21st Century Public Servant We are already applying 21st Century Public Servant in practice…..
  8. 8.  We would like you to answer 3 key questions for us  Work in groups or individually - whatever suits you best  Our questions are:  Have you done anything based on 21st century public servant in your councils?  If not, are there barriers that are stopping you from doing so?  How can this work help you to address the range of workforce challenges/opportunities in your organisation? Exercise
  9. 9.  We will collate all of your feedback and contact you if we have any queries  We will use your feedback to inform the next set of Walk Tall deliverables  Thank you so much for your help. Next steps and questions