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PPI Claims 99% upheld by the Ombudsman


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PPI Claims 99% upheld by the Ombudsman

  1. 1. PPI Claims 99% upheld by the OmbudsmanThe Financial Ombudsman upheld a staggering 99% of PPI Claims in the last quarter which isfantastic news for the consumer but many people are still finding the process difficult if you are oneof them then follow these steps and it will help you with your claim.Has your case been submitted but had no response? Then follow these simple steps to get your caseback on track.Firstly write to the company in question if it is more than 8 weeks and ask for an update and why ithas not been resolved advise them you will be going to the Ombudsman if no response. Do notphone as you may need evidence of your request.Give them a further 2 weeks to respond to your letter and if no response then take the next step.Contact the Ombudsman and ask for a form to complete or download one from the FinancialOmbudsman site it which will take around 20 minutes and then submit it to the Ombudsman.Companies do not like this as the Ombudsman Service is not free and they have to contribute to it,this also gives the FSA clear indication of the companies that are not dealing with their customers inthe correct manner and will help put the spotlight on them for ppi claims and other financialproducts.Another thing you can do after this stage is write a formal complaint to the company for the way inwhich they are dealing with your complaint as they have to do two things, Firstly record thecomplaint and secondly respond to it. If enough people do this then these companies will start totake notice and improve their service or run the risk of a fine by the FSA for not treating theircustomers fairly.Next go online and look at other banks that offer a free service for transferring your account anddirect debits and transfer your account, again if enough people do this it will make the banks sit upand take notice and hopefully change their ways in dealing with their consumers complaints.By following these simple steps we can all make a difference in the way we are being treated by thebanks with our complaints and there is no time like the present to start doing this.Lastly you can write to the FSA about it and include your initial complaint date, the date you sent thereminder in along with a copy of it and hopefully if the FSA gets enough complaints about thecompany they will step in and take action but they will not do this for your complaint alone.Let’s all start to force the banks hand with our ppi claims and get back what is rightfully yours soonerrather than later. Find out more information at: