Unique Wedding Ideas on a Budget


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http://weddingideas.siterubix.com - Get some unique ideas for your budget wedding. Saving money is important - especially when you're getting married. These tips will help you save money on your wedding planning AND have an amazing day.

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Unique Wedding Ideas on a Budget

  1. 1. weddingideas.sit erubix.com http://weddingideas.siterubix.com/Pin ItDon’t forget the most important part of your wedding… It’sabout You – the couple – NOT about how much money youspend…Budget Wedding IdeasYour wedding is a once in a lif etime event and when you’re on a budget, it f eels impossible to be able to haveanything unique and special about YOUR special day.The good news is: just because you’re on a tight budget does NOT mean you are totally limited in yourwedding plans! You can have an AMAZING wedding on a shoestring budget – that’s why THIS site is here.We are working on f illing this site up with tons of unique wedding ideas, f lower ideas, invitations, ceremonyideas, and so much more f or those that are on a budget.While we work behind the scenes on this site to get it f illed with great ideas f or YOUR wedding, here is a greatarticle that of f ers some important tips to keep in mind when planning your wedding and keeping costs down.Wedding Planning Tips – Budget Wedding IdeasBy Kenny HalfordWhen planning your wedding day, if you’re like mostpeople, you must plan the event with a budget in mind.Weddings do not necessarily have to have an expensiveprice tag attached to them, and with caref ul planning andtaking heed to a f ew tips f rom people f amiliar with how toplan f or a wedding, costly mistakes can be avoided thatwill result in considerable savings.Finding an Inexpensive Wedding LocationOne of the f irst and probably the most costly item to planf or is the wedding location where you would like to haveyour ceremony held. There is an abundance of ceremonialvenues available no doubt, but as you know, hundreds or even thousands of dollars can be spent on an ideallocation. However, if you’ve considered having an outdoor ceremony, there are many suitable public areas suchas state parks or recreational areas that allow marriages to take place f ree of charge.For example, ref erring to the Lake Tahoe area in Northern Calif ornia, an area of which I’m very f amiliar with,weddings take place daily in at least a half dozen locations on the south shore without charge. City and stateparks are used and there is no compromise in the beauty of any of the settings just because it is f ree. Theseareas are picturesque and most suitable f or a ceremonial event. The well-known truth “you get what you payf or” does not apply in this case.Keep in mind, though, at these particular locations the ceremony is to be perf ormed as what we call “stand-upweddings”. What this means is that chairs or arches or any type of structures cannot be setup, although a f ewchairs and some small decorating with f lowers and the like are acceptable.However, if you decide you would like to go all out and provide chairs f or your guests, erect a f inely decoratedarch and lay a runner down f or the bride to make that walk down the aisle of matrimony, quite a f ew of thesesites will allow it if you apply f or a permit. Applying f or a permit in most cases is neither dif f icult nor costly. It issimply a matter of contacting the appropriate f acility that oversees the site of interest and giving them the
  2. 2. details they require.In the Lake Tahoe area, the cost of the permit f or the locations that many wedding planners use whencoordinating a wedding can be as low as $15 and range up to approximately $350 in peak wedding season.This entire process of applying and paying f or the permit can be done, in many instances, right over the phone.Or, if you want convenience, if you’re using a coordinator, they will provide this service, and the cost is usuallyincluded in their wedding package prices.Professional Low-Cost MinistersAnother and sometimes costly but necessary item on the list of planning a wedding is obtaining a prof essionalminister to perf orm the ceremony. Again, this cost can be minimal and f it within any budget if you just wantsimplicity. For example, in the Lake Tahoe area there are quite a f ew ministers who will travel to the weddingsite, perf orm the service, and even issue and notarize the marriage license the day of your ceremony f or under$200. This includes returning the completed license to the county clerks of f ice where it will be recorded, makinga certif ied copy available to you shortly thereaf ter. What’s more, f inding these ministers can be as simple asconducting a Google search in the vicinity of your chosen venue.Although acquiring the services of a licensed minister f or