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PPMA 2013 Annual Seminar - Nikki Owen - Using Charisma to Drive up Performance


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PPMA 2013 Annual Seminar

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PPMA 2013 Annual Seminar - Nikki Owen - Using Charisma to Drive up Performance

  1. 1. PPMA Annual Seminar Friday 19th April 2013Charisma to drive performanceNikki Owen, Charisma and Engagement Expert, Audience with Charisma Limited
  2. 2. Research andTesting✤ 2663 organisations globally✤ 5 years at The Globe withhundreds senior managers✤ Wide range of business sectorsand job functions✤ Comprehensive measurementcriteria
  3. 3. KPIs Average Results✤ Confidence +29%✤ Respected +25%✤ Frustration - 22%✤ Difficult people +20%✤ Engagement +19%✤ Worried -18%
  4. 4. Power ofCharisma✤ Improves performance by 60%✤ Increases engagement by 23%✤ Attracts and retains talent✤ Healthier and less stressed✤ Increases resilience
  5. 5. Definition✤ You can’t teach charisma withbehaviours✤ Engagement is an emotionalreaction/response✤ Being authentic is vital wheninfluencing others✤ Introverts can be just ascharismatic
  6. 6. A CellularApproach✤ Survival or Growth✤ Environment signals✤ Cell gate closes✤ Long term survival kills
  7. 7. Maslow✤ Survival creates ‘walls’✤ The Choking Effect✤ Appears as resistance✤ Powerless victims✤ Best approach - create safetyand support
  8. 8. Energy✤ Cranfield Research 1997✤ LOW ENERGY: survival,depressed, ill, stressed,negative, tired, disengaged✤ HIGH ENERGY: growth,happy, positive, healthy, highimpact, empowered, engaged
  9. 9. The Big AppleExperiment✤ Based on Masaru Emotoresearch and hypothesis✤ Demonstrates the impact ofsurvival and disengagement✤ 88% success rate✤ Anyone can do this experiment
  10. 10. Impact ofSurvival✤ Conscious vs Unconscious -watch your filters!✤ Thoughts Emotions✤ Broadcasting Frequency✤ “When we can’t change asituation, we are challenged tochange ourselves.”
  11. 11. “One man’scharisma changedmy life.”Developing your charismatic potential willmove others from a mindset of survival to oneof growth.