PPMA Annual Seminar 2014 - Keynote - Transformational Engagement - Transforming Performance


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PPMA Annual Seminar 2014 - Keynote - Transformational Engagement - Transforming Performance

  1. 1. PPMA Leeds 2014 Cindy Penney – Alcoa Power & Propulsion 1 9th May, 2014
  2. 2. Advancing each generation Invented Aluminum Aluminum Applications & Globalization Multi-Material Solutions 2
  3. 3. Wing ribs (plate and extrusions) Wing tips Hydraulic vessels Fuel connectors Torquerods Seat frames Window and door frames Wheels, brakes and torque tubes Fuselage to wing connection Wing box fasteners Engine pylon structure and fasteners Wing spars (forgings and plate) Wing stringers Wing gear ribs, trunions and support fittings Upper wing skins Crownframes Auxiliary power unit exhaust ducts Vertical stabilizer fasteners Fuselage stringers Fuselage skins Seat tracks Landing gear, bay frames Lower wing skins Wing flap fasteners Fan blades Guide vanes Hotsection blades and vanes Compressor cases Fuel metering unit Fan hub and compressor frames Bearing housings Alcoa content on Metallic aircraft Current Future • Morethan 90% of all aluminum aerospace alloys have been developed by Alcoa • Every WesternCommercial aircraft flyingtoday uses Alcoa fasteners • Every WesternCommercial and military aircraft engine uses Alcoa castings Alcoa Blue flies from nose to tail on metallic-intensive aircraft 3
  4. 4.  World leading investment casting plant  600+ employees  $132M in revenue  Sole company location with on-site Ceramic Core, Alloy and Casting Foundry plants  Main products are gas turbines and aerospace airfoils APP Exeter recently completed a full scale turnaround 4 APP Exeter Overview Exeter is APP’s key operation in UK Source: Alcoa Exeter 2014 Impact Awards Application Team is proud of its 2-year turnaround DART rate 85% Revenue 47% EBITDA 14 points DWC 20% GVS Scores 235% Note: total percentage increase / decrease over 2 years from 2010 to 2012 EBITDA in 2010 was negative.
  5. 5. In 2010, both employees and community were disengaged with Alcoa 5 Situation and Response What we set out to accomplish  Increase engagement score to 65% by 2013  Improve employee morale by − Instilling workforce pride through leadership development − Focusing on employee wellbeing  Build community engagement through STEM related activities − Developing a cutting edge program − Winning recognition for our efforts Situation 2010 33% 23% 32% 20092008  Low morale and negative press resulting from 47% work force reduction  Declining interest in volunteering among employee base  Loss of connection with local community Source: Alcoa Exeter 2014 Impact Awards Application  Disturbing engagement score trend GVS scores
  6. 6. Initiatives launched to build employee pride, improve wellbeing and engage the community 6 Project Initiatives Employee Pride CommunityWellbeing Build a culture of mutual respect Advance supervisory excellence Enhance employability of workforce Grow people’s resilience & ability to deal with change Launch “Alcoans in Motion” Partner with health organizations and charities Rebuild contacts with community stakeholders Develop programs with local institutions Provide STEM apprenticeships for local youth Source: Alcoa Exeter 2014 Impact Awards Application
  7. 7. Individual Focus 7
  8. 8. Feeling Valued 8
  9. 9. Building Pride 9
  10. 10. Communication Strategy 10
  11. 11. Persistence, partnerships and focused approach were key to overcoming obstacles to success 11Source: Alcoa Exeter 2014 Impact Awards Application Obstacles, Approach and Success Factors Obstacles Community Indifference Reputational Risks Limited Funding Employee Skepticism Approach Maintained consistency in programs Increased level of exposure Utilized the community framework survey to jointly identify key themes Built relationships through employee ambassadors Focused on STEM related needs of the community Partnered with charity organizations Leveraged Alcoa and govt. grants Success Factors Persistence Focus   Persistence Partnership Focus    Persistence Focus   Partnership
  12. 12. Project exceeded all of our expectations 12 Project Results Increasing engagement scores Improved performance Productivity: up 10% YoY Over last 2 years: - DART rate: down 85% to 0.16 from 1.06 - Employee turnover rates: 5.6%  2% - Absenteeism: down 2% 77 23 20132010 Target: 65 3.35X Source: Alcoa Exeter 2014 Impact Awards Application Awards and recognition Alcoa 2014 Impact Award Finalist CIPD People Management Award 2013 – Overall Winner Exeter College Engineering Employer of the Year 2012 Employers Engineering Federation 2012 SW Award for Skills “Health Champion” by the Royal Society for Public Health in 2012 Mindful Employer’ Charter 2012 by the National Health Service Trust GVS scores Exceeded best-in-class scores for Wellbeing, Community and Volunteering
  13. 13. Game Changing HR 13 Lessons Learned Build leadership skills Focus on clear objectives Utilise formal programmes, lunch and learn sessions to share best practice and coaching Develop local workforce Source: Alcoa Exeter 2014 Impact Awards Application Leverage partnerships Understand and pursue available grants Engage them as a thought partner Identify and invest in talent with potential Encourage coaching of trainees/ engineers Unify efforts under common themes, e.g., all community efforts were STEM related