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Lisa Sibley - Creating opportunities for real converstion to engage Essex - PPMA Seminar April 2012


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Lisa Sibley - Creating opportunities for real converstion to engage Essex - PPMA Seminar April 2012

  1. 1. Creating opportunities for realconversations to engage EssexLisa SibleyEmployee Engagement Manager
  2. 2. A complex environment and achallenging backdrop
  3. 3. Engagement... it’s a mix... En Having joy Ac someon what cou suppor e to I t/h Le do M o elp/develop &ade nta Re t a sp i v a rshi bi E vi recognise mlit Line manager is the l on s t i o si p Bu po y n w bility core ingredient Ch Res liibi & s y d er w ponty t alki ng m all ng t B ei siv alk Pu Le he Ene ay en en Passbu e S rpose aders rgis ahe ng t En amRewarHave a cle iony te imuWinexemplar aTo deods Variety s ad te s g th t i a lat g us ds ar p Fulfeeing packa urpelie o s I o me B osef rk I enjoyCl nspirthing usefu ia S ge st il rel impo a purpo evance Able in what ar at l ic to m I am d ity/fo ional Oorpolacnt to the In a team wher ake a differeoice Sups Autho r se w k ta ng cu p prt e e I am valued a nsome unity towe value each othe ndisions portivy rit thi n g engag de c e new e in r o inf luence Ab ility t
  4. 4. The Essex engagement mantra……a drumbeat getting louder
  5. 5. Creating opportunities for REALconversations
  6. 6. Engaging our leaders… Nurturing our line manager community……
  7. 7. Engaging in fun
  8. 8. Feeding back to our leadersand our managers “Live the values” “Be visible and “Trust us” approachable” “Show an interest” “Lead from the front” “Look beyond where we“Make time to talk” want to be” “Listen and learn” “Do what’s right” “Spend a day with us” “Be open, honest and transparent” “Communicate, consult, deliver”
  9. 9. A week in words 13 April 2012 You Said, We Did – take two! Look out for... TLCE leads to ACTION…. 7days takes a look at how this years Corporate Action Plan (CAP) is going... It’s Real Nappies Week next week (16 – 22 April). Click here to Actively championed find out how you can If Carlsberg made line get a free nappy pack. managers... Chelmsford based employees can by our leaders… contact Kayleigh Plans are rolling on to make ECCs line managers Maguire to pick one up the best... from County Hall. Contact us: In your face! Face-to-face communications are big business Ednet 40207 here at ECC… 01245 434207 Developing a skilled and happy workforce Listen to Margaret Lee, Executive Director for Finance talk about her CAP priority of Personal Development… Dont forget to Keeping you in the know answer this weeks mini poll. Its all about Let’s Talk! Changing the way we manage change… day...
  10. 10. Some personal reflections…• Value the things you cant measure or put a price on• Have courage to experiment• Engage your leaders early• Cherish your line managers• Tea and empathy makes a difference• Elevate your relational support• Make time to nurture your networks, let new ones evolve• Your team has to be engaging role models and walk the talk - literally!• Its not rocket science..........but engagement is infectious
  11. 11. 07702 300339 Talk, listen, connect to engage - don’t hesitate to get in touch!