under $200 seems rather low, with a small amount oftime invested into researching their background and credentials, you can be assured that the quality of theceremony will not be compromised. If you work with a reputable wedding coordinator, the research in manycases should already be done f or you, though additional f ees most likely will be paid to the coordinator f orproviding the service.If you’re not working with a wedding planner and have concerns about the prof essional experience of aparticular minister you are considering or want more than just an of f iciate who is merely licensed to perf ormceremonies, don’t be af raid to ask him questions. Do a little probing into his history and see if he has atheological degree or other qualif ications f or ministering and if he has any af f iliation with a local church.Although there are couples who place less emphasis on a minister’s background, knowing these thingsbef orehand is a great comf ort to many brides and grooms and makes the sacred event of their marriage moregenuine.Quality Photographers at a DiscountPhotography is another area where huge savings can be acquired. Photographers in many areas are plentif ul,and the competition is usually f ierce. If you hire the services of a major photographic company, particularly onewith a well-known reputation, you can expect to pay $1000 or more f or your ceremony and reception. However,although a good reputation is quite desirable, there are alternatives to obtain the same quality product f romreputable photographers at a discounted price.The trick is in f inding the less known photographers while maintaining excellence, which can ultimately cut theprice in half . One way to accomplish this is to once again use the Google search engine. For example, type intoGoogle’s search box the keyword phrase “Wedding Photographers” and add the city or town where yourwedding is to take place to these keywords. From the search results, don’t look at just the top results or thef anciest websites. Rather, scroll down to the bottom of the page or go to the second page of the Googlef indings and make some phone calls. It’s a sure bet you’ll f ind a bargain photographer with an abundance ofsamples illustrating the quality of his work and capabilities.Alternately, another method to f ind a great photographer without the high cost is to contact a wedding planner.Again, make a search in the area of your selected venue and ask a local coordinator f or a recommendation.They usually have a list of low-cost but good photographers they work with, and though you’re not using theirservice, most don’t mind providing the inf ormation.
  3. 3. You’ll f ind in many cases that f ees f or shooting the ceremony can be done f or a f lat rate as low as $100, andthe reception on an hourly basis ranging f rom $100 to $175 per hour. Although you won’t be given 500 picturesin a wedding album like many high-priced photographers may of f er (which may be a little excessive anyway),you should receive ample photographs with the crucial moments of the entire event being captured. If youarrange f or the photographer to be at the reception af ter cocktail hour and af ter dinner has been served—thetime period when there are f ewer photo opportunities—you will benef it f rom additional savings of hundreds ofdollars.The “small guys” will usually be happy to do this f or you, and don’t think you’re getting short-changed on thequality of work. Just be sure to ask f or their portf olio and conf irm that it’s their own work. You may besurprised at the comparable—and of ten more superior—quality of work you’ll receive at a f raction of the cost.Planning a wedding certainly isn’t an easy task. But with a little investigation into the options available and witha little help f rom those f amiliar with the business, big weddings with small budgets can be planned. Followingsome or all of the tips included here can amount to hef ty savings, making your special day a little more specialby knowing you’re getting the best of both worlds—the one you love and the wedding of your dreams at aprice you can af f ord.Cost-ef f ective budget weddings are a priority f or many couples contemplating marriage. To see photographsof some stunning but inexpensive wedding locations in the Tahoe area or to get some ideas of weddingpackage pricing of a typical Tahoe wedding, visit our website and take a virtual tour.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kenny_Halfordhttp://EzineArticles.com/?Wedding-Planning-Tips—Budget-Wedding-Ideas&id=6135447Thanks, Kenny! That article was f ull of super tips to save big on our wedding plans and ideas!photos by: Sam Wolf f & jurvetson, bsabarnowl, af roboofMore Budget Wedding Tips and IdeasPin ItWhat Kind of Budget f or a "Budget Wedding"?Pin ItGreat Way To Save On Flowers f or Your WeddingPin ItDinosaur Chases Wedding Party